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Will be picking up the 2020 Clarity in few days, I know Honda has an electronic version of rust protection, but I have no idea how it works or how effective it would be? Interest does not accrue during the period of the plan. Valid until September 30, 2020.

That portion of the purchases made with the other form of tender may be eligible to earn eCTM at a different rate.

Delays may occur in recording eCTM to a Triangle Rewards Account. This makes for a perfect storm of rust-forming conditions that you should prepare for. Hints of rust aren’t always obvious. Rust. Next, find out 20+ things you must do to get your car ready for winter. The rate of collection may vary from time to time and by location and by type of tender used for payment so check at your local Canadian Tire gas bar. Although rust is a hideous sight, it only affects the frame of a vehicle – nothing else. If you use a Triangle Rewards Card or Cardless Method, it must be swiped or scanned or your phone number provided, as the case may be, before you make your purchase. Each month during an equal payments plan you are required to pay in full by the due date that month’s equal payments plan instalment. Stock photos may not reflect the vehicle’s exact colour, trim, options or other specifications.

Without repairing exposed steel, weather and other elements can cause the metal to rust. More, Top 10 Services to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring However, the best time to do it is before the car even leaves the dealership. Companies such as Canadian Tire charge as low as $300, while a dealership may charge from $500 to $1000., Used by industry professionals in some of the harshest industrial conditions for 20 years (salt harvesting, mining, aviation, snow removal), Prevents the onset of rust and inhibits the spread on vehicles that already have rust, One-time installation includes annual checkups, Protects the painted panels on the vehicle. Bonus CT Money collected from online orders will be applied to the member’s Triangle Rewards™ account within 5 weeks of the purchase date. More, Go Auto Corporate2nd Floor, 10220 184 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 0B9. See details in store. Financing available is “Equal payments, no interest” for 24 months (unless otherwise stated) and is only available on request, on approved credit and on purchases of $150 (unless otherwise stated) or more (Gift Cards excluded) made with your Triangle credit card at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Mark’s, L’Équipeur, Atmosphere, Sports Rousseau, Hockey Experts, L’Entrepôt du Hockey and participating Sports Experts. Canadian Tire Rust Proofing I'm wondering if anyone has had good or bad experiences with any of London's Canadian tire rust proofing services. Instead of taking the “out of sight, out of mind” approach, give your undercarriage the care it needs. When shopping online at (or other website as designated by Canadian Tire), you must enter your Triangle Rewards Account number at check out to collect eCTM.

Members are also eligible to collect bonus eCTM, or to collect eCTM at a promotional rate offered from time to time on the
purchase of select items, upon the occurrence of certain events or as part of a promotion or offer, but unless otherwise indicated, bonus eCTM or eCTM awarded at a promotional rate is awarded only once for a transaction.

You cannot use a Triangle Rewards Card (or Cardless Method) together with a Program Credit Card.

Electronic modules can be purchased and installed at shops such as Canadian Tire from $300, or can be installed at most dealerships. Writing blog posts, reviews and anything else car related, he explores interesting and engaging automotive topics.

These solutions seep into the hard to reach door seam, joints, and crevices that are hotspots for rust and corrosion. Shipping fees and delivery times vary depending on location, size and weight of the item(s) and is only available within the province of the Canadian Tire retail location (“Store”) from which the item(s) was purchased. Our goal is to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information as possible, but, as with all things you read on the internet, we recommend you digest our content critically and cross-reference with your own sources, especially before making a financial decision.

Used by industry professionals in some of the harshest industrial conditions for 20 years (salt harvesting, mining, aviation, snow removal) | Canadian Tire * Where a photo is identified as a stock photo, the vehicle may not be exactly as shown. At the start of spring and autumn, it’s a good idea to give your car a good cleaning, undercarriage included. You live in Canada, where ice, snow, salt and dramatic climate fluctuations, combined with thousands of kilometres of gravel roads, can chip away your car’s built-in protection in no time. Read Why you should have an Investment Policy Statement, Read 10 things private schools won’t tell you, Read How to turn your property into a vacation rental, Read What you need to know about disability insurance, Read RRSP deadline: A procrastinator’s guide, Calculating how much money you’ll need at retirement. If so, how much did you pay and what type do you use? How to Protect the Bottom of Your Car from Rust. Trust the original RUST STOP™ So wouldn’t it make sense to pay for some extra protection? eCTM cannot be transferred from a Member to any other Member or other person without the consent of Canadian Tire.

These terms and conditions, as amended by Canadian Tire from time to time, constitute the entire agreement between the Member and Canadian Tir e with respect to eCTM.

On occasion, Canadian Tire, our various businesses within the Canadian Tire family of companies and any Partners may communicate special offers, information and services to Members by email, text message (standard text messaging and data rates may apply) or other communication preferences selected by you using the contact information you have provided.

In addition, the cost of repairing the damage done by any corrosion that develops can really add up depending on what component(s) are affected (paint, circuits, floor panels, etc.).

You could choose a dripless oil spray, which forms a hardened wax-type barrier. He suggests rust proofing your vehicle before you leave, and explains that it can be done right at the dealership, for a fee. The Program Credit Card must be linked to a Triangle Rewards Account at the time the purchase is made in order to collect eCTM.

eCTM can also be collected when you purchase fuel (gasoline or diesel) at participating Canadian Tire gas bars and present
a Triangle Rewards Card (or use a Cardless Method described below) and use a qualifying form of tender or if you pay for the purchase with a Program Credit Card. It’s a scare tactic to tell you that rustproofing your new car will void your manufacturer warranty, and Krown’s warranty is comprehensive and will cover repairs up to the value of the vehicle. Canadian Tire reserves the right to terminate a Member’s participation in the Program or to block a Member’s ability to use the Member’s eCTM if Canadian Tire has inaccurate or incomplete information respecting the Member.

Enrolment in the Program constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions and each applicant for membership in the Program consents to the collection and use of personal information in accordance with the Canadian Tire Privacy Charter, as amended from time to time. So which type of rust-proof­ing should you go for?

Share on Facebook Any bonus multiplier is based on the base rate of collecting CT Money. Electronic rust inhibitors vary in price depending on who does the installation. Much of the damage to your car’s existing rust coating is caused by driving on unpaved roadways, like those found in cot­tage country or at national parks and campgrounds across Canada. To collect eCTM you must present a Triangle Rewards Card (or use a Cardless Method described below). Because of that, Edmunds believes that even drivers in temperate areas of Canada would benefit from rust protection. If there is, moisture can get sealed in and damage the vehicle. Modern car frames are galvanized and well-protected, which means that you can still drive your “ugly” vehicle without any major problems. The price at dealerships, however, can be costly, ranging from $500 up to $1000. The process involves spraying a rust proofing product on the surface of the underbody that is designed to protect it from moisture. Any bonus multiplier is based on the base rate of collecting CT Money. For full details or more information, please contact our Happy to Help team at 780-777-7777. eCTM can only be collected at Canadian Tire gas bars on fuel purchases.

You can also collect eCTM on purchases that you make at other merchants that are charged to a Program Credit Card.


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