stasis game walkthrough
The computer will come to life and you can operate it. To provide power for the DocMate scanner, you need to push the far right and far left buttons. Take the fuse from the left breaker box and insert it into the right breaker box.

Look at the switchboard to see you need to provide a 3 symbol destination.

Examine the discarded reports, then use your wet dirty towel on the furnace. Read a PDA in this pipe segment, then continue forward. Take the path to the left to find a specimen transport area.

Go through the empty corridor and exit left. Use the syringe on yourself to be treated.

You have now triggered the event and can exit this room. Go back to the hallway and use your bandage in the sink on the other side.

Now use the powered up loader to reach the next room.

Note that you can't click the breaker box first to examine it and then insert the fuse, you need to insert the fuse in the main view. Use the maintenace pod again, this time setting the destination to the visitors center expansion area.You will enter a room where there is a powered down loader in the middle of the room. Use Cayne Corporation lighter on yourself.

After hearing an announcement about your medical condition, the door will be unlocked and the red light on the door will turn blue. Now you need to clear the way to the elevator shaft.

Examine it again to commence your surgical procedure. Continue through the gate on the left to find some large fluid vats. Return to the previous room and use the broken stasis control terminal. When you enter you will see Dr Malan holding Te'ah as a hostage. As the lower right is the only way that can be accessed now, go through that door.In the corridor there are two doors, in the middle of the corridor and at the end of it. See the door to the furnace in the top corner, it won't open without the electronic toe tag. Fixing it will enable the door to work. What is this?

You need to open the closed breaker boxes to control the power allocation.

You should carefully go to the vending machine, without activating the turrets.

After the scan, a recycling drain will appear as an interactable spot a bit right from the DNA scanner. Go through the new opening and get some bone mending glue from the table on the left. When the destination is correctly set, the text "No destination set" on the console will be changed to "Destination set [Medical Bay]".

You can read the computer terminal entries, but all that is needed to continue is to use the crowbar grappling hook on the crossbeam. You must stop her from using your wife's stasis pod for her own purposes.

Pick up toolbox keys from the dead body. Any of the three choices which are not currently selected will extend the robotic surgeon arm. Wade through the water to the left and up a fallen grating in the next area. There is a grotesque sight where a human has been split into three parts, human torso, instestines, and legs. There is a doorway in the middle, but it is blocked by a forcefield.

Use Cayne Corporation lighter on the pipe grip. Go through the door on the lower left. Take out the middle power cell, then return to the right and use the maintenance pod to return to the janitorial office.

The door leads to a dormitory with sleeping cots out of their usual places and few dead bodies lying around.

Now you can go through the door to the left, but keep in mind that it will be one of the most dangerous areas on the ship. There is an emergency glass box right next to a huge display that is providing public information about security lockdowns. Enter through the door to the janitorial office. Finally click on Ellen Maracheck to send her on her way I Love You Ellen. Enter the door to the right.The next room has an elevator in the middle, but it can't be used to go down.

(This can only be done in the laboratory area.). So what needs to be done is to click "Forcefield off" which will allow you to enter the room that was previously inaccessible.Exit reception to the elevator room, and go through the door on the right to get back to the room where the forcefield was earlier. Note that this isn't a complete guide to Steam achievements. Now take the portable defibrillator from the inventory. Enter the morgue, and you will find discarded reports on autopsies on the table. Pick up an empty stasis fluid container that is in front of the green cryopreservation tank.There is much more to do in this room, but for now, exit to the left where you came from and walk through the next room to return to the room with the elevator. Read the PDAs on the two bodies here, then search the bed lockers to get some sheets. When you get everything correct and push the button a short non-interactive sequence will follow to show what happens. Use the pump station terminal and you will see graphics which allow you to set valves to either raise or lower the sewage level.

(This walkthrough continues to service platform 2, which is where you will go anyway, either straight or after examining service platform 1 first. Go through that door. Use the rightmost computer terminal that is next to it, and choose "Activate vaporizer". Head into the next room, which has an elevator in the middle of the room. Now the surgical sequence is complete, and a short scene will follow showing what happens while you are recovering. Use your pool cue on the cigarette vending machine, and take the lighter from inside. Go back to the elevator and go to service lobby 1 (Serv.Lobby 1). Go to the surgery prep menu and select organ extraction.

A brief radio conversation will follow.There is a terminal on the left side of the room, go there and use it, choose "[Maintenance bay pod control]" and then "Maintenance bay pod open". Go through the door on the right to enter the surgery room. Every now and then the queen insect will extend its pincer. (This walkthrough continues to service platform 2, which is where you will go anyway, either straight or after examining service platform 1 first.

A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies, customer love, and one fair price for all regions. Instead, use shard of glass on the dead body, you will get a severed hand that is needed on the service platform 1. Trying to use it on Malan won't be successful. Instead, use the acid-filled glove on the left metal grating and crawl through. (This can only be done in the janitorial office.). Now use your drill on the second vat again and you will survive and reset the errors. The same colour codes will be used for all doors in the game. You have everything that is needed for the operation, you only need to make some preparations.First, take the body part from the inventory and put it on the surgical tray where you took the PDT from earlier. These can get you killed, if you make any wrong moves, but you will be returned to a moment before the conversation by the autosave feature should that happen.

You will come to a room with a heavy loader, and locked doors to maintenance area and freight elevator. The door should be opened after the motion detection scan is complete.It is not necessary, but you can check the security cameras to see the tram station still flooded with deadly gas.


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