smoke daddy pellet pro vs rec tec
The real kicker is this. I'll take a look at the Blazn' Grill and the Yoder as well. I know right. More recently they have introduced a line of pellet grills to go with their wood pellets and other smoke generating products. This site uses Affiliate Marketing to generate revenues.

No charge, no questions asked.


From my phone calls to both GMG and Smoke Daddy they both have full PID which actively adjusts based on conditions. I've got a Rec Tec.

But a lower quality when compared to GMG or Smoke Daddy. The Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro 680 is not dissimilar to comparable pellet grills.

That is a hell of a price on a Daniel Boon.

I went with the Rec Tec because it is far more efficient with the pellets that the other two. The place I bought it from carried 5-6 different brands of smokers, including Traeger, Yoder, and GMG. would I be stupid to pass on this? I probably use my Traeger the least of all of them due to temp swings.. Getting ready to foil a butt that's out smoking on my GMG right now. It's decent.

That's going to allow you to grill a better steak. GMG claims 10-15F variance while Smoke Daddy claims 5F variance. An alternative to the rec tec would be the pellet pro by smoke daddy. . I love mine.

Possibly the nicest features is that it comes with 100 pounds of wood pellets and a cold smoke generator for well under $1,000USD. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

The Pellet Pro hopper assembly has been bulletproof and has worked flawless.

Honestly, I prefer the close to "headache free" option of a pellet smoker. Camp Chef seems ok.

Whether it is deciding which grill or smoker to buy or how to get that perfect steak, this is why this site exists. have you noticed a lot of difference in smoke flavor/bark?

You have a photo? I bought the GMG a few years back and I love it. Camp Chef seems ok. $499 for a GMG Daniel Boon wifi. I did however upgrade mine to wifi... Definitely worth it. They also make a YS480 that is a little smaller that I'm sure you could get it for around $1,500. Thanks in advance. Best customer service and quality for the price.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I started off with a smoking tube for a little extra smoke. Price really.

They are out of my price range to get in Canada, but I think they are worth the money in the US. They also look awesome. I had one for about a year and it was constantly having flameouts.

But if you're around the 1500 budget I would look at Yoder or blazn grill works.

It is also worth noting, that while most pellet grills under $1,000 use simple, basic controllers, the Smoke Daddy 680 uses an advanced PID controller for more accurate temperatures. Other models in the sub $1500 price range that might be winners? IIRC the Yoder went through pellets twice as fast as the Rec Tec. Smoking on it wouldn't be exactly "headache free". I have decided to pass on Traeger as you have to use their wood or void warranty.

So not sure what specifically turned you off about the REC TEC but I can say that after 4 other pellet grills the 680 is by far my favorite. Super happy with my Daniel Boone. I had mine for about a year when all of a sudden my wifi stopped working. . So cold is not an issue.

In fact, any, On August 11th, 2011, a 50-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with severe abdominal pain.

You'll end up paying about the same for the YS640 as you would a MAK 1 Star after the shipping expenses, second grate, probe ports and a cover. But a lower quality when compared to GMG or Smoke Daddy. I think I will be going with them.

TL;DR Torn between GMG Daniel Boon and a Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro. Ss expanded grate?

The customer service and quality of build is excellent I’ve been smoking year round and this thing hasn’t even flinched.

I would jump all over it. How well does it hold temp?

Rec Tec - their owners seem to really like them as well and they appear to be well built as a more affordable option.

After Traeger customer service essentially telling me there wasn't much they could do, I sold it.

You can dial in temperature down to the single degree and has a high temp of 550 I believe, and it has wifi so you can see the temp, control the temp, and monitor the food probe all from inside the house. In the end it was between the Rec Tec, Blazn Grid Iron, and the Yoder YS640 for me. I liked the Yoder over the Blazn but I do not recall why. I just wish they weren't $3500 in Canada. I think Rec Tec are good grills.

Lol, I get that.

Something that will last. I live in AS. Traeger - used to be good until they outsourced to china. Unique features and advantages.

All rights reserved. Bigger grill less money with the same warranty.

Thanks for this post, been looking at smokers and just found out about these wood pellet grills today. Share you tips, ask questions, or show off you cooking skills!

