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Under each piece was a new buff. Rob is suspicious of Vecepia, stating that she's been distancing herself from them since they came to Rotu. Gina told Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal she wanted Sarah out because of her weakness in challenges and her laziness around camp. Shortly after building suspense, Jeff tallies the jury's votes. 648. Unable to feel the jury's power until joining the jury herself, Tammy does not think that Neleh nor Vecepia deserve to win the money and must decide who played best and deceived her the least. He became the father figure around camp. At the final Tribal Council, Neleh and Vecepia were both lambasted for hiding behind religion while simultaneously lying and backstabbing.

Robert feels vulnerable being the last of John's Rotu alliance. All four teams must race to fill a bamboo shoot with coconut juice with the winners going by helicopter to a mountaintop where they will ride horses to a Marquesan feast. Sarah making a confessional.

Paschal picked the purple rock and was eliminated from the game. Vecepia accepts Kathy's offer and casts the deciding vote against Neleh. The sixteen contestants were divided into two preselected tribes of eight, Rotu and Maraamu. She then relocated to Huntington Beach, Calif., to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication (with an emphasis on photography) from California State University, Fullerton. Neleh and Vecepia thus became the first final two who originally started on two different tribes. Soon after, they have their first showers in almost a month. About four and a half hours into the challenge, Neleh suggests that Kathy fixes her top. Surprisingly, the majority of the tribe came together and voted off Peter. Sean and Vecepia felt that Neleh and Paschal assumed that their allegiance was on account of Sean and Vecepia both being African-American. Last August, Sarah Jones visited Hawaii, completing her ambition to … Log in sign up. Armed with a machete in hand, Kathy stands by the shoreline hoping to catch one of the baby black-tipped sharks swimming in the shallow waters.

Despite Kathy telling him that she refuses to be a pawn to help John and Tammy make it to the final day, Paschal chooses not to align with Sean and Vecepia. On day 10, a random tribe shuffle sent Rob and his allies Sean and Vecepia to Rotu, while Paschal, Neleh, and Kathy joined Maraamu. Back at Maraamu, Patricia’s hard work turned into bossiness, which rubbed some people the wrong way. It was a frantic race, but due to Sean draining a huge coconut early on, he and Paschal come out on top and win the reward. But Kathy's celebration is short-lived after being the fourth one down. Each jury member has different feelings about the events leading to the final day. Feeling even more vulnerable than before, Robert says he doesn't regret anything about his time in the game. I don't see a lot of Sarah Jones fans and that needs to change. In the end, the Neleh and Paschal bloc decided to stay loyal to ex-Rotu member Kathy and Gina is voted out.

However, at this tribal council, Neleh and Kathy were also forced to choose rocks, when according to the rules they should have been immune, which in theory would have eliminated Paschal by default. However, due to Paschal's elimination at the hands of the purple rock, future castaways that took part in the show between the Marquesas and Palau seasons believed that drawing rocks was the tiebreaker for all situations, including the final four. After 8 rounds, every person had eaten their piece, each tribe had to select a member of the other tribe to do the tiebreaker. of our.

The season filmed from November 12, 2001, through December 20, 2001, and premiered on February 28, 2002. Sensing vulnerability, Sean urges Kathy to vote with him hoping that Neleh and Paschal will follow suit. Rotu chose Rob M. and Maraamu chose Neleh to do the tiebreaker. Mariano later participated for three more seasons, the 20th season Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, the 22nd season Survivor: Redemption Island, and the 40th season, Survivor: Winners at War. Rob makes it clear that being continuously lied to aggravates him, while Kathy realizes how badly she needs to win immunity. Zoe's denial upsets Kathy, who walks off uncertain as to who is being loyal. After they reach an agreement not to work against each other, Rob asks, "Are you gay?" When it comes down to two players (John and Kathy), John leans down and touches his platform, giving Kathy a much-needed victory. Among the six loved ones are Neleh's mother Rebecca, Kathy's son Patrick, Robert's sister Diana, Sean's buddy Daryl, Vecepia's husband Leander and Paschal's wife Beverly. Shortly after settling down from all the excitement, things are back to business as usual. Maraamu won by a landslide, giving the tribe, and Gina, their first win.

While Rotu flipped their boat on their dock, Maraamu flipped it in the water and had to bail water out. With Rob and Zoe directing, Maraamu kept circling the final hole and Rotu easily dropped theirs in, winning immunity for the third straight time. The next morning, Kathy continues to feel the pressure of being the swing vote and takes time out by trying to fly the kite that she flew at a previous reward challenge, but is unable to get it airborne. Once the votes are cast, Jeff retrieves the voting urn but does not tally the votes right away saying that they will be tallied after they return to the United States.

Knowing Paschal and Neleh would not vote for each other, Kathy publicly approached Vecepia at Tribal Council about aligning and taking each other to the final Tribal Council. However, the use of the Purple Rock tiebreaker has been one of the most polarizing moments in Survivor history, with critics divided on whether or not it was an unfair solution to a tie, or if it made for entertaining television. Although he tried to influence Kathy's vote one last time, Sean was voted out over Neleh, making him the fifth member of the jury. Robert concludes that the tribe's usual Marquesan diet has affected Sean's system. Select 100 images or less to download. Gathering at the reward challenge, Jeff told everyone to stand on a piece of log. The captain said that Maraamu’s distress signal was much more obvious, and Maraamu won their second challenge and their first immunity. Shortly after waking up to their final morning and preparing breakfast, the final two players notice a pig and two chickens near their camp. Though Paschal chose the purple rock and was eliminated anyway, it is speculated that the fire-making challenge (which would involve only Neleh and Kathy) should have been used in this case and that production was in error by using the rock drawing tiebreaker as there were four contestants remaining. Sarah Elizabeth Jones was a camera assistant for The Vampire Diaries, until her tragic death on, February 20, 2014.1 1 Biography 2 Gallery 3 Trivia 4 External links 5 See also She was a child of Richard and Elizabeth Jones. At the reward challenge, Gabriel and Kathy were chosen as the eyes for their tribe. Kathy then asked Vecepia how she could go on playing the game by adjusting alliances and not feel part of such cunning manner to which Vecepia explains that her strategy was to wait for people to approach her. When Neleh and Vecepia arrive at their final tribal council, they are glad to see Paschal back on his feet and among the rest of the jury.


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