shoji white exterior

It has a light reflectance value of 73.5, so definitely not as bright as Alabaster. I bought white samples and thought we’d use BM Chantilly Lace white but once painted some samples on the house it looked too severe and felt I needed something creamier or softer. It won’t be a bright white, but will still look white, and it will pair beautifully with darker gray accents. SW 6119 Antique White Interior / Exterior. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. SW 7042 Shoji White Interior / Exterior.

Shoji White by Sherwin Williams: Shoji White’s neutral undertones are a mix of gray and beige, but it’s much lighter and brighter than the typical “greige.” Depending on the light, it can take on a clean white appearance or more of an off white as seen in this photo. You can find the LRV of a paint color on the manufacturers website. Shoji White paint color SW 7042 by Sherwin-Williams.

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It has neutral undertones with subtle hints of gray and beige. You’re one step closer to that gorgeous white house you’ve been daydreaming about! Feel free to check out this link right here to find out how I can help you without ever stepping a foot in your home regardless where you live in North America. Go with this shade if you want a low-key, muted, creamy white exterior. (The bedroom still needs another coat…we’ll get there). White Dove is the brightest white on this list with an LRV of 85, and is a popular choice for a beautiful, pure white exterior. We are painting our house white dove and we have white retrofit windows. I really don’t want to go into too much detail, because the specifics are a bit boring, but a good rule of thumb is that an exterior LRV should be no higher than 85. Want to know more about my tribe of a four little ladies, my handy handsome hubby, our three kitty divas, and a goldendoodle? Shoji White Exterior via Southern Green Builders. Do you have recommendation on a more creamy or beigh? SW 7562 Roman Column Interior.

We wanted a saturated, creamy, warm white that felt like it could be found in nature as opposed to a cool or very bright white. Shoji White is a beautiful blend of cream and greige, making it a WARM paint colour. Check out Kendall Charcoal, Wrought Iron, and Iron Mountain…all great dark grays. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Can’t wait to update this post with finished product photos soon, and I hope the 5 exterior white paint colors that we tested on our home prove helpful to you, too! Here is a shot from the same angle nearly two months ago. Your suggestion in a previous post/question of finding a white with neutral undertones is a game changer! My exterior paint consultation is the perfect solution for you! If you choose a white with cool undertones, the back of your house may end up looking slightly blue or too much like primer.

Shoji White was one of my favorites at first, because it has a tiny bit of a pink undertone to it, almost like the inside of a shell only whiter. South facing homes get a lot of light throughout the day, which tends to get a little warmer as the day goes on. It has a warm, neutral look, without looking too creamy or being too bright.

But I feel you in being terrified of building a bad house, I had the same fear. In our lighting during different times of the day, it stayed the truest in color, it wasn’t too bright or too yellow, and it felt like a white you’d actually see out in nature! People often ask about the, 662 Likes, 32 Comments - Lori Paranjape (@mrsparanjape) on Instagram: “on the to-do list today is exterior paint color... "Shoji White" from @sherwinwilliams is a strong…”, Choosing paint colors can be a daunting task.

I just discovered your blog & I’m planning on going back to the beginning of your house planning/building journey so I can soak up as much help as I can get…we’ve been working on the plans for our Last Forever Home & we’re closing in on the deadline for making any changes, etc. Love the smoky aqua in the bathroom with those tiles :). This color feels like a white you’d find in nature, for sure, rather than coming across as stark or too cold. I would be happy to help you choose paint colors. Shoji White by Sherwin Williams is a warm, creamy white. Well, I have visited another site having some wonderful and similar information. With an LRV of 74, White Duck is a good option for creating a softer overall look. If you need some more color in your life, paint your front door and add colorful shutters into the mix. So, while you’ll benefit from the soft warmth of it, it’s toned down by a greige-beige base.

Join my FREE Webinar on Oct 5th: The 8 Most Common Design Mistakes, © Copyright 2019 Welsh Design Studio   |   Website by, Need some help choosing the right white for your exterior? Let’s take a closer look at Shoji White and talk about the color in the video down below. I've collected a few of our Stemmies' favorite reads right here for you... You know what, I'm so glad you're here. It is an article worth applauding for based on its content. It has greige undertones, so it stays neutral in a variety of lighting conditions.

See more ideas about Shoji white, White paint colors, Paint colors for home. Ballet White is the creamiest of the whites on this list, and has been a popular choice for exteriors. Duvet Cover: Anthropologie. The paint looks beautiful. It’ll be good. Things are coming along! Research white paints with neutral undertones for ideas, or consult with your local paint store. We would like there to be some noticeable contrast between the two colors. So, yes, that could be the difference. Pls help! For West facing homes, the warm light will always work to bring out any yellow or pink undertones in a white paint.

