smt iv neutral ending

If you manage to abide by all of these, you’re pretty much certain to reach the ending with something like a -90 rating in alignment.

Choose "Destroy the status quo" when speaking with the White after Infernal Tokyo, but don't opt to become the True Messiah. This ending is the toughest to reach. In other words, a guaranteed point of having every ending available to you seems to center around the beginning of the Tsukiji Passage of Ethics. In SJ the bosses aren't just carbon copies of their Law/Chaos forms at least. This is a community for all MegaTen and subseries related news. Normally, it is impossible to transcend the class you were born into; that is, unless you are chosen at the age of eighteen by "the Gauntlet Rite" to become a Samurai, one of the sworn protectors of Mikado. It fixes a lot of the mechanical issues SMT IV had and opened up a lot of opportunity for a variety of builds. Of course, people want specific endings for whatever reason. In addition to that, several Challenge Quest must be completed: This is the easiest ending to get, and can be obtained while on either of the three Alignment paths. Holy hell, it's been two years since I got SMT IV and about a year and a half since I beat the Law route. This ending can be reached by choosing the good, Law choices during quests. I guess I was just expecting more. Nocturne you'll have to fight everyone who doesn't go with your Reason or lack thereof. Every story branch and ending covered: Law, Chaos and Neutral. Three of the four endings are based completely on Alignment, which is measured by the choices you make during several Main and Challenge Quests. Only do the Challenge Quests required of you, or at least those that don't affect alignment. I mean I knew I'd need to face the Law and Chaos leaders, but to be honest their fights aren't as tough as I thought they'd be. I still think fighting The White after Lucifer instead of before Merkabah would have been better. If you can put up with some of the borderline cringey characters it'd be a good play. Why not join us today? Click the spoiler tags to reveal the ending's plot. Games from the main series Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Devil Summoner, Devil Survivor, etc. ), **[93]** - At the Gauntlet rite, extend your arm, **[92]** - When meeting Walter, opt to not be familiar with him, **[91]** - When meeting Isabeau, introduce yourself, **[86]** - At the rooftop, claim being a Samurai to be a worthy duty, **[85]** - When meeting Issachar, he's a friend, **[81]** - When fighting Issachar, spare him, **[76]** - When asked by Walter about the Monastery's quest, opt to go through with it, **[75]** - In the Kasumigaseki briefing room, share Jonathan's view, **[74]** - When meeting Hikaru in Shinjuku, tell her you're from the surface, **[73]** - Spare Dullahan during "Corpse Disposal", **[63]** - Tell the old woman in Ikebukuro's underground you're a human, **[62]** - Tell the Black Samurai you could live in Tokyo, **[57]** - Tell the Ring of Gaea dude in Ginza that you want to join the Ring, **[46]** - In the Tsukiji question maze, head right thrice, **[45]** - Help Walter outside Fujiwara's, **[40]** - Tell Fujiwara you think Tokyo and Mikado cannot coexist, **[39]** - Tell the Tenkai boss that you'll sustain Tokyo, **[34]** - Differ with Walter's opinion on Lilith's human-demon alikeness theory, **[23]** - Don't agree with Walter in Yamato, **[23]** - Don't think of why humans were born after Ichigaya's events, **[17]** - Opt to not kill the humans in Blasted Shinjuku, **[12]** - Show the Simplehearted Voice the Gauntlet's abilities, **[11]** - When fighting Pluto, consider how the machine was sent by God, **[11]** - After "Shinjuku is Mine", opt to go home, **[10]** - In Infernal Camp Ichigaya, think of the idea of equality not strange, **[0]** - When meeting with the Whites, opt to not destroy the world, but to preserve the status quo, **[-90]** - At the Gauntlet Rite, don't extend your arm, **[-89]** - When meeting Walter, admit him to be familiar, **[-88]** - When meeting Isabeau, be silent, **[-83]** - At the roof, say being a Samurai is natural to you, **[-78]** - When meeting Issachar, say he is not familiar, **[-73]** - When fighting Issachar, kill him, **[-72]** - When asked by Walter of Monastery's quest, claim it to be unseemly, **[-71]** - In Kasumigaseki's briefing room, disagree with Jonathan about the relics, **[-66]** - When meeting Hikaru, do not admit where you're from, **[-65]** - Kill Dullahan during "Corpse Disposal", **[-55]** - Tell the old woman in the eastern Ikebukuro underground that you are a demon, **[-54]** - When talking with the Black Samurai, say you could never live in Tokyo, **[-53]** - In Ginza, tell the Ring of Gaea member you're here to kill Yuriko, **[-42]** - In Tsukiji's question maze, always go left, **[-41]** - When speaking with Fujiwara, claim Mikado and Tokyo can coexist, **[-40]** - When fighting Tenkai, say you'll reform Tokyo, **[-39]** - When Walter mentions that humans and demons are alike, agree, **[-28]** - After Camp Ichigaya, tell The White that you've thought of why humans are born, **[-26]** - In Blasted Shinjuku, opt to kill the group, **[-25]** - When captured in Blasted Shinjuku, don't show the voice the Gauntlet's abilities, **[-24]** - When fighting Pluto, agree with Walter about not overthinking the boss's claims, **[-23]** - In Infernal Tokyo, after "Shinjuku is Mine", say you're comfortable in Infernal Tokyo, **[-22]** - In Infernal Tokyo's Camp Ichigaya, claim the idea of equality to be strange, **[-12]** - When meeting with The White again, don't destroy the world, but do destroy the status quo. Much like in the first to Shin Megami Tensei games, it's pretty tricky to get the Neutral ending in SMTIV. This ending is the simplest to get. Ending Conditions Enemy Bestiary. But since your complaint was with the boss, the final boss of SMT IV A is definitely worth your while, me, u/kazuya_prota and u/bunker_man would like to have a talk with you. Akin to previous Shin Megami Tensei games, these things will influence which ending you get in seemingly-arbitrary ways by influencing your alignment towards Law, Chaos, or the mediatory Neutral. Yeah, SMT 1, 2 and SJ have you just fighting the two alignment heroes and their representatives.

