slavery in dominica
Here we see the response of a House Slave!!!! A man in your position should had a youngin under you wing, and now be fighting for him. UNAPOLOGETIC. Originally apprenticeship for apprentices … Continue reading →, part 30     written by Bernard Lauwyck My previous article # 29, published three weeks ago in The Chronicle, contained a drawing of a treadmill. Anon, I would like to say, the massa day still exists in Dominica; and too the majority of people live and exists in economic and mental slavery!

This was however  an incomplete state of freedom as  … Continue reading →, In my previous two articles I described the lot of the free coloureds and blacks in Dominica between 1820 and 1832. The result is a colorful and festive Creole society which is evident in the island’s language, food, art, and music.

Ma’am, there are two animals inside each of us, a lamb and a lion.

document.getElementById('wp-smiley-more').style.display = 'inline'; What a shame…. Very few doctors retire from their profession; usually because of old age they know when to quit and fade away, the victimization of which Roosevelt Skerrit and Darroux perpetrated on this man is wrong! This is nothing more than a disgruntles former employee and advocate for the opposition, UWP, trying to get his way.

This is rather sad and pathetic attempt to gather support for his own self glorification.

The incumbent administration practises Plantation Politics. Dr. Pascal is not looking to be a doctor in PMH for life again lack of common sense he is welcomed in Africa and right in other Caribbean Islands but regardless he decided to stay in Dominica to help his people and that’s what I call commitment. The closer we get to election the more desperate these guys get. He returned to the West Indies in 1784 and remained there until his death on the island of Dominica in 1796. A mental slave will not apply his brain to evaluate what he is being told, to discover what is true and rational; mental slaves are in the habit of accepting and believing what is told to them, whether it makes sense or not.

How does one justify that one week after a traumatic facial injury a young man from Warner is denied the offer of local surgical expertise when no other ENT surgeon is available to provide the care he desperately needs!!


I heard CIA lived in crook house in Dominica! IP, important lesson my brother. } The health and economic status of the vast majority of the citizens means absolutely nothing to these overly dark hearted, modern day Judases. Your religious and political blinders need to be broken so you can see exactly what’s going on. “Facts” you are ignorant of the matter; Dominica is a very backward place where government crawls with their backside facing up. This been happening far too long.Those in authority come on radio and tell you one thing and practise another. ” Anon Lennox might not be correct this time, since I am aware that only the ruling government can invite the FBI or New Scotland Yard into the country to aid the local police in investigating an unsolved crime, be it murder or thievery. In 1814 Governor AINSLIE … On August 1, 1834, the Abolition of Slavery, passed by the British Parliament a year earlier, was put into effect in Dominica.

As examples, just recall the shocking neglect of health services in Marigot for the last four years and the never-ending passport selling fiasco. }

What happens when you die or fall sick- are you providing sound solutions?

No one will resign! Dominicans, we are indeed still on the slave plantation, the ‘Massa’ supremacy mentality is in full ascendancy.

var cursorPos = endPos; Nowadays, if you have an ENT condition at PMH you could languish and suffer on a hospital bed or you may eventually get flown overseas after your full recovery is quite likely compromised.

They are so short sighted, they only care about today. Foreigners and a few locals making millions from our passport sales, but Dominicans shouldn’t eat a bread. While you wallow in self pity, are you the only Dr going though this predicament?

before they are posted. Their only concern is not to lose power, hold on to it eternally. You are just a manifestation of the seniority problems in the Caribbean where u old outdated old heads suppress younger professionals just so you maintain job security.

Sadly, these ‘trusted’ officials and their lackeys who are responsible for this level of SUFFERATION, will wax lyrically that your HEALTH is your WEALTH, while as it has been alleged, they embrace deception with “hand-outs” and “cool-outs” masquerading as WEALTH. The end of slavery and apprenticeship in Dominica part 34, THE END OF APPRENTICESHIP in DOMINICA part 33, THE ABOLITION of SLAVERY and the TIME of APPRENTICESHIP in DOMINICA, The ROSEAU CATHEDRAL and the Abolition of Slavery in Dominica part # 26, THE CHURCH and the ABOLITION OF SLAVERY part 24, The Roseau Cathedral and the Abolition of Slavery Part 23, The Roseau Cathedral and the Abolition of Slavery Part 22, THE ROSEAU CATHEDRAL and the ABOLITION OF SLAVERY, THE ROSEAU CATHEDRAL and the ABOLITION OF SLAVERY part 13, Sisters of the Faithful Virgin in Dominica 1957-1937, Fr.

How cold-hearted is that! She suffers while there is local surgical expertise available to relieve her suffering. I hope in the interim you do not need his professional services to save your larynx and pharynx. to H### with DA, Your email address will not be published. Once Skerrit can put $5000 into their pockets to secure their votes, that is all they care about.


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