Like I said in the video above, so be careful where you decide to paint this color in your home. We are changing out our 20+ year old wood siding, and replacing with cement composite, and changing to a farmhouse look. The color is Shoji White from Sherwin Williams, here it is in the lineup of all the colors I tested. I know you were ready to dive into paint colors, and I’m being a total buzzkill, but LRV is important for white exteriors. Thank you for enlightening us on the different LRVs of whites, as we have little tree cover on all but the north side of the house, and would hate to blind passers-by when the afternoon sun is blasting the west side of the house!

If you are still concerned about your white exterior being too bright, check out Shoji White (LRV 74).


In the end, Sherwin Williams Shoji White was the winner. The home resembles a farm house. I love the Silvermist.

I’ll let you know when the fun part starts, haha. This weekend Adam and his dad are installing kitchen cabinets and I can’t wait to see those babies in place! Oyster White by Sherwin has us intrigued because of our ipe wood doors and accents. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I love the colors you chose!

SW 7103 Whitetail Interior / Exterior. I’m trying to choose an exterior soft white paint.

Thank you for the review! However, if you're interested in some other greige paint colors you should take a look at this blog right here called; If you need help finding the perfect paint color for your home and want it to be professionally done. couldnt take the risk lol. Dreamy! Your email address will not be published.

Thanks! Actually, if you’re new you have no idea what I’m talking about, but you can read about it here —, I personally love the white, I’ve gone from “paint everything ALL the colours” when we first moved in to now usually choosing white, or at least a very neutral light grey. Shoji White can look more like a white, or more like an off-white, depending on your lighting conditions (shady or cloudy versus direct sunlight). Seapearl is a little lower on the LRV scale at 78. I love it!! I like the warm gray tones-not a stark white. Trying to pick an exterior paint color scheme has been the hardest for me! It’s so pretty, I honestly couldn’t be more thrilled with it. It’s truly like the inside of sea shell like my neighbor said! Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published.

Thanks for sharing :). Ahh, progress. View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. I’ve rounded up the best white paint colors for exteriors, so you can be sure to have that gorgeous white house you’ve been dreaming of.

What would you suggest?

for my eye in too many darker areas places it goes from white to yellow.

In the end, Sherwin Williams Shoji White was the winner. I am looking for a coastal, traditional cottage look.

I can’t believe how whites are so different!! However, if you're interested in some other greige paint colors you should take a look at this blog right here called; 5 Living Room Paint Ideas with Benjamin Moore Greige Paints. our roof is gray. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Thank you!

When you hear or see the name Shoji White, it’s a little misleading because it’s not a white paint color. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’m worried about taking such a big step of painting my house from a Tuscan style yellowish/brown color (stucco is colored) to white. And shutters/garage sherwin williams intellectual gray. If you compared it to true white, however, you’d see that White Dove is actually a soft, warm white with a hint of gray, which makes it one of the most beloved whites amongst designers for both interiors and exteriors.

Oyster white is darker that Alabaster on the scale, but just as creamy. If you are still concerned about your white exterior being too bright, check out Shoji White (LRV 74).

You could probably describe the color as a blue-gray, but that’s boring and not exactly true….I would describe is as more of a smoky aqua. I don’t think our builder would build anything “wrong”, but I’m not sure how creative he is either. The house faces West and gets a lot of sun. Use Seapearl if you want a little softer and grayer look for your exterior, or you need something that will have a smoother transition with gray stonework. Thank you for this review! I’ve narrowed it down to Alabaster and Shoji White. White homes are all the rage today, but they truly are classic and timeless. Which is an off-white, creamy white. So adorable!! Shoji White can look more like a white, or more like an off-white, depending on your lighting conditions (shady or cloudy versus direct sunlight). I’m thinking we will have to repaint it as well. White dove? Moderne White has a slightly muddier look to it than some of the other whites on this list. Do you have pics of the exterior updated with natural choice? But here are some additional paint options that made the best exterior white … Now that you have a list of the best white paint colors for exteriors, it’s time to grab a few samples from your local paint store, and try them out to see which one you like the most. where it’s all about DIY decor, home renovation,

Source image: Mary Craven for Southern Living. We do need “flooring” to close though, but we figured out that sealed concrete counts as flooring…so we scraped, cleaned, and sealed it with an oil based sealer. I always recommend getting samples to see how it looks on your exterior. White can be a beautiful, but tricky paint color for exteriors…too bright, and you risk blinding drivers passing by…too dark, and it just looks “muddy.” If you’re considering painting your house white, keep reading this post!


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