I was also pretty high level at this point, lower 90s. It can be hard to tell which you’re on, though, unless you’re following a walkthrough. But the biggest thing I expected was a 3rd guy, like "Okay you beat the law and chaos leaders, now really earn that ending and beat the Neutral Route boss!" While not in-depth, applying those conditions to your playthrough alongside the Walkthrough and Challenge Quests should suffice quite well. (See Challenge Quest Interactions for more. Decision time.

More than a hundred high quality screenshots to enhance your reading experience. Keep in mind that alignment is measured from -100 to +100 integrally, with Chaos being at the negative side, Law being at the positive, and Neutral being ranged from -8 to +8. Shin Megami Tensei IV also has a Law, Neutral, and Chaos ending in addition to a fourth ending unlocked by making a certain choice near the end of the game, the White ending, in which you destroy the entire universe to free everyone from the machinations of Law and Chaos. A massive Demon Compendium, with all the Demon Skills and Fusion Combinations. Hi today I finished my first Shin Megami Tensei game, I beat the Neutral Route on SMT IV, and honestly it was kind of...underwhelming. ... Every story branch and ending covered: Law, Chaos and Neutral.

are all discussed here.

After that, you must be careful because rest of the guide you should carefully make a choice to get a neutral path. Later in the game, after being told by Sister Gabby to go to Shinjuku National Park, a Cynical Man will appear at the Hunters Associations; speaking with him will lend you a general hint as to where you lie on the scale.

Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Remember, you need +9 or higher for Law and -9 or lower for Chaos. Not only are there no actual "neutral" choices to … As a newly appointed Samurai, players will struggle with factions that have nefarious designs on the world as they defend their home kingdom from a growing army of demons. SMT4A because it focuses on neutral and both main routes have the same final boss and dungeon. from the last mission. No matter your alignment, this will be a guaranteed possibility - all you have to do is choose to do so. You’ll quickly go into a boss you can beat with Auto-Battle/Auto-Pinpoint, and then the game is won. At the left, you’ll see the number of possible points remaining; in other words, the lower that number at the left gets, the less breathing room you have, like if you came into this guide partway through the game. You are chosen to become a Samurai, and learn a truth kept hidden from the general population: that beneath Mikado lies Naruku, a realm of demons which the Samurai are tasked with suppressing.


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