Smoke Daddy was started by Dennis Correa in 2009. If you're trying to learn, a good offset is a fickle mistress that will teach you everything you need to know. Smoke Daddy Inc. is not responsible for any misuse of the PID Controller that may cause damage to the customers’ grill or any other property.

It weighs in around 150 pounds, which is a little light for the size. He and his family owned company have been dedicated to all things smoke, starting with their first product, a cold smoke generator. I began writing about Barbecue & Grilling in 1997 with one mission, to help the backyard chef have the best experience possible.

The only one I'd consider over this would be the Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro since it has a nice controller, space, construction, and reputation.

Wondering if one outshines the other? It seems like there is no right answer here. For $499.. Happy GMG owner here.

Much heavier duty than the rec tec traeger varieties and they're made in the USA. I have the 1 Star, and it's been an amazing smoker and grill for us. Are you totally locked in to a pellet smoker? This makes this pellet grill a particularly good value.

Where do you live? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Does anyone have any knowledge of GMG or Smoke Daddy?

Please correct me if I am wrong. I've smoked all kinds of meat, grilled steaks, smoked/baked mac n cheese, smoked nuts, and make pizza on it. I liked the Yoder over the Blazn but I do not recall why. Cooking grate size. Nothing else available is as programmable as the MAK's Pellet Boss controller, which allows for you to customize your cooks and control via wifi if you want. This recipe calls for tri-tip roast, but you can use tri-tip steaks if they are available. They are pricy, but they are very awesome grills. There is only 2 of us (and our 4 dogs) at home so I'm not too worried about capacity. This makes this pellet grill a particularly good value. Another thing is that it's HEAVY. To be honest it is the look. Rec-Tec's look just is not my style.

I personally don't use the wifi, but could see it being helpful if you're in cold climate or want to control it while away from the house. I wasn’t really sold on them at first either but they grow on ya!

The Pellet Pro® PID Controller is used by us as a retrofit for many different brands of pellet grills. I've always heard great things about rec tec but never seen one in action.

Big, thick, heavy steel used all around. Friend that I compete with regularly at KCBS has one, and they do well with it, and it's holding up nicely.

Much difference between Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro and GMG Daniel Boon? The basic construction of this pellet grill is simple. Blazn are solid as well, and haven't heard of any of their owners having issues. If I was in the market for a new pellet pooper they would probably be my brand of choice. I've looked at Tragers in stores and my Yoder is made from much thicker steel and feels like it's going to last forever. All you need to do is sign up for my weekly Newsletter.

I have a Louisiana Grill, and I'm happy with it, especially because of the size vs price at the time, but if I get another one, I want to go Yodder.

The place I buy my pellets at also sells Louisiana and Yoder, and if I had to do it again I think I'd scrape a few more bucks together and get one of them. Drawbacks. Glad it could help.

Join me and be the best outdoor cook you can be. Lids are heavy, and need a counter weight just to get it open.

Rec Tec 680.

Some owners absolutely swear by theirs and the brand has a big following. I went in person to see GMG. Highly recommended GMG!

Some brands may not be compatible with the PID Controller as it is designed to be used with a 2 rpm 0.4 amp auger motor and .48 amp fan motor. Others have had issues like the auger not working only after a few months of ownership. I don't want a traeger and I don't want to spend over 700 since it's not a "necessity" for me to switch, it's a "want".

The Pellet Pro grill comes from Smoke Daddy, a real garage started company that began list making aftermarket accessories and smoke generators. My only regret was not getting the Bowie. This downdraft thing looks interesting. Another option to look at is a Blazn Grill. When we still couldnt solve it they sent me an entire new wifi kit free of charge. You could almost double your capacity with a straight up offset, especially with you price range. I have a Traeger, a Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited, and a Chargriller Akorn for smoking.. For all season grilling and smoking the Akorn can't be beat.. Had it for 2.5 years so far.

It only took 2 days and I was up and running again.

Cooking chamber height. A CT scan found. Most seem to be very happy with them.

I appreciate any purchase you make in support of the work I do.

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Thanks for your help and looking forward to joining the smoking crowd! Mine has the optimal second shelf and with tax was $1,680. I called GMG customer service and the guy walked me through all the possible solutions and waited on the phone for me to try them out.

Black Friday coming up I can get Daniel Boon wifi for $499. If you're in the $1500 range, I'd look into MAK Grills.

And for the price, this was the best option for me.


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