social determinants of indigenous health essay
The current study conduct on overview and context examination of stolen children as a form of structural violance and social disparities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. This paper has provided a critical analysis of the many social determinants of health for Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – and, particularly, Indigenous mothers. The lack of equality in terms of accessing effective health care has also made the situation grimmer for the aboriginal population. Browne, J, Hayes, R & Gleeson, D 2014, ‘Aboriginal health policy: Is nutrition the ‘gap’ in ‘Closing the Gap’?’, Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health, vol. You can order Unique paper and our professionals Rewrite it for you. Many people do not have interest of visiting a health center because of the distance and the stage of the sickness. Moreover, it has been found that apathy of different levels of government in Australia towards effective implementation of potential policies for eradicating wage gap has also resulted in the inability of innumerable aboriginal individuals to mitigate their health risks in both the short- and long-run.

Benzies, K, Tough, S, Edwards, N, Mychasiuk, R & Donnelly, C 2011, ‘Aboriginal children and their caregivers living with low income: Outcomes from a two-generation preschool program’, Journal of Child & Family Studies, vol. An important step is to offer assistance by providing jobs and make the lower income earners economically stable. It is worrying when a medical specialist or professional visits a health unit and there are no patients because they are afraid of charges and are engaged in economic activity to feed themselves. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher in nursing or healthcare? That requires diminishing the social and health disparities and inequities in Indigenous people.

IRS system of education had increased low child development and lack of education success. Racial/Ethnic Discrimination and Health: Findings from Community Studies. 362-369. Scholars believe that the health problems are beyond the ability of nurses, but are rather culturally related. This is a significant problem considering a lack of antenatal and intrapartum care in particular, and health care in general, is fundamental to the high maternal morbidity and mortality rates in Indigenous communities (AIHW, 2014a).

6, pp. More effective and affordable health care services have to be introduced so that the indigenous Australian population can become more capable of taking good care of its health. They suffer from diseases like hypertension, diabetes, sexual infections, ear problems and renal complications.

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School participation rates are low, particularly in senior high school, in which the participation fee for the Indigenous population is 36% compared to 75% for all Australians at that age. These environments include homes, schools, workplaces and the community as a whole.

Conditions such as social, economic, watching television, reading or watching over her six cats. 16, no. Aboriginal families disadvantages by Non-Aboriginal communities, who have their high Economic status and high literacy level. 2013. Aboriginal health is majorly determined by several social factors that are related to their cultural beliefs. National health and medical research council NHMRC (1996, cited in Thompson 2014), noted that the ‘Australian aborigine view health as not just the physical well-being of the individual but also the social, emotional, spiritual and cultural well-being of the whole community. Inappropriate, overcrowded housing has had other impacts on Indigenous mothers. There are several interrelated social factors that contribute to social inequality and such factors contribute thoroughly to the violation of tenets and laws of human right in an explicit manner. Securing Higher Grades Costing Your Pocket? The social determinants of Indigenous health is multifold and are interrelated in their cause and effect. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. The distance and the time taken to reach a hospital or a health facility is a factor that makes many patients seek custom treatment. Canberra: DSI Consulting Pty Ltd. Marmot, M 2011. Cross-cultural Communication in the Health Sciences: Communicating with migrant patients. Hamston and Murdoch (2014) have suggested that the violation of one particular human right render direct negative impact on other human rights, making the process an entire negative chain reaction. Reynolds (2014), on the indigenous health issues essay, has suggested that the root of the problem lies in the fact that still now the aboriginal population does not have proper access to mainstream services, including primary health care services. They should be able to make decisions without any force and discrimination so that each person becomes an agent of change and support the initiative. 5, pp. It has also provided evidence for the complex relationship between health and social determinants in Indigenous mothers. Unemployment and socioeconomic disadvantage may affect the health of Indigenous women in a range of ways. If you fit this description, you can use our free essay samples to generate ideas, get inspired and figure out a title or outline for your paper. 31, no. Moreover, racial and ethnic discrimination and discriminatory policies at the workplace and at the socio-economic and political levels have also been considered as important sources of health disparities.

