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Mine was called 'Atlantis', however The Shadows recorded a Jerry Lordan instrumental called ‘Atlantis’ two years before, so I changed the title to 'The Lost City' and it was included on the album ‘The Sound of the Shadows'. My brother told me about a young group he'd seen who were very young but great players.

Bob and I took a day off from school and we put the tracks down in a three hour session. Micky Most, who was probably the UK's best known producer, heard it and recorded the song with Hot Chocolate, and in 1977 the song became number one in 14 countries. We only played the East Coast, ending at Madison Square Gardens. I started lessons aged eight until aged twelve. She sang the song again. It became a famous studio two years later when The Stones recorded their first album there. Ballard was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Melvin Russell Ballard Sr. and his wife, Geraldine Smith.

In 2013 I started working on a new solo record. At this time the 'rock and roll' boom started and it seemed every other boy in the street was buying a guitar, and while I was in hospital my mother promised to buy me a guitar when I came out. Paul was married to Donella, Cliff’s sister. Since 2015 I did a lot tweaks on the tracks, changed lyrics, added songs to the album and my son Christian has done an amazing job on mixing/mastering the tracks. The song I wrote on coming out of the depression was 'God Gave Rock and Roll To You'. I thought, that's a nice title, I'll write a tune for it. I believe it made me look at life differently. Recently, I've written a few songs with my son Christian and his writing partner Andrew Murray. Suddenly Adam walked in with Eve Taylor, our Manager. So Bob and I joined them for six months, which was amusing, they always seemed to be arguing. It was because 'off stage' he preferred to be called by his real name Terry Nelhams. I was born in Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire England. Later, on America's recording of his song, 'You Can Do Magic', he did the same again - except the strings.Â. I said ''good, she's fantastic!!”. Capitol Record in the US loved the song and asked if I'd produce the tracks, which I did at Abbey Road. I was hit in the eye by a stone from a catapult. It was probably too introspective for the 'mainstream', however it got to number two in Italy. I had in my case a harmonica, luckily it was in the key of 'E' which I'd chosen for the tune.

The record charted in America and did particularly well in Germany. Many of the songs I wrote on the record contained 'deeper' lyrics, although a couple were 'dancey'.

For many years I have wanted to write an album about the search for love, looking for an answer to the question, what is real love? We were playing a lot of cabaret dates as Adam Faith and the Roulettes, and we didn't like cabaret very much, it was more showbiz than music, although cabaret was where the money was. Richard, apart from being the owner of the Express Newspapers Group, is also a great drummer, and we were already friends.Â. A year after the album was released, Three Dog Night recorded the song. The problem seemed to be that the album didn't have an obvious single, which would have made it really big. We became very popular in our area and even into London where we played at a club in the East End. I used to be so nervous that I couldn't hold the strings down. Maybe a week in something called Variety, where you would have a comic, a pretty female singer and a juggler, then we'd come on playing at a thousand decibels with the girls all screaming, the older members of the audience must have hated it. The group is called the RD Crusaders and we've played some interesting shows over the years, with great artists including Robert Plant and Lulu.

So we went in to the snooker room where we played a couple of frames with Adam’s dad.

I got the boys to stamp on a the top of an old trestle table that was on the studio floor, the stamping made a crunching sound, not very musical but sonically commercial. We decided to call the group Argent, because it was Rod’s idea to form the band. In many ways it was like 'sleepwalking' for years, then waking up. When we opened the dressing room door we were the only ones there.

It all started to become 'a real record' when I reworked an old song, you all know... 'Voices'. I played the instruments and Dewey Bunnell and Jerry Beckley flew in and sang the songs. I was overjoyed, I knew in my heart this situation would change everything regarding touring. The first song Leo played was 'Moonlighting'. Can't Shake Loose was top twenty in The States in 1983. And we speak about love so much, yet relationships keep breaking down, friends become enemies. It became a number one hit in the UK.

I remember on one occasion a rival group had a really good drummer, his name was Bob Henrit. I remember we flew to Singapore to play two shows. For this question we spent 16 hours on research (Wikipedia, Youtube, we read books in libraries, etc) to review the post. The song has since been recorded by many artists. Listening to it now, the chorus sounds like a cry for help. In the last years I did a couple of concerts I have very good memories of. Russ Ballard's music career started when he was only 14 years old and he wrote a tune, which was recorded by the Shadows, appearing on their album, 'The Sound Of The Shadows' in 1964. She told her producer about us, his name was Norrie Paramor, and he also happened to be Cliff Richard and the Shadow's producer.

I said “this song would suit a banjo”, Roger replied “they've got one at the kicking donkey” (his local pub) so we took the banjo off the pub wall and used it on Leo’s first number one song. Brian and I were to become close friends. She invited each person to help themselves from silver dishes, I'd never experienced anything so posh in my life and I remember it well, even today. I'm sure I got the writing bug from that moment, I still have it. I played the marimbas and everyone agreed it was a good 'colour'. I thought it was very strong and played my demo to Maurice Oberstein, who was MD of CBS Records. I certainly felt I was 'winning'. They stood there and wondered who this skinny girl was. Home/ Russ Ballard Russ Ballard. They asked if I had any songs I would like to submit for the project. Argent gave me a focus for my song writing. Adam finally arrived and after playing snooker with his dad he said “will you be staying for lunch Russ?”. Russ Ballard how much money?

I recall the first tune Leo sang, it was 'The Show Must Go On'. In '76 I wrote a song called 'So You Win Again'. We stayed at the Goodwood Park Hotel.

He has given us some of the greatest rock classics like 'Since You Been Gone' (Rainbow), 'God Gave Rock'n'Roll To You' (Argent and Kiss) , 'So You Win Again' (Hot Chocolate), 'New York Groove' (Hello and Ace Frehley) - just to name a few.

Their manager secured a record deal for them. He said “the song is great but should be done by a black band”. It reflected the optimism I felt at the time, with lines like “love your friend, love your neighbour, love your life and love your labour, it's never too late to change your mind”. It was recorded by The Zombies lead singer, Colin Blunstone, and was a hit and is still played a lot in the UK. She changed her name to Sandy Shaw. Paul had a coffee bar and Roy and I spent many hours playing pinball there. The doctors tried hard to save the sight of my eye through ten operations over three years, this was unsuccessful. From my childhood, i wondered what is this world? It was 'I surrender' which reached number one in the billboard top 10 rock tracks and number three in the UK top ten. We stayed together for another year or so but for one reason or another The Roulettes came to an end. My earliest recollection of hearing music was probably Beethoven, or comical music like 'Spike Jones' and his 'Wacky Wackateers'. I enjoyed working on Leo’s project. He'd been the leader and main songwriter for The Zombies who were friends of ours. Eddie Marsan Net Worth is $900,000 Mini Biography. However the biggest hit was 'Since You Been Gone', which entered the American hot 100 by three separate artists; Rainbow, Head East and Cherie and Merrie Currie. I thought, if the head of my record label doesn't see it for me, what's the point of releasing it myself? Questions like, Why am I here? Roger Daltrey asked if I would like to write and produce his second solo album, I said I would, and I wrote three songs for that record; 'Get Your Love', 'Proud', and 'Near To Surrender'. Chris knew from a young … His stories were fantastic but not interesting enough to stop me falling asleep behind my dark glasses (I was very jet lagged). At the gardens, Roger had a few guest artists. I must admit, I got the recording bug that afternoon and couldn't wait to do it again.


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