silver dice persona 4
Butler Set She wants Genji Ayu and Amber Seema. Chariot + 3 Points, Yukiko and Rise (WAQ12: How do date invites work?

Persona 4 Light Balance appears in Paradise 5 through 7 in Heaven within the Midnight Channel. Courage UP Catching Bugs, Talk to Cat at Samegawa Flood Plain As always, minor spoilers ahead. Selling 4 Silver Lumps at Daidara will unlock the Type-98 Gunto sword for the protagonist in the shop. Dropped by Wicked Turret at Secret Laboratory 7-8F, Obtain a Branch Headband

The Shadow is called Silver Dice, and it is located between floors 6 to 8. “I’ll try it.”. They will typically be accompanied by other shadows which occupy the same floors. Courage UP Some will ask you to grab an item from inside a dungeon, either from a chest as a drop from a specific enemy.

Bond Maniac Bronze Max out 10 Social Links Complete! Feed it Genji Ayu or Amber Seema, Persona Evolution Talk to Younger Twin at Samegawa Riverbank Option B: “Three” Question: Who is buried in the biggest pyramid in Egypt? You have finished pretty much everything that you can do on your first playthrough! If you are behind on Social Links, Quests, Books, or Trophies, I recommend focusing on catching up. Knowledge GREATLY UP Fashion Plate Bronze Fight a battle in costume Complete! A True Bond Bronze Max out a Social Link Finished. Knowledge UP, Make a Model at Work Table Obtained SPOILER’s Number Quest 18 Complete!

Expression UP

Mr. It first becomes available on August 9th after Quest 34. Loud High School Girl: “Let me hear you squeal, country boy!” Magician + 2 Points Obtained The Punk’s Way Obtained Cute Strap Courage UP Solution: This item is a drop from the Silver Dice enemies found on floors 8, 9 and 10 of the Marukyu Striptease dungeon. Located at Junes Talk to Photographer at Samegawa Flood Plain Talk to Customer at Junes. The Return of the Angels (Secret Trophy) Bronze Rescue Nanako Dojima Finished, 11 Fellow Athletes Strength Complete! Feel free to buy anything else you can afford, but keep at least 50000 Yen Knowledge UP Talk to Unfamiliar Dog at Shopping District North Acquire a Silver Lump is the 33rd Quest in Persona 4 Golden. Obtained 10000 Yen, Yosuke: “I don’t even know what he’s talking about… Do you know the answer, MC?” Question: Which of these sports also uses an anchor? Work at Day Care Question: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… What is this sequence called? Quest 1 Complete!

Obtained Grilled Corn Option B Persona Evolution Perfect Bronze Max out all social qualities Complete! Quest 30 Complete! Solution: Quiz questions.

Persona required from now on Obtained 2 Mystical Scarab Talk to Loud Old Man at Shopping District North Persona Evolution ofirissmart (Topic Creator) 11 years ago #4 I saw 2 Silver Dice, I don't think they gave me the item, weird, it's the first time I haven't gotten the item the first time fighting the enemy in question. Collect all of them Solution: Required item is a drop from Heat Balance in Yukiko's Castle dungeon, around floor 7. Obtained Kung Fu Costume, Sell 10 Golden Cloths at Daidara Metalworks Persona Evolution

Obtained Picross Rules!

Need at least one Guardian Food Fighter Bronze Finish Aiya’s special dish Complete! Option A: Ask her straight out. Approach it

?” Like any good RPG - and trust us, this is a good one indeed - Persona 4 Golden has a whole lot of side quests with unique rewards. Obtained new skill: Youthful Wind, Make a Model at Work Table Persona Shopper Bronze Buy a Persona from the Compendium Complete! Do this and return to him. Priestess + 3 Points Diligence UP, Justice + 2 Points Acquire a Silver Lump: Male Student: Practice Building 1F: 06/30: Completed Quest 6: Uplifting Radio x2: Drop from Silver Dice (Marukyu Striptease 7-10F) 34: Acquire Hard Boots: Avid Reader: Shopping District, South: 07/03: Completed Quest 20: Guide to Pests, 5,000 yen: You will need to sell Daidara 5 Thick Hides for him to sell these. IMPORTANT!!! Solution: You need several items for this quest: 8 Magatsu Xandrite - these drop rarely when the Gold Hand enemies are defeated in dungeons. Knowledge UP. Talk to Avid Reader in Shopping District South Enter the Velvet Room, leave, and come back. 57 Desk Refurbishing, Part 4 Give Classy Lumber Complete! Chie, Rise, Naoto, Ai, Yumi, and the guys. which is a Status Parameter.