Cross-cultural Encounters: Communication and miscommunication, River Seine Publications, Melbourne. Such a delay contributes to the development of the disease and they will only visit a nurse when the situation is critical and the patient is weak. Such policies are thoroughly essential to narrow the wage gap between the indigenous and non-indigenous Australian population and to ensure that the health disparities are addressed and mitigated explicitly and appropriately. Relationship between Socio-Economic Status and Health StatusThe relationship between socio-economic status and health status is quite intricate. Pauwels, A., 2011. Many communities have no health services at all, and to receive medical attention Indigenous women are often required to travel long distances to regional centres. Assessment Task 3 disadvantaged sub-population in Australia (O’Donoghue, 1992; National We found that how Iliteracy increases the health problem among these Aboriginal people. Social Determinants of indigenous health issues essay experienced among the Aboriginal PopulationThe government of Australia has been faced with problems in terms of ensuring quality health and accessible health care delivery systems for the indigenous population. Increasing substance use like smoking, alcohol and tobacco and other drugs.

DSI Consulting Pty Ltd & Benham D 2009. Primarily, limited disposable income – in combination with a lack of food storage and cooking facilities within households and, particularly within remote communities, lack of access to fresh food itself – means indigenous women have reduced access to nutritionally-appropriate foods and lower food security (Osborne et al., 2013; Browne et al., 2014). Indigenous women are twice as likely as non-Indigenous women to smoke on a daily basis, and three times as likely to smoke during pregnancy (Osborne et al., 2013; Passey et al., 2013). The life in poor environment and sanitation is much worse compared to other people from western origins. Safe housing must be provided aboriginal people so that children stop suffering and dying of infections and sickness or illness. Stresses, Mental health outcomes vary differently by socioeconomic location for women and men. WA Today. 5, pp. Research suggests that an Indigenous person’s chance of gaining employment increases by 40% if they complete Year 10 and by 53% if they complete Year 12 (New South Wales Government Department of Education & Training, 2004). As noted by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing (2013), poverty limits the access of many Indigenous people to health care services.

Urquhart (2009) identifies social exclusion as the fourth of ten social determinants of health and is often a result of culture clash. we can write an original essay just for you.

In the article, “Aboriginal children taken into care due to misunderstanding,” denotes how a good number of indigenous children are emotionally abused. Booth, AL & Carrol, N 2008, ‘Economic status and the Indigenous / non-Indigenous health gap. 2003). *You can also browse our support articles here >,,+Learning+and+Skills,,$File/hpf-2012.pdf,,,,,,,,,,,, A significant number of aboriginal people have no access to good jobs since their culture is more of forest activities and also do not acquire qualified education. Additionally, maternal chronic disease means that around 11% of indigenous neonates have a low birthweight (ABS, 2014). Many different factors have been found to be playing a crucial role in triggering and sustaining the concerned health gap and among them socio-economic inequalities deserve special mention. A population based study on effect of community economic status and maternal education on birth outcomes shows maternal literacy rate and employment status as a important determinant of maternal and fetal health for inequities.

2011) the average gross income of the aboriginal households are almost twice lesser than the average gross income of the non-indigenous households. Jones, K, Parker, EJ & Jamieson, LM 2014, ‘Access, literacy and behavioural correlates of poor self-rated oral health amongst an Indigenous South Australian population’, Community Dental Health, vol. health.1, 2 These social determinants of health include factors such as housing, employment conditions , education , social relationships , income , poverty and the distribution of power and resources . There is a big gap and difference between an educated and illiterate person in many aspects like reasoning, perception or understanding and decision making. The Indians, Metis and Inuit value their culture as a sign and a symbol of identity and it might cause conflicts if the health determinants do not recognize their status. There should be no forced relocation of people from their ancestors’ location, but rather allowance to decide what is better for them and suits their lives the most.

If you are nursing student then you may asked to write essay on Social Determinants of Indigenous Health. Kalb, G, Le, T & Leung, F 2011, Decomposing differences in labour force status between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, viewed 25 September 2015,

Other Voices: A cross-cultural communication workbook, Thomas Nelson, South Melbourne.


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