seabear aircraft for sale
Stay tuned as we hope to find out more about the new L72 6 seater plane from Seabear Aircraft soon! 3.4. Payload has been increased to 1550lb, and the aircraft is certified to fly over 12000ft. Due to its manufacturing quality and durability, the residual value is poised to be significantly higher than that of metal aircraft.

Produsing and selling. Whatever the destination – the Seastar is the safest and most enjoyable way to get there. The large windows flood the cabin with natural light and offer outstanding visibility to the outside. All rights reserved.

Insurance Operating Costs Financing. Seabear can use both automotive fuel or Avgas 100LL. ASK-62 amphibian aircraft advantages Seregin Aircraft company developed brand new flying boat - ASK-62. 129 Aircraft for Sale in Russia.

In addition they act as a working platform.

In a cargo configuration, the plane offers. The aircraft received a new fuselage with a hull of increased volume, with excellent seaworthiness characteristics, a large, spacious cabin, very comfortable in long flights, even for high pilots. The Seastar’s ergonomically configured flight deck reduces pilot workload by providing a full digital cockpit and electronic checklists. Sort by: Results Shown: My Favorites Save Search Email Alert Compare. This ability to combine asset tasking will produce faster response times, increase operational flexibility and reduce costs in comparison with the use of existing fixed wing, helicopter and seaborne assets.

Unlike competitors with floats, the Seastar is a flying boat. In terms of direct operating costs, the Seastar is the most economical aircraft in its class. Seabear can use both automotive fuel or Avgas 100LL. The Seastar is a multi-purpose aircraft delivering unmatched versatility at low operating costs. New 4-seat amphibian aircraft Seabear with perfect characteristics.

Dimensions. Taildragger, retractable Differential brakes on main wheels. This is an optimized design resulting in smooth water landings and short take-off runs. Filter Your Results Year 2017 (1) 2020 (1) 2021 (1) Select … This aircraft is also intended for instructional and training flights, aero tourism, patrolling, aerial photography and other purposes. All rights reserved. The new 4-seat amphibious L-65 uses two turbo charged Rotax 915iS engines of 141hp each, with variable pitch propellers. Single-engine climb is about 300 ft.min. Prefer cash sale but open to aircraft trades plus cash. The Seabear can land almost anywhere, whether on fields, rivers, beaches or snow.

The Seastar offers the most versatile and spacious cabin in its class, ensuring passengers a comfortable ride and an enjoyable experience. The twin-engines allow the pilot the ability to turn very sharply, on and off the water. SUPER PETREL. 4 seats, dual control Cabin width 54 in (1,36m) Cabin height 56 in (1,39m) Landing gear . **Conditions: ISA, Cruise at 15,000 ft, 1 Crew, Takeoff and Landing at Sea Level, VFR Reserve, Corporate Configuration (9 Seats). The difference between the L-4 and the L-65 is the new composite increased volume fuselage, which gives the aircraft excellent seaworthiness characteristics. The choice is yours! The composite airframe is constructed of 5 types of glass fibers and 3 types of carbon fibers, layered carefully with calculated thickness and formation.

Produsing and selling. Gross weight 3,974 lbs (1800kg) Empty weight 2,430 lbs (1100kg) Useful load 1545 lbs (700kg) Load factor +4-2.

The SeaBear is a multi engine  Flying Boat which first saw the light of day when it entered into development in 1986.

Equipment includes: King KMA-24 Audio Panel. The cabin is very spacious and comfortable for long flights, even for tall pilots and passengers. KR-86 ADF. This aircraft is ideally suited for VFR and IFR flights.

SUPER PETREL. The Seastar is durable in an economical sense, by combining the advantages of performance, efficiency and safety. is your partner in connecting you with relevant information and resources. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. The Seastar’s all-composite airframe maintenance concept is “On Condition”. The SeaBear L-65 has outstanding short take-off and landing performance. ©2020 The flat floor provides generous space for customized cargo or cabin installations. Greatly simplified navigation with graphical flight planning, Display of the environment around the aircraft, even in degraded visual environments, Safer flights with alerts during taxi, take-off, landing, Future growth capabilities relating to enhanced functionalities. You can also find more details in the brochure. L-72 testing. The SeaMax combines the best of two worlds. Specifications | Video | Buy & Sell | Top-10 aircraft | All aircraft. Just tell us your requirements and we will tailor the Seastar to meet your demands. Just tell us your requirements and we will tailor the Seastar to meet your demands. New Canadian Dealer For The AEROVOLGA Borey, Waterbirds: The Super Skywagon By PK Floats, Cape Air Seaplanes Will Serve Boston/ New York, Differing Opinions Are Not Welcome Nowadays, Monster Project: Cape Air Seaplanes In Boston, First Official Seaplane Base In Belgium Opened. Single engine flights.

Its “flying boat” design enables to land in sea states with up to two-foot waves (demonstrated but not limiting).

The entire aircraft is certified for 30,000 flying hours after which a special inspection is required for extension. Flaps and trim rudders are also electrically controlled. Seabearaircraft. It is resistant and far more durable than conventional aircraft, especially if made from aluminium. Prefer cash sale but open to aircraft trades plus cash.

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In a cargo configuration, the plane offers

SeaBear tests of new boat. All this gives you a sense of comfort at the same time as the willingness and ease of control in air and on water / land gives you pure pleasure. -----TWIN SEABEE (UC-1) FOR SALE N9508U S/N 22.

The entire airframe, especially the landing gear and the large hull, is strong and designed to operate in severe conditions.

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With so many naysayers and pessimists, claiming that no new aircraft can ever be had for less than a Gazillion Dollars, #TheFutureOfWaterflying really depends on affordable air frames enabling a younger generation of web-footed nuts to jump in with both feet. 1982 STOL Aircraft UC-1 Twin Bee Serial #22. Ultralights for sale ; All resources ; Log in.


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