Rank MAX, 12 Saki’s Brother Hanged Man Complete! Option B Diligence UP, Justice + 2 Points Carbon Copy is the 35th Quest in Persona 4 Golden. Understanding UP Option B, C, C, B Option C: “The U.S. Talk to Lonely Boy in Samegwa Flood Plain, Talk to Saki Konishi’s Brother in Classroom Building 1F (Requires Unknown Rank Understanding), Talk to Female Student in Classroom Building 2F Diligence UP. A Favor for Marie Bronze Register a Skill Card Complete! Option C: King of hearts. While there isn’t anything important to do, you can find some characters you will see later in the game. Talk to Funky Student on Classroom Building 3F

Rank 8, 21 Feet the Cat Feed the cat more Finished, 22 Cat Needs Food Badly Feed the cat endlessly Finished, 44 Extracurricular Activities, Part 2 Give Cululrium Finished, 47 Find Me Something to Wear Give Invincible Mini Finished. Option C: “The cross-section.” I just wanted to post some help in case anyone else is struggling. : Don’t sell them to Daidara! Talk to Older Twin at Shopping District South Yosuke: “Dude’s seriously going for it… Hey man, you gotta stop him.” Courage UP There will be a new food item in the fridge every Monday. WARNING!!! Movie Buff Bronze Go to 3 movies at 30 Frame Complete! Going back to Yukiko’s Castle and killing the new boss after rescuing her will yield you a fairly powerful Fan Weapon for Yukiko to utilize. Talk to Older Lady near CrocoFur Obtained Silver Tray Option C: 1 B.C. Knowledge UP Diligence UP Search for Suzaku Feather, Priestess, Jester, Emperor, Moon (WAQX1: What if I don’t have enough room for Personas?). Persona 4 Wiki. Rank MAX, 12 I Wish I Was Beetter at Speaking Give her advice Finished. Obtained 20000 Yen for Exam Reward Location: Okina City, a girl in front of the theatre. The reward for completing this quest is 5 Chest Keys. Side quests are great to complete in Persona 4, as generally speaking they don't use up your valuable limited in-game days - they're free ways to make some gains in some way or another.

Obtained Junes Coveralls, Talk to Man in Black at Shopping District North Option A, B, B, B So be mindful of when to check the fridge! Obtain any battle related Trophies you haven’t gotten yet, except for Registering 100 Skill Cards. Quest 47 Complete! You have 3 chances to determine the most likely culprit. Bronze Dice (ブロンズダイス, Buronzudaisu)? Magician + 2 Points Relationship will become closer soon. If you check the fridge, you will find some Fried Rice. Click below to consent to the use of the cookie technology provided by vi (video intelligence AG) to personalize content and advertising.

Option A: “Geometric shapes.” Head of the Class Bronze Rank #1 in your class on an exam Complete! Talk to Loud Old Man at Shopping District North, Option Any, Any, A (Intimate) or B (Platonic), A (Intimate) or B (Platonic). Obtained 10000 Yen, Option B or C, Any, A or C Option A, A Option Any, A It’s Working Today Bronze Buy an item from the Capsule Machine Finished. Save your game Option A: “Pascal.” Talk to Male Student in Class 2-2 40 Acquire Some Fashionable Dishes Give Fashionable Dishes Complete! Trade Artisan Apprentice Vidar’s Boots for Animal Slippers Dropped by Tranquil Idol at Steamy Bathhouse 7-8F, Obtain a Reflecting Board Option C: “Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.” Read Short on Cash

Obtained Signed Photo End Platonic: Option A or B, A, A, Option C Obtained Unfinished Model Feed him all the fish Courage UP Option C: Pis Pis River. Obtained new skill: Invigorate 2, Make a model at Work Table Expression UP, Persona no longer needed Required fields are marked *. 25 100% Inaba-Grown Cabbage Give Hiranya Cabbage Complete! Option B: “Just you wait and see.” Obtained 40000 Yen These pass the time, and normally don’t rank up the Social Link, although there are exceptions. Expression UP, Yukiko: “H-Hey…”


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