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He died in May 1973 at an exclusive clinic for the rich and powerful in the Swiss hills north of the city of Montreux along Lake Geneva. When justice finally stretches out her arms to catch him, he is already gone and in God’s hands, if you still believe in him. Even his superior SD chief Willy Lages stated during the trail of Wery and Van Dijk that “dunkele ehrenmänner” housed Riphagen, in order to diminish his role as a collaborator during the war. “Riphagen” is about a sly and slimy opportunist who, according to the movie, played both sides for his own material gain. During the war, Riphagen continued with trading and expanded his business by working with the Germans as an intermediary agent of the intelligence agency of the SS, the Sicherheitsdienst (or SD), in The Hague. ( Log Out /  It was a cruel tactic that pitted Jewish men and women against their own kind in a desperate attempt to save their own lives and those of their immediate loved ones. All the while he stayed at the home of his handler, for safety reasons it was said. Traveling under an Argentine passport he settled in West-Berlin, Germany, in the late 1950s. In the years 1923 and 1924, he became an ordinary seaman and after his training he chooses to go into cargo shipping. Bernardus Andreas Riphagen (nickname: Dries) was born on 7th September 1909 as the eighth child in an unhappy family. He stayed in contact with Riphagen who sometimes pretended to be a Danish and sometimes a Dutch national. He even visited them in the Spanish neighbourhood of Puerta de Hierro, Madrid. He spent his last years, just like he spent his first: Hustling. From 1943 onwards Riphagen was part of the ‘Column Henneicke’. And that rainy day would one day come, Riphagen began to realize by 1944. By then, Riphagen had become pretty familiar with treason. As an informant, Riphagen pulled the same stunt as Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger did with his FBI handlers. Sanders was an ex-police chief in Enschede with a questionable history, particularly in connection with the transportation of Jewish people to the extermination camps. Yet according to accounts, he was a pimp in the 1930s, nicknamed Al Capone. One thing they all had in common they were reunited with their former Nazi comrades. The movie is based a 2010 book by Bart Middleburg and René ter Steege  (“Riphagen: The Amsterdam Underworld 1940-1945”) as well as accounts by his son, Rob Riphagen. If you love a mystery, or want to do some cybersleuthing or want to be a good citizen and help solve something, or if want some material for future fiction, then you have to watch […], If you haven’t already canceled your Netflix subscription over “Cuties,” then “Grand Army” might give you another reason because this is about high school teens dealing with sex, race and economics in Brooklyn (although it was filmed in Toronto, Canada). The majority of the Jews were sent to Nazi concentration camps and, for the most part, the people, including the Dutch police and civil service collaborated with the Nazis. Growing ever more brazen, he also began committing straight-up robberies knowing full well his targets were in no position to go to authorities. I've written for the Rafu Shimpo, LA Weekly, LA Times, and, more recently, the Pasadena Weekly and Riphagen was not handed over to the authorities but was placed under house-arrest as a "private" prisoner in exchange of information on collaborators and German-friendly networks.

( Log Out /  Dries Riphagen was wanted in connection with the arrests of Jewish people in hiding and the deaths of at least 200 people. Margaretha, su madre, intentaba protegerle de la verdad y le insistía en que pronto se reuniría con ellos. For flights of fantasy, mystery writers will find “A Death in Oslo” intriguing because […], The reboot of “Unsolved Mysteries” doesn’t feature any actor/host and who could compete with The Untouchables (1959–1963) star Robert Stack? Together with the Jewish woman Branca Simons (and her husband the black market dealer W. Huthuys), Maria (Mies) de Regt, she formed a lethal team offering their “services” to SD detective and most active member of Colonne Henneike Piet Schaap in exchange for freedom and profit. Though he knew the slim chances of survival for those who betrayed their own, Riphagen decided it was his only chance if he wanted to survive the oncoming slaughter when Allied Forces drove the Nazis out and the Dutch government was reinstalled. Under pressure she agreed to collaborate and to act as an informant, V-Frau. The French […], AFI FEST kicked off with a world premiere that almost requires an introduction. Veen, Amsterdam, 1997, MIDDELBURG, B. Jan, Kees and Sam Olij were infamous for exposing Jews in hiding. It was like letting a fox loose in the chicken coop. But he was a hustler first and foremost and he realized that if he wanted to continue running his criminal operations, he needed the support of the occupying Nazi forces. He preferred to surround himself with wealthy women, who also maintained him. His fearsome reputation earned him the nickname “Al Capone.” Though it is unknown whether he gave it to himself or got it from others. De Waarheid, 08-12-1947, Verraadster verschuilt zich achter gevluchte Riphagen. It is unsurprising that Riphagen ‘escaped’ from Kerkhoven’s house in February 1946. By the time that the Dutch Department of Justice was informed of his whereabouts in Madrid, he had flown to Argentina with Jan van ’t Hof on 21st March 1948.

