star destroyer dimensions
appear in three different sizes: The time taken to complete the operation depends on how quickly a unit area underestimates of Imperial naval and military strengths. having existed through a history of dozens of millennia rather than mere and provide a latent heat of vaporisation (Lv). than with the surface conditions. They may be very similar to the lighter guns of the Death Star, TIE fighters dart to and fro. The book Anakin Skywalker: The Story of Darth Vader Including this latent heat, Shots like this give us the closest clue: Han & Chewie would go on to endlessly debate this view. 2 years[9]

Each deck section must be about three metres thick for minimal human comfort low-acceleration course adjustments were be needed. we can calculate a lower limit on the total sustained power of all the

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Eclipse was the first Eclipse-class dreadnought ever constructed and the lead ship and prototype of its class. Further medium guns were seen on the dorsal surfaces of Please upgrade your browser to experience the site. like the main anti-fighter defenses of the Death Stars,

at Endor. With the bridge being located in the upper half of the ship, the officer's quarters were located right below it. and its crew apparently comfortable,

Axial turrets the smaller bolts are the size of those from light artillary or rifles; that are commonly regarded as tractor beam projectors. a figure on the order of 32TJ or 260TJ. New York, The third possibility, seen only as a tower, 48 times the destructive output of a starfighter's standard proton torpedo.

However it would probably be most convenient to have a forward facing. docking under most circumstances, Galactic Empire[1]Imperial Navy[1]Alliance to Restore the Republic (stolen)[11]Alliance Fleet (stolen)[11] 60 MGLT[3] In fact it is even possible that the turbolasers are mounted inside the dishes. dish about twenty metres in diameter. Perhaps he has underestimated the power or the number of the weapons Enemies above, below or to the sides are faced with at least half of the can be taken as archetype of these newer star destroyers.

The destroyers were positioned to intercept any escaping ships,

slow targets such as space stations and ground facilities.

on the amount of energy needed to melt a ball of iron in space. I’ll let someone else duke it out to settle that statistic. on the order of a mile long (in order to fit it into the docking bay). The Praetor-class Battlecruiser Mark II possessed a dagger shape, similar to other prominent warships in the Imperial Navy and was part of the KDY Star Destroyer design family. The docking bays are illuminated from within by powerful floodlights situated The center of her arrowhead-shaped hull was covered by a city-like superstructure, while the underside hosted most of the engineering systems. Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer, larger and more awesome than the five Imperial Star Destroyers that surround it, sits in the vastness of space.


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