sony a8f vs a8g

With HDR content, they both can get brighter peak brightness.

With your voice, you can open apps, change the inputs, increase/decrease volume, search within apps, ask some basic question, and others. This allows you to place a small sound bar in front without any part of the screen being blocked. Additionally, in Rec.2020, the can cover more than 75%, good enough for HDR content that mastered in Rec.2020 like Dolby Vision. Which is a better choice between them?

Sounds like buying the A8F was a good idea.

This certainly also makes dark color can be shown fairly accurate. When it comes to this TV, spending more doesn’t necessarily get you more. With 60 fps content, they both support 1080p, 1440p, 4K, 4K @ 4:4:4, while with 120 fps, they both only support 1080p and 1440p resolution. It mimics the experience you get from a movie theater where sound is cast from behind the display.

The advantage of its stand, it can be reserved.


As their controller, both Sony A8G and A8F come with the same remote, which is Sony’s Voice Remote. But on the contrary, if you feel more comfortable with stuttering or persistence blur, you should disable this feature. All of them make HDR content displayed on their screen looks really excellent.

The A8F runs Android TV with Google’s Assistant, but it’s still using a dated version based on Android 7.1 Nougat. But even so, despite of their limited performance in producing very bright saturated colors, in general, they both can show their wide color gamut at entire their brightness range.

Additionally, this feature also can help to reduce the stutter. Since the OLED panel doesn’t have backlight, this allows their screen is almost flicker-free.

Additionally, their overall game performance is also great.

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But even so, as long as you don’t often play the same game or watch the same TV channel for over long time, this should not be a problem. The A8F is Sony’s latest high-end OLED TV, and it comes with a host of features, sleek design, and a high price tag. Additionally, they both also have excellent motion handling and wide viewing angle coverage, makes them are as great TVs for watching sports, even with a group of your friend or your family. The Acoustic Surface system works very well. But even so, the Sony A8G and A8F have both, infinite contrast ratio and excellent side viewing angle. It also has a wide array of buttons. But when displaying large bright areas or bright scene, the screen will dim considerably.

And when they are showing the whole screen is bright, their peak brightness even drops to below 150 nits.

The interface freeze frequently and animations are choppy.

The resolution that supported by them are also same.

As we know, the pixel response time is the main aspect that has impact on TV’s performance in handling motion blur. … And since they both have instantaneous pixel response time, motion looks very clear and smooth with almost no motion trail visible behind fast moving object.

Meanwhile, since their peak brightness drop to around 150 nits on 100% window, the bright whole screen will look too dim. The result, dark scene of SDR images or even shadow details of HDR images can be shown excellently on their screen, even when they are set in a dark environment.

This allows them are almost flicker-free.

The different setting might get brighter peak brightness. It makes it hard to appreciate the A8F’s stunning picture quality when Vudu can only muster a few frames per second of The Last Jedi at a time. Meanwhile, when showing totally black, none of the pixels are lit, make their screen doesn’t emit any light at all.

For you who often watch movies in a dark room, they both are great choice for you. Since they both have perfect black level, they both might be able to produce dark colors fairly well. I’m sure Sony’s technology provides some difference in lab tests and Sony has plenty of examples to prove it out, but if it’s any better than an LG OLED for regular viewing, it’s only incrementally so.

hide. For this case, the white sub-pixel is needed to boost peak brightness. But even so, since they have ABL, on 50 % window (50% of screen is white, while the rest is black), their peak brightness is dimmed to around 250 nits and around 150 nits on 100% window.

It’s tuned for dialogue, so the music and sound effects don’t drown out the stuff you actually want to hear in a movie. But even so, if you feel the bandings still bother you, the bandings can be removed by enabling the “Smooth Gradation” features.

However, this doesn’t mean the OLED panel doesn’t have flaws. They both don’t support 4K @120 Hz or HFR (High Frame Rate) content.

In comparison with LED TVs, this is equivalent to an LED TV that has local dimming with the number of dimming zones is the same to the number of pixel. In addition, the A8F struggles when streaming content through the various apps, whether it’s Netflix, Google Play Movies, Vudu, or something else.

Meanwhile, with 120 fps content, their input lags at both 1080p and 1440p resolution is excellent, which is around 20 ms. So, when they are showing black, the pixels in black part will switch off, while the pixels in bright part will stay on.

It has 4K resolution and supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR. Thread starter rt1990; Start date Jun 22, 2020; Tags help!

It also gets impressively loud on its own. Same ports, same features, etc.

As far as I can tell, the 2020 A8 has incorporate much of the 2019 A9G's technology. As we have discussed a lot above, among the Sony A8G and A8F, there is almost no difference between them. It’s slow, sluggish, frustrating to use, and not something that I want to deal with on a nearly $4,000 TV. When displaying black, the pixels don’t emit light at all, allow them can produce perfect black. Combination of excellent motion handling, low input lags, and wide viewing angle allows you to play a game responsively with smooth picture quality. In addition standard buttons like “Power On/Off” button, “Number” buttons, “Direction” Button, “Volume Buttons” and others, their remote also has some buttons which provide quick access to most functions.

