stellaris planetary modifiers

This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 16:21. Gaia Worlds are more likely to have features that unlock Strategic Resource buildings or grant a higher number of Districts. Used with the effect change_government = { civics = { civic = command combination to replace an empire's civics with the written list. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. (0.10 would be 10 percent faster, etc. Modifies the time required to complete buildings. Modifies the resource cost/upkeep of leaders.

All normal planetary features are removed. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Stellaris System Requirements for PC / Mac OS.

(function(d, s, id) { - 12 rare worlds. Modifies the build speed of megastructures. Weak magnetic field for planet Palaven and high quality minerals for moon Suban.

These worlds can't be colonized or terraformed (unless it has the Terraforming Candidate modifier), but they can have various resource deposits. These planetary features determine the number of District and Districts and Strategic Resource buildings the planet can support. To see further details about the celestial bodies in a system, it is necessary to survey them with a science ship. Modifies loyalty of an empire to its overlord as it grows in power. Modifies the chance for an army to damage buildings/damage/chance to disengage/experience game/morale damage/starting experience. Example: effect remove_modifier = { modifier = carbon_world }. Do you want to feel happy too? Determines the willingness of an empire to become a subject/the speed at which subjects are integrated/the maximum trust of a subject.

Modifies the build speed of a certain building. Can be added with the planet_class Example: planet_class pc_gaia, Can be added with the add_relic. Modifies habitability of a pop, 1.0 = 100% habitability, authoritarian, egalitarian, fanatic_authoritarian, fanatic_materialist, fanatic_militarist, fanatic_pacifist, fanatic_spiritualist, fanatic_xenophile, fanatic_xenophobe, gestalt_consciousness, materialist, militarist, pacifist, spiritualist, xenophile, xenophobe, ship_archaeological_site_excavation_speed_mult, armor, evasion, hull, hull_damage, hyperlane_range, piracy_suppression, sensor_range, shield, starting_experience, tracking, armor_damage, armor, armor_penetration, base_speed, evasion, experience_gain, fire_rate, emergency_ftl, ftl_jumpdrive_range, home_territory_fire_rate, hull_damage, interstellar_speed, landing_time, orbit_upkeep, orbital_bombardment, piracy_suppression, shield, shield_damage, shield_penetration, tracking, weapon_range, winddown, windup. But not all modifiers require an icon - and those that do require an icon require it only if they are used in code somewhere that applies them as a planet or country modifier (example: on buildings, a planet_class, an ethic etc.).

Can be added with the effect add_modifier = { modifier = command combination to add modifiers to planets. If when terraformed the planet contains organic Pops that don't have the Cybernetic trait they are killed and the machine world gains an Organic Slurry planetary feature. They determine the number of resource Districts the planet can support and some features exclusively obtained by events can provide various bonuses to planets. Found through exploration, where the shield can be brought down through a special project with different possible outcomes.

There is a number of blockers that can be exclusively found on Relic Worlds.

Adding modifiers to your custom system is a bit tricky. Increases maximum trust of an organic empire towards a machine empire. Hive District effects are doubled on Hive Worlds. Unlike scripted triggers and scripted effects, static modifiers can't integrate other static modifiers. Modifies the base resource production of a certain job.

js = d.createElement(s); = id; Changes the administration capacity of a country. A. For habitable worlds this will also reveal more detailed world information including: size, available districts, blockers (if any), special features, and the habitability percentage for each species in the player's empire.

Where X is the ID of the modifier, Example: effect add_modifier = { modifier atmospheric_aphrodisiac. Earth has a set of custom planetary features when selected as the empire homeworld, detailing its history before the events of Stellaris. The city lights of an Ecumenopolis World are determined by the ship appearance of the terraforming empire. Modifies research speed of engineering/physics/society branch technologies . Less common stars also have a negative effect on all ships in the system, making certain tactics less effective in battle. +10% Resources from Jobs -10% Pop Housing Usage.

Only modifier statements will be integrated. Each start system can have between 2 and 15 celestial bodies. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Stellaris Desync Planet Modifiers Empire Outlets is New York City’s premier outdoor shopping and dining center. Modifies the population growth and happiness of lithoid pops. Successful bombardment turns the planet into a barren world that can be terraformed. For example, example_sm = 1.5 is technically equivalent to planet_stability_add = 15. Adds to the amount of damage done to a planet by orbital bombardment (this includes garrison damage, building damage, and killing pops). They can be cleared by spending resources and time and some of them may have rewards when cleared. ), alloys, consumer_goods, energy, engineering_research, exotic_gases, influence, minerals, minor_artifacts, nanites, physics_research, produces, rare_crystals, society_research, sr_dark_matter, sr_living, sr_zro, time, unity, volatile_motes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They are similar in appearance to Machine worlds, but are not habitable at all. A planet's habitability (and subsequent future terraforming costs) is determined by its climate system. These features can be exclusively found on certain planets in the galaxy or are they related with certain empire origins. Relic Worlds can be found in the First League precursors home system or in various systems added in the, Relic Worlds contain unique Planetary Features that grant bonuses to. This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only. IDs refer to the internal names used by all assets within the game files. It contains size 19 Gaia world called Wankward Artem with a unique planet modifier. a_star, ai, alpine, arctic, arid, asteroid, b_star, barren, barren_cold, black_hole, broken, city, continental, crystal_asteroid, cybrex, desert, egg_cracked, f_star, frozen, g_star, gaia, gas_giant, gray_goo, habitat, habitat_shielded, hive, ice_asteroid, infested, k_star, m_giant_star, m_star, machine, molten, neutron_star, nuked, ocean, pulsar, rare_crystal_asteroid, relic, ringworld_habitable, ringworld_habitable_damaged, ringworld_seam, ringworld_seam_damaged, ringworld_shielded, ringworld_tech, ringworld_tech_damaged, savannah, shattered, shielded, shrouded, t_star, toxic, tropical, tundra. Modifies the amount of limited buildings allowed on a planet. Learn more about Guilli's Planet Modifiers 2.4 … Very Adds new tile blockers and new armies. Guilli’s Planet Modifiers For version 1.6+ of the game. Empire modifiers can be added as planet modifiers and vice versa.

Each empire homeworld start with at least three blockers that don't require technology to be removed. Some of them can become the empire homeworld if a certain origin is picked for the empire.

They are expensive but rewarding to remove. Stellaris.

Fallen empire, other crisis and other guardian ships spawn as a box due to their appearance being tied to their graphical culture.

Modifies the resource cost required to start a campaign. Your email address will not be published. Most systems have only one star but a few have two or three stars, either orbiting each other with the planets around them or far enough from each other that a few planets orbit each star. Modifies the influence cost to construct starbases. Modifies pops' happiness, excluding pops without.


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