select two principles of ethical communication explain why you feel they are important

This promotes the credibility of the communication and promotes its acceptability.

These experts possess the power of information and can make people perform activities related to their areas more effectively than others. Moreover, careful attention should be given to the style of expression, use of diagrams, charts, pictures, etc., in the communication. Clarity, completeness, consideration, correctness, courtesy and consistency are also called C’s of effective communication. Image Guidelines 5. The prospects of a sell may hinge on a certain amount of deception regarding the vehicle's condition. 9. 2. Be sure your actions support your communication. A communicator is judged not only by what he says but also by what he does. It avoids spreading of rumours and relieves top managers from scanning every information. The goal is to understand the speaker’s (sender’s) feelings, needs and wants in order to help him solve a problem.

But that will happen only if the communicator has given careful thought to the content of the message. An effective communication system is based on the following principles: First of all it should be clear in the mind of the sender as to what he wants to say. Log in here. The sender must learn to listen with the inner ear.

Copyright 10. The communicator must have feedback confirmation from the recipient whether the mes­sages communicated, have been understood in the same sense in which the sender takes it and also whether the recipient is agreed or disagreed the proposal. 4. Inconsistent messages always create chaos and confusion in the minds of people which is highly detrimental to the interest of the enterprise. It can be extended to verbal communication, as well as the content we post on social media. For example- the managers should make use of oral communication for individual communication and written communication for policy matters. Communication is effective where there are no barriers to communication. Information more than the need or less than the need is harmful. How often a manager should communicate with a subordinate or group of subordinates on the same subject?

The above principles if followed will make the communication effective.

Actions speak louder than words. Prohibited Content 3. Accuracy – The communication system should ensure safety of the contents of communication from loss in transit (or miscarriage).

The communication results in strengthening the business concern through the co-operation of managerial personnel. It means communication should be in accordance with the policies laid down for it. Find an answer to your question how information systems and informtion technology have helped the company operate and achieve its objectives Clarity of ideas gives meaning to the message. So, the communicator or the sender should bear in mind the circumstances and the receiving persons while communicating the message.

This is especially so in upward communication. 7. Communication can be improved by the following suggestions made by the American Management Association: 1. Workers will contact their supervisors rather than functional managers. The communicator should not lengthen or shorten any of these at the expense of the other. Communication should, therefore, satisfy the needs of the receivers. 8. Consider the content and the overtones of the message. The messages should reach the receiver whenever they are needed.

What the sender wants to convey must also be what the receiver wants to receive. A communica­tion to a superior/subordinate when he is in happy, agreeable frame of mind is more likely to elicit a favorable response.

10. Sometimes formal communication may not achieve the desired results, informal communication may prove effective in such situations. 5. 5. For instance, while ordering for goods, one needs to make clear what is wanted, when it is needed, to whom and where it is to be sent and how the payment would be made. He should wait for a response to know whether the receiver has understood what he has said. Technical words and words having various meanings should be used to the minimum. Who are the experts?Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions. Privacy Policy 9.

When there is no error in interpretation and the sender gets correct feedback, then communication can be said to be effective. Being mindful of what you share on social media and ensuring that any news articles you share are not fake would be another great example of ethical communication. With the term "ethical communication" being so broad, it is not limited to written communication. Sender should analyze the needs of information at the receiving end before conveying the message. In the business world everything starts and ends with courtesy and considerations. Research has shown that most of the managers are not good listeners.

The code of ethics under which medical professionals operate is very strict with regard to honesty and integrity, but there are bad individuals in every profession, including medicine. Clarify ideas before attempting to communicate. In this way, the sender uses the opportunity to convey the message for enduring and immediate benefits to the receiver.

The message of the sender should be understood in the same sense and context in which it is transmitted. There are certain principles observed in ensuring communication effectiveness.

(h) All the activity units of organisation are to be connected with communication channels. 8. After delivery of the message, the sender should inquire from the receiver(s) whether he has understood the message and, preferably, ask him to repeat the contents of the message. In all types of communication, the communicator must keep in view the following principles in order to have an effective communication: 1.


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