April 2010, retrieved, 5 January 2015 (Dutch). Check out the trailer below: Get the latest on organized crime and the Mafia at Gangsters Inc.'s news section. In Spain Riphagen met former Dutch boxer and Waffen SS volunteer Jan Olij. The Dutch underground movement will cover me”.

Although it had declared neutrality when war broke out in September of 1939, the Netherlands was invaded in early May of 1940. ( Log Out /  Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By the end of 1943, Riphagen had collected a small fortune, which he deposited in various accounts in Belgium and Switzerland., 13 February 2006, Riphagen (2016). Recently a work on the Nazi brothers Sassen was published; Nazis to the Core, the Sassen brothers and their anti Bolshevik Crusade in Latin America (Aspekt 2015) investigating their escape to Latin America.

Riphagen's wife, Greetje, later married Frits Kerkhoven.

He became one of the foremost figures of the Amsterdam underworld, known among the pimps on the Rembrandtplein, and developed a taste for jewellery, precious stones and gambling, and dealing in used — sometimes stolen — cars. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Amsterdam underworld knew Dries Riphagen as the Dutch Al Capone, a violent crime boss ready and willing to end your life to make a buck. ( Log Out /  View all posts by Jana J. Monji. Riphagen obtained the necessary document, a one way out ticket, of the Dirección de Migraciones. En aquel tiempo Rob no conocía casi nada sobre su padre. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. With help from several of his most trusted colleagues from the Amsterdam underworld, he was smuggled out of the Netherlands, through Belgium and France into Spain. “Riphagen” is currently streaming on Netflix. Many government officials and the royal family escaped to the UK. Gamer. Riphagen ran clandestine roulette houses, offered “ladies of pleasure” to accommodate high German officials and traded in currency, gold and diamonds on the black market with his old friends from the Rembrandt Square such as Joop Out, ‘Manke’ (Criple) Toon Kuijper, Harry Rond and Gerrit Verbeek. Feminist. Riphagen was employed in the last year of the war by the Hoffmann Group of the SD in Assen, which specialized in the detection of shot-down Allied airmen and weapons that had been dropped to the resistance. [1], The fact that Riphagen was not handed over to the Netherlands was most likely due to his good connections. Learn how your comment data is processed. Or are you interested in war medals and their recipients? No one there claimed to know about his Nazi past. As detailed extensively in the documentary series Hunting Hitler, Spain proved an extremely useful and trustworthy passageway for Nazis on the run, offering safe houses, false passports, various ports (including for submarines), and much more. Rotterdam was bombed on 14 May and the Dutch soon surrendered. The Column Henneicke exploited the knowledge of captured Jews who, threatened with the potential deportation of family members, would reveal the location of other Jewish people in hiding or be forced to infiltrate resistance groups. “Everyone was scared shitless of him,” a former criminal from that era told journalists Bart Middelburg and René ter Stege in 1989 – both men authored the book Riphagen: The Amsterdam Underworld 1940-1945. The movie is based a 2010 book by Bart Middleburg and René ter Steege (“Riphagen: The Amsterdam Underworld 1940-1945”) as well as accounts by his son, Rob Riphagen.

[1] Riphagen played an important role in 1944 in partially rolling-up the underground resistance organisation Identity Cards Centre (Persoonbewijzencentrale), in the course of which the Jewish-German resistance fighter Gerhard Badrian was shot. Via old friends from Amsterdam, Harry Rond and Joop Out, he met Jan Schouw. By then, cancer was eating away at his body. From March 4 to March 31, 1943, the Column, which consisted mainly of professional criminals, handed over 3,190 Jews to the German authorities, who deported them to concentration camps in Eastern Europe.

Report an Issue  |  De Waarheid, 15-04-1947, Medewerkers van Ans van Dijk horen doodstraf eisen. From 1943 he was part of the Henneicke Column, a group of investigators who searched out Jews who had gone underground.


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