startropics switch walkthrough
Life is more than just meaningless in-game achievements and trophies. Right before I die I open my eyes and whisper the frequency and then pass into eternity. Ultimate, 9 Parchments, and Diablo 3 together all just fine and dandy with no problems, but Dr. Mario is a laggy rubber banding unplayable mess?! I still can't believe Nintendo don't have a digital manual function on all the games on Switch. Nintendo come on @Moroboshi876 It's in the NES Mini manual: Needless to say, I was stuck early in the game and it wasn't clear on what was needed to progress. Apart from the Mario games, who still plays these NES games now anyway? However today how would you ever know that such a letter even exists? This is from an Iwata Asks about the 3DS VC, it's funny to me that Nintendo goes above and beyond sometimes, one example is the surfing pikachu mini-game, which would've been inaccessible had Nintendo not gone in and fix the game up to work without Pokemon Stadium. I can literally see myself starting over or something because I feel like I missed something and got stuck, only to find out that the info I need isn’t actually available any other way. I was always passionate about games, but also about everything that revolved around them. The game tells players to dip a letter from Dr. Jones into some water to discover a secret, and this letter was included physically as part of the included manual. That second code is nowhere to be found in the game. Considering many games from this era ended up influencing what came after, I consider them as much a piece of gaming history as they are simple games to play. Too bad those manuals can't be accessed from the console itself. Would you be okay with a waiter at a restaurant that has seated you telling you to go into the next building over where glasses of water are free? @LunarFlame17 I rather a physical Manual XD. Players had to physically dip the paper in water at home to be presented with a three-digit code. It doesn't matter what can or can't be done to get around the roadblock, the problem is that an incomplete product is being given out. PS: I'll bet one American dollar there'll be an SP version soon to solve this issue, and all they'd have to do fix it is the subtitle the SP "StarTropics: Code is 747" or something just as simple. It's silly that they haven't put it in the e-manual but even then I doubt many would find it in the same way that every time you opened the box you had this letter staring at you.

Sort of like how old PC games on GOG come with the manuals and secret decoder rings you need to get past the antipiracy. But in all seriousness, you have my pity, little one. I think the Wii VC version sent the letter to the Wii messages.

You can see it in action below (we wish things like this were still a thing). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. @TheGerudoKing Ah yes, the good old "attempt to portray someone as hysterical and dismiss the claim for no good reason" tactic. The same with all eshop games, even if they are just quick control lookups, etc. Then only problem of this been incomplete is if it ever gets resold. @Susurrus Surely if you're on a plane you should be able to guess 747?

@Strumpan if you can watch some guy play the game on YouTube or twitch why bother playing games? You could search everywhere, press every button on your controller while standing on every tile in the game, and never find it. Folks should be grateful we have Google.

@TheGerudoKing Please try to refrain from posting comments that could be seen as offensive to others.

Y'all seriously cant be that mad.

).But those Capcom manuals where the worst. The fact that people could google it isn't the issue.

He has been renamed to Nav-Com and is found in Sub-C, the submarine Mike uses from his Uncle Steve (Dr. Jones).While R.O.B. Walkthrough by JHarring v.1.4 | 2015 | 49KB Walkthrough by Rolent X v.0.1 | 2000 | 52KB Guide and Walkthrough (Incomplete) by JHaslip v..99 | 2006 | 70KB When I was younger I rented StarTropics for the weekend, which did not come with the booklet or letter. I'm glad some sites have picked up the story because it gets the information to more people who might otherwise give up on a great game. So, if a person feels the problem is there own, they may not think to google it. (Robotic Operating Buddy, aka ROB the robot) was Nintendo's first mascot so to speak during the their early years and he made an indirect appearance in StarTropics for those paying attention. More likely it would have cost time and money to fix it.

I really just wanted to get the word out to anyone who might be too stubborn to google game puzzle solutions that this will halt their progress. History has been all screwed up and only t... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Pixels will never be a good substitute for actual human interaction. Ever since they introduced SP versions of already available game, they stop giving us 3 games per month. Now Switch players are in the same boat, since the digital version of StarTropics players can currently download doesn’t include that part of the instruction materials. You couldn't make this stuff up. Complaints and critiques are completely valid and, in this case, quite justifiable.


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