river erewash fishing
Boats can be moved, on water, anywhere on the... I’m Giles, and I'm here to help you move your boat from one part of the waterway network to another when you can’t do it for yourself. On Thursday 11th December we stocked 2 stretches of the river Erewash with Grayling donated by the EA to the River Erewash Foundation.We have stocked through Broxtowe Borough Councils stretch to Long Eaton and the foundation is very grateful to Broxtowe Council for accepting our foundation and opening their arms to our con, Earlier this week myself and Trugg (and his faithful hounds) took a walk alongside a potential spawning tributary of, The Nutt brook flows above ground for about 1/4 mile before it disappears underground to reappear besides the derelict wastegrounds around the Stanton ironweeks. First of all, Colin Poole was lucky enough on 2nd January to accidentally catch a 3lb brown trout whilst fishing at Toton on one of the stretches looked after by the Foundation. The fish was caught in the upper reaches in a location between Pye Bridge and Ironville. Monday 18th May - Dee "Skateboard Dave" Egginton – Talk, River Erewash Foundation - Meeting 6th April. 2 1.0 Introduction This report is the output of a site visit undertaken by Tim Jacklin of the Wild Trout Trust on the River Erewash at Toton (Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire), on 4th March 2009. A free day out for all the family. You are using an out of date browser. The plant growth along the margins looks healthy, apart from the Himalayan Balsam, although this will be trimmed on work parties on the project's stretch. Loose feeding hemp will work well or using groundbait will mean you have a good patch of bait on the bottom to fish over. 4th March, 2009 . Alan has been fishing the Erewash for the last 1o years, and reports catching chub to 2lb, perch to 1lb, and small roach and dace. Take a look at Langley Mill . The depth at various different locations has been determined. The river here is a mixture of riffles, pools, and glides. Some of the forums are hidden from non-members. The project was recently visited on the 19th of August by Tim Jacklin and Paul Gaskell of the Wild Trout Trust for advisory visit. The rich mixture of woodland, grassland and swamp makes this a great place to spot wildlife. Call your local ninja because you will need them. Are there many anglers as well as working party members. Committed to restoring the River Erewash to it's historic biodiversity. The launch of the River Erewash Foundation. This is an opportunity for Foundation members to share details of recent catches and tactics amongst other things. Pike, chub and roach were all seen.

Please return any trout caught. LWD (large wood debris) has been removed. Find out if we're working along your route before you set off on a boat trip, It's a great way to get fit and explore our waterways at the same time, Take a look at our common sense guide to sharing the towpath. If you wish to keep precise locations to yourself, we will respect your privacy.

Trugg has already asked for ideas on what we should do on a couple of obstructions in the brook. As of 13th May 2020, Wyver Lane Pond and Erewash Canal will reopen to fishing. Ive had a good season on the local Trent but now am seeking a different kind of challenge and fish with a little more finesse. The River Erewash /ˈɛrɪˌwɒʃ/ is a river in England, a tributary of the River Trent that flows roughly southwards through Derbyshire, close to its eastern border with Nottinghamshire. Our canals and rivers offer spaces on your doorstep to relax and reconnect when we need them the most. The sky was glowing when i left home and after transferring to Ike's car we set off for the Great Northern Basin at Langley Mill.

As it meanders through Toton and Long Eaton the river splits into two sections; the main course veers to the east and the relief channel flows over a low weir in a straight southerly direction. Through traffic via the Cromford and Nottingham Canals had collapsed and the only substantive operations remaining were in iron goods from the Stanton works and coal.

I for one believe that the Nutt Brook would make an excellent trout fishing, albeit a challenging water requiring a stealthy approach. From reservoirs to club-managed canals and river stretches - find your nearest place to fish, Download your free guide today and start exploring the waterway nature near you.

Find walks, activities and more within. The Environment Agency have offered their support to the project following a visit to the River on the 27th February. Something in our Fatty Factor models indicates you may contemplate another day or find another stream. You need to be a registered member of Barbel Fishing World to post on these forums.

It has a firm gravel bottom, and has reasonable plant growth where visible. A variety of invertebrates (trout food) were discovered.

Thanks Steven, I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the group. For such a small river, the Erewash has a surprisingly high literary profile, due almost entirely to D.H. Lawrence, who mentions it several times, and centres a number of works in the Erewash valley.

A great place to visit with friends or family. JavaScript is disabled. The gravel bottom looks sparkling, possible area for spawning trout to make their redds. Please let the Foundation know of any grayling caught, we are trying to monitor the survival and spread of the recent stocking. we have social evenings ,we just had the annual fundraising auction night ,and last week was the trophey night we also have regular fly tying nights (well it is a mixed fishery ,so we have a mix of both coarse and trout anglers) there is a few social events this year to come yet & a couple of fish-ins .i'll look through my e-mails ,i should have a list of activities ,then i'll Pm you the list . I spotted a chub just upstream of the 2nd blockage Mick took a photograph of. So in my area I can hope to find chub and grayling? A number of working parties have taken place. It surfaces definitively to the north of Kirkby Woodhouse and flows roughly westward, under the M1 motorway, and between Pinxton and Selston. Angling ambition: To see the Erewash Canal back to its former glory following recent pollution. The canal is very popular for walking and cycling in green and peaceful surroundings. I am hoping to find the erewash grayling so I can fish for them next winter as I couldnt catch on the Trent over this cold spell. Rob & Ike had bought a new fishing rod each and thought we could have a walk along the canal and try out their rods at the same time. Find your perfect volunteer role today. This is a positive step for the the project. The transportation of coal, quarry stone, bricks and metal goods at high financial return continued until the railways began to seriously erode profitability around the mid 19th Century. Jonnyboy from the Flyfishing forum visited the upper reaches of the Erewash this weekend. This is accepted by Cameron, a leading placename expert and Derbyshire specialist, who interprets the name as "wandering, marshy river".

The ensuing trade realised huge profits despite a mistake by Varley in calculating water levels, for which he was dismissed, that necessitated rebuilding the top lock only a year later. Nevermind heres to the new season. Brewer[1] gives the commonly accepted explanation that it comes from the Old English words irre ("wandering") and wisce ("wet meadow"). Although the river is not navigable at any part, it runs parallel to the Erewash Canal for much of its length (from Langley Mill to the River Trent); north of Langley Mill, it was paralleled by the abandoned Cromford Canal (from the branch to Pinxton). The Erewash Canal was bought by the Grand Union in 1932 and underwent a brief revival in carrying coal. Canal & River Trust is a charity registered with the Charity Commission no.


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