scratches on back cheating

It has the circular/moon shape like a fingernail has been dug into his back. And while most stories on AITA involve fairly typical relationship issues that come up between partners and in families, this one has an evangelical twist with some good old religious magical thinking thrown in for flavor.

it sounds to me like he is cheating! P.s. I think my Dad would do well to get a divorce? I was massaging his back and found two scratches on his lower back. He recently has been working alot of overtime. Anyway, Leah has mentioned things to me that seem very sketchy. I asked him what happened and he just ignores me. The angles make sense and I just tried it to see if I could reach...and I was able to. and another thing, if your the kind of woman that keeps her nose in all her husbands business you'll notice if the uh, paychecks are bigger if he is putting in the overtime! What's in marriage for the man? say its a little surprise and you thought you would treat him special since you don't spend time together. suspected that her sister’s husband is cheating, 35 Of The Funniest Swole Doge And Cheems Memes We Had Time To Find, 33 Of The Best Meme Man Memes We Could Find, It’s Been A While Since We Checked In On The Fine People Of Walmart (27 Pics), The Best (Or Worst) Of Reddit’s Roast Me Memes, omen On TikTok Are Putting Ice Cubes In Their Vaginas And Sharing Their Reactions (21 TikToks), 21 Of The Funniest Jokes From Women On Twitter This Week, Toddler Accidentally Releases Mom’s Nudes On Snapchat. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Why is she always bringing my daughter into things? We all grew up very Christian, I ended up leaving the church, but my sis and BIL are still on fire Christians. My bf and I just had sex and he noticed scratch marks and said that he thought they were from someone else on my back, but actually they were... Im so embraced to ask this here but I cant stop thinking about. AITA for telling my sister my concerns? NTA. ? How do you think about the answers? Don't rely on this things, you should find more reasons to justify that your husband is really cheating. Depends on the situation and what has been going in your relationship. There's no need to spy on him its pretty obvious he's having sex with another woman. I mean NTA for trying to help but if your sister is so deeply deluded she thinks her husband’s sex marks are from a demon, there’s no helping her see the light. Bookmark Discussion. Maybe you should stop by at his job and see if he really is working, cause it just may be he has too much time on his hands. There is no way she doesn’t see it for what it is. if he did I don't understand why he'd allow you to take pictures. yeah I'm with you scratches … A Redditor recently suspected that her sister’s husband is cheating, due to some strange behavior on this part, and wonders whether it was her place to speak up. I’m not seeing where the definitive scratch marks are in the other pic. He wasn’t cheating on a girlfriend. Thanks everyone for your help and advice. The internet closed its gaping jaw and weighed in.

Looks like the wrong angle to be from fingernails to me. How has your sex life been lately? Are they as aware as you are? Would it be a deal breaker if you were a woman and had your own home and the man you like lives at home and is a student in his 40s? Don't mention anything about the marks on his back!! Should I have stayed out of her business?”. Create an account or log in to participate. Had sex before checkup, had it and now I’m on IUD mirena. But until then there is no point ruining what could be a great relationship worrying about something that … The scratches usually last about 2 hours is guess and go away . If she believes horseshit like that over your remark, you’re likely just wrecking your own relationship with her by pushing the issue further.

To be very honest with you I myself would investigate. I mean you made lighthearted joke based on clear evidence of unusual activity, there’s no way to interpret the situation as your fault. My husband has had scratches on his back but I know that he scratches like a maniac with this irritating back scratching thing! She got really flustered and pulled her kids out of the pool. Maybe go to his work when he is working "overtime"? BeeLove128. yeah I'm with you scratches can come from many things.

Have you ever scratched him on his back? If he's open to u looking at his phone , phone bill proving he was at the gym ect then do it . just show up at his work with dinner and don't tell him your about to show up. So as some of you have probably seen me on here before talking about my boyfriend who just recently relapsed and I caught him cheating on me.. well this morning we started arguing over his infidelity (he’s moving in 2 weeks so we’re stuck together... Find advice, support, and good company (and some stuff just for fun). I would certainly do some investigating if I had any doubts tho . I have never suspected it before but what could these marks be from. You can sign in to vote the answer. Do you have motive to believe he is cheating? I think Jake is cheating, but she won’t accept the thought. If not, then let it go. Men lie and sometimes cannot be trusted and I doubt if you ask him he will tell you he is cheating. Then if you do find out something, then that's the time you talk about it. It has the circular/moon shape like a fingernail has been dug into his back. but, honestly i dont believe him. i like all the ideas i have seen. I don't think you can prove cheating from 4 scratch marks on his back. NTA, the husband is. Demons? In order to ACCUSE someone, you really have to have very strong evidence besides a scratch to interrogate them. In the first pic it kinda looks like he reached over his shoulder and around his back with his right hand to scratch his own itchy back. Locked phone? In the past I have noticed red looking scratches on his back but thought he could have done those.

I had the same thing happen with my boyfriend, i noticed scratch marks on his back and was curious about what it was.. he told me it was from work and made up some story. Back Scratch from Cheating? When I was in high school, a group of friends and I played tag in a pool. C’mon. This action cannot be undone. Jake had lots of red scratches on his back, to me they looked like fingernails. She said casually that Jake had gone on a “prayer walk” with his men’s group and had been spiritually attacked by a demon. Honey, would you ever cheat on me? Pretend you found out he is cheating. Pushing further will just push her away, perhaps even after she comes to terms with it. He leaves their bed at night and doesn’t come back til after work the next day, he hides money, and he’s trying not to conceive another kid with my sister. I wouldn't be freaking out but it looks like a fingernail.

We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. I would straight up asking him! ‍♀️. I see absolutely nothing for a man to gain by getting married? I believe some of them scarred. But use caution, you need to be her safe space. Should I tell him that his wife is having someone over from 10pm-5am during his shifts?

Your sister is in denial.

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