schiit yggdrasil vs chord dave
and has the same expensive DAC chips that are 'better' than chips in Gungnir multibit but it is 'used' with new Analog 1, What do think Yggy GS or brand new Gungnir multibit either will be paired with new Rggy 2(just an amp) and new set of Legacy Audio Studio HD monitors, All I listen to now is HD/HiRes streaming from TIDAL/Qobuz web pages or from ROON/A+3 and my 800 ripped CD's in apple lossless incorporated into all of above, This probably at my age is my last system and satisfies my CFO to KISS so i want to make the correct decision would appreciate yours or others opinion have posted this elsewhere on different forums and have emailed Schiit for their input. My budget is probably more limited, so I can only afford the Chord Mojo, which doesn't seem like a very good desktop (non-portable) solution. got the DAC and the amp in black--glad you are pleased as am. (...) You can't support this claim that about "very, very best available anywhere today". Looks like GS - YGGDRASIL "GARAGE SALE" SEMI-USED EDITION. Simply taking his comments as gospel with little-to-no comprehension about what he's saying and the implications his statements carry (which is the majority approach, it seems - most people are not engineers or mathematicians). Still love my LCD's though.

Less attentive to music?

Chord DAVE and Chord Mojo. Press J to jump to the feed. That should definitely yield a worthwhile improvement. The AT-HA5050H (MSRP 6000 USD?) I know, but It helps to know how inaccurate the item is. I have spent many hours with these multibits, as I have with some of the best (and worst) of Delta-Sigma DACs. I wanted to get a general weight on this subject as Both Schiit Audio and Benchmark benefit from designs based on great engineering and attention to music, and more music, and more music after that. You might also consider the Schiit Ragnarok. While we wait for the Chord Poly to give the exceptional Mojo streaming freedom, the Arcam irDAC II fills the gap very nicely.

), Forum Policies, Rules, and Terms of Service. By You’re also measuring price tags, and that’s not a good way nor a generally accurate way to judge products in any given listening room at someone’s home. you'll also have the option to upgrade to the unison usb boards when they are available. Probably would have to go to headfi or a bigger website. And I think many people would call me crazy. I promise.—Herb Reichert Often there is a region around midscale where the performance can be significantly degraded because of cycling patterns forming either in the delta-sigma modulator or in the DEM system. Will feed a Deckard amp via analogue input, upgrade will be a Schiit Audio Mjolnir or similar paired with Audeze LCD-X.

Well, not really.

@Bobcatva did you get it in black ? I'd get it. I guess if I upgrade my DAC, I'll have to endure my System of Shame until I upgrade the amp and speakers. Having all four of these Schiit multibit DACs is a considerable privilege. I am certainly not a Chord fanboy and I never liked their DACs (including the Hugo) as I found that they tend to sound off in terms of tonality and had a bit of a mechanical sound. Yeah, I’ve posted on Head Fi as well.... just hoping two or three people will be able to help me out! (And no, I do not think he is a shill. the a1 boards are the original boards for the yggy. we've had PLDs since forever. He has also been "removed" from a few audio forums for his lack of ethics. Followers 0. Only if you're one of those who chooses gear based on numbers instead of your ears. The best DAC engineers, such as Andreas Koch, should not have their reputations disparaged. Didn’t care for the Hugo. I do have to look at the equipment racks and want it to look as nice as possible. I wonder the same about all the ESS Sabres (really any "good" Sabre) with custom filters that "soften" the glare. I did read this post before making the decision to purchase. However, I have heard many on multiple forums who also listen to classical music and they feel that R2R DACs present musical instruments more naturally. Listen to all sorts of music, prefer a massive resolution with great detail, stage, and rhythm. Nor would a shill need to engage in thousand word long PM exchanges with me in private. But yes, setting up the Mojo as a desktop DAC is not very convenient. Edincleve, Empire Outlets is New York City’s premier outdoor shopping and dining center. But people who love the sound and are on a budget do it. Ears are all that matter. I received my Yggy GS Monday after not finding a lot written about it.

Whereas for me, I almost exclusively listen to classical music. Our exchanges and discussions in audio started when I found out that both of us became interested in the EC Studio for the same reasons: Romaz and I do share similar music preferences and desires in audio, namely a realistic and lifelike reproduction of live and classical music. The only DACs he feels equal or perhaps best Yggdrasil are Chord Dave and the Linn Klimax system.

The DS version not so much . It's ok to upgrade the digital front end if the amplification, speakers, and perhaps even power conditioning are good to go. Digital: DACs, USB converters, decrapifiers. I care about whether it sounds *good*! This DAC beats both easily:, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HeadphoneAdvice community. Listen to all sorts of music, prefer a massive resolution with great detail, stage, and rhythm. I have a Yggdrasil with analog 2 and had a Chord Hugo before that. Stealth DC-1 Reference-Quality Differential DAC | Emotiva », South East London, England, Great Britain, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. By Edincleve, August 22, 2016 in DAC - Digital to Analog Conversion. I want chills. These need to be heard, preferably in level matched A/B comparison to other DACs, to fully appreciate the advancements achieved by Mike Moffat and team at Schiit. However, one may not want to invest their hard earned money in something that colors the sound beyond acceptable base line measurements. We're talking roughly 100% more (double). Given that these things sound good (really "acceptable") due to the power, filtering, and analog stage voicing it makes you wonder how much better they would be if they just put all the effort around a better performing, and cheaper mass produced DAC chip as it's not like these are the fucking TotalDAC. propose possible limitations/opportunities in the filter, see pitfalls in the output "stage" and so on - which is very much an engineering-level discussion). thanks for you opinion was hoping you would say that! I don't endorse PS Audio, explicitly, but their DirectStream DAC has an MSRP of over $5,000. Maybe I'll give the Gungnir a try. Ideally, you really want to hear both but I understand that's not always practical. The answer is always "WE'RE SPECIAL AND UNIQUE AND FEATURES: 512DSD WITH ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT BOUTIQUE STAFF INFECTION!" Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Doug Walton, Jul 11, 2018. I believe the Chord cutest supposedly sounds like a chord Dave … Discussion in 'Digital: DACs, USB converters, decrapifiers' started by mtoc, Jun 9, 2016. Schiit Stack - Schiit Magni 1 and Modi 2 Headphone Amp and DAC Combo, RCA + USB. The reason why chip manufacturers like to add an aggressive lowpass filter at the input to their DACs is simple: the analog output measures better. Unfortunately, even though I prefer classical, other acoustical music, the Yggy is beyond my budget. Now that Schiit has three multibit DACs that are fairly reasonably priced, (Modi Multibit, Bifrost Multibit, and Gungnir Multibit), I was wondering if anyone has heard/compared any of the above DACs to the Chord Mojo. I have a Yggy and a Chord 2 Qute and like them both a lot . Comparing them to other DACs with printed words is challenging at best.

Compared to the original Yggdrasil, the Analog 2's sound was quieter, more refined, more transparent, more silky, more tactile. I love the Yggy. What kind? The speakers are just the best I have ever owned.

Curious question but think you won't find the answer here on Reddit. Ignore this topic ... Chord DAVE and Chord Mojo. Great dac at a great price. With Acoustic music I favor the Yggy , with the Chord 2qute it might be electronica . According to your apparent view of higher pricing being a strong indicator of higher quality, a Chord Dave DAC at $15,000 should be significantly better (but surely not three times better) than a $5,000 PS Audio DirectStream DAC.


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