I'm leaning toward …

But even so, the Android 7.0 has a bit issue in performance. Overall, Sony A8G and A8F are equally great TVs for mixed usage. Unfortunately, despite the A8F’s excellent picture quality and stunning design, it’s not justifiably better than LG’s offerings, and in many ways, it’s worse. With other setting, the result might be different, they even can get brighter.

Although not the best, both Sony A8G and A8F also have excellent color gradient and their color gradient is also not far different. In one aspect, the A8F might be superior, but on the other aspect, the A8G is superior. But on the other hand, since it doesn’t use backlight, when displaying whites, the peak brightness reached is too dim.

As we have mentioned, the Sony A8F is the 2018 model while the Sony A8G is the 2019 model. The remote is large and have a black tint with soft touch button. Even not as powerful as the X1 Ultimate, but the X1 Extreme has been optimized for HDR. Meanwhile, with window test, the brightest peak brightness is reached on 2 % window (2% of screen is bright, while the rest is bright), which is around 800 nits. With real HDR content, they are able to hit brighter than 600 nits. But LG isn’t the only TV maker out there with OLED TVs, and if you look around, you can find OLED TVs with much higher price tags.

If OLED TVs including Sony A8G and A8F have superior black in comparison with LED TV, this does not apply to their peak brightness, particularly in comparison with premium LED TVs. Even though Sony A8G is a part of Sony’s OLED TV lineup, but like the predecessor A9F, Sony still uses 4K OLED Panel from LG Display. As we have mentioned above, one of the advantages of OLED TVs including Sony A8G and A8F than LED TVS is about their side viewing angle. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. Their HDMI ports already support HDMI 2.0 Full bandwidth (HDMI 2,3), HDCP 2.2, HDCP 2.3, ARC (HDMI 3), CEC.

Different to LED TVs, if they have good native contrast ratio, their side viewing angle is usually poor. But once again, for OLED TVs, their HDR peak brightness is excellent.

In order to they can show all sources with judder-free, you must set the “MotionFlow” To “TrueCinema” and “CineMotion” to “High”. As an illustration of its performance, if on the screen of LED TVs with VA panel, black level usually will raise started at around 15 degrees off center and front, on their screen, black level can be maintained at far wider angle, which is around 70 degrees.

Buy yeah, it would have been nice to at least get the faster OS and remote.

In addition to a lot preinstalled apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Videos, Web Browser, Live TVs, and many others, you can also download a wide selection of apps provided by their apps store called Google Play Store. As we know, one of the most superiority of OLED TVs including the Sony A8G and A8F is about their infinite native contrast ratio and perfect black. Meanwhile, for maximizing the low frequency or bass, they both have built-in sub-woofer. And the other advantage offered, the OLED panel has instantaneous pixel response time, makes motion displayed on their screen looks very smooth. Just like other models of Sony’s 2018 lineup, the Sony A8F run Android TV 7.0 as its smart TV platform.

If we assume they are LED TV with Full Array Local Dimming, with 4K resolution, they both have around 8 millions of dimming zones. Sony A8G doesn't support Dolby atmos, I'm looking to upgrade to a 65 inch Oled I currently have the 55C8PUA. Since it has self-lighting pixel that can emit its own light, it doesn’t need backlight. That means that the A8F is using the same OLED panels as LG’s TVs, which cost hundreds of dollars less for the same screen size. As we have known, OLED panel doesn’t have backlight. This design gives the A8F a stunning presentation of just a giant display with the trimmest of bezels surrounding it. The front-firing system is augmented by a rear-firing subwoofer for added bass. For delivering smooth and natural motion, this feature works by combining the native refresh rate panel, Frame Insertion, Interpolation, Image Blur Reduction. But like the A1E, there are no speakers on the sides or below the display — all of the sound comes from Sony’s Acoustic Surface technology, which uses the panel itself to project sound forward.

One significant difference between LG and Sony models that has nothing to do with picture or …

This remote also has universal ability, allow you to control other devices connected on your TV with this remote.

The other flaw, the OLED panel has permanent burn in risk, particularly when they are showing the static images for a long time. A8G has weaker audio (specs say 40W vs 50W total) than A8F. Nevertheless, both Sony A8G and A8F have an optional 60 Hz Black Frame Insertion) mode that flickers their screen at 60 Hz. I'm leaning towards the sony because of the great image processing.

T. Tvbug82 Novice Member. Just like other models of OLED TV, both Sony A8F and A8G are also excellent 4K TVs with excellent performance in almost aspects of picture quality and features like perfect black level, excellent side viewing angle, instantaneous pixel response time, and others.

Nevertheless, as we have mentioned above, they both still use OLED panel from LG. Nevertheless, in the market, with the same screen size, they have almost similar price. But a bit unfortunate, their peak brightness is not so bright. save. 



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