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Moxley defeated Jericho to win the AEW World Championship. There was a moment post-match when it appeared as though Page might take his tag partner out with the Buckshot, suggesting that expected heel turn may still happen sometime down the line. We have seen better from the tag team division, including these two teams in particular, but this accomplished what it set out to, so it earns an above-average grade to start the night's festivities. The match had a low blow and a crimson mask and even a diamond ring to the face. Moments later, he delivered a Buckshot Lariat to Matt for the successful title defense after a half-hour of action. The extraterrestrial competitor dropped Rose to the floor and delivered consecutive tope suicidas to keep the champion reeling. In a bubble, that's OK. Jericho, accompanied by Ortiz and Santana, sported the same jacket from which he pulled the spike that he used to injure his challenger's eye. It was the storytelling, though, that helped elevate this one. Anything could happen here. If Cody fails in any of these tasks, the match is off forever. Hopefully, that point is during the March 25 episode of Dynamite, entitled "Blood and Guts." Dustin Rhodes. A Spanish Fly from the top rope continued The Spanish God's onslaught but failed to put Allin down for the three. Adam Page and Kenny Omega defeated The Young Bucks by pinfall to retain the World Tag Team Championship. The hot tag to Sky sparked the babyfaces' comeback. Rhodes was so hellbent on retribution, on repaying Hager for his broken arm that he opened himself up for an ankle lock, a low blow and the submission that led to his defeat. The early moments of this one were ugly, a tad disjointed and struggled to get over with the audience after the hellacious match that preceded it. Rose fought out of an attempted Big Bang Theory and applied an STF. On a night of dramatic near-falls and stunning athleticism, this was a throwback to the days of Steve Austin overcoming the interference of Mr. McMahon's Corporation in a wild Attitude Era brawl to win the title. It only makes sense that AEW kicked off its second year with the Revolution 2020 event.

In the past year, both Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara have proven themselves as two of AEW's best talents to bet on holding down the fort in the company's future.

He made his challenge to Sammy known and then made his return on the February 19th episode to enact some revenge. The main show is expected to begin at 8 PM ET. From teasing Page's heel turn to twisting the narrative and hinting at a more aggressive, nastier side of the Bucks, this took fans on an emotional roller coaster that paid off months of booking and wrote a new chapter in the title reign of Hangman and Omega. As he climbed the ropes, Pac crotched him out of desperation. The cherry on top was the post-match uneasiness. The younger Buck downed Page and applied a Sharpshooter, but Omega answered with a Kitaro Crusher to break up the submission. She returned to the top rope for a hurricanrana, but Rose countered into the Beast Bomb from the top rope for the win.

Tune into TNT on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m.

He sent Freshly Squeezed face-first into the steel ring post and toyed with him back inside, seemingly unfazed by the challenge his opponent posed. The Best Friends, Pentagon and Rey Fenix brawled to the back while Pac applied The Brutalizer for the submission win. Sensing his brother was losing his cool, Nick stopped him. All the elements were there.

Another attempt at interference by The Inner Circle led to referee Aubrey Edwards banning them from ringside. Page and Matt came to blows in the center of the ring, Hangman getting the upper hand. The Air Raid Crash resulted in a two-count. Likewise, Jon Moxley's entrance of "zero Fs given" showcased his character.

You can follow him on Facebook and elsewhere for more. Heading into this show, all the titles were on the line. It was exactly the type of storytelling you expect from a grizzled veteran like Rhodes, who has made a career of elevating his own performances by drawing emotion from fans. Hager appeared, forcing the break, and Jericho capitalized with the Codebreaker. The live performance notwithstanding, the start of this match was filled with potential.

Darby Allin defeated Sammy Guevara by pinfall.

Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho, looking for the submission win. To match or surpass that would be too tall of an order for anyone, including Nyla Rose and Kris Statlander. A huge crossbody and tornado DDT earned him a dramatic two-count.

The Inner Circle's Sammy Guevara used Darby Allin's own skateboard to damage the enigmatic antihero's throat, setting up the second grudge match of the night. Cody faced MJF in an intensely personal grudge match to round out the top of the lineup. Moxley absorbed a flurry of punches and dared Jericho to bring more.

Page paid homage to missing Elite member Marty Scurll with a crossface chicken wing to Nick, but Matt delivered a 450 splash to break it up. Hangman slowed the pace, targeted Matt's previously injured back and tagged Omega into the bout. An inverted suplex from the top rope downed the arrogant heel. An impassioned onslaught by Allin saw his emotions get the best of him, leading to his crashing and burning early. Jericho tried for the Codebreaker, but Moxley countered.

Elsewhere on the card, friends competed for the right to hold the AEW Tag Team Championships as Kenny Omega and Hangman Page defended against The Young Bucks. Joey Janela vs. Kip Sabian: Kip Sabian got the win over Joey Janela on the February 5th episode of Dynamite, but it definitely seems like that is not the end of the issue between these two. Let's assess the damage and pinpoint some of the standout pros and cons of the night. With Omega unable to execute the maneuver because of a previously injured shoulder, Page delivered it for a near-fall.

February 29, 2020, 11:15 PM | Nicklaus Good. Wardlow helped MJF here and there. Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara: The Inner Circle did a vicious attack on Darby Allin with his own skateboard on the January 29th episode of Dynamite. : This is a tough one because the Dark Order could win that Tag Team Battle Royale to get a title shot or they could face off with SCU in a non-title situation.

The introduction of the Lucha Bros was interesting, but unless they have some sort of connection to Pac, it felt forced and seemed like an excuse to drive Trent and Chuck Taylor from the ringside area and set up the finish. Tonight’s PPV will be main evented by Chris Jericho Vs. Jon Moxley for the AEW … He later converted a Liontamer into a heel lock, as taught to him by UFC great Randy Couture. MJF stalled, killing the early momentum Cody had on his side following the pomp and circumstance of his entrance. AEW Revolution takes place on Saturday, Feb. 29th from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Allin and Guevara will be warring for many, many years in AEW. Hager defeated Rhodes via referee stoppage.

Thankfully, he held his own against PAC and even had The Bastard on the ropes a few times. The event is currently sold out through Ticketmaster, but some tickets may become available on the day before or day of the event once production is fully set-up. Hello AW Universe, It was night of blood, sweat, and title matches at AEW’s second PPV from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Il. Unfortunately, Dustin Rhodes put up such a tough fight that this was pretty much an even affair. The underdog story of the charismatic slacker captivated them, and Pac's willingness to sell for Cassidy made the match that much better. MJF and Cody were set to … A tag to Nick changed the fortunes of the challengers. It took nearly a year to go from Moxley attacking Jericho at Double or Nothing to come around to this point, but it feels right. Britt Baker: It seems like Yuka Sakazaki might want some revenge on Britt for knocking her teeth out. Rhodes answered by dropping Hager over the top rope and into the ring steps. Both men maximized their minutes and told the story they intended to tell, and the resilient, tenacious Allin overcame the early damage to pick up the win. The momentary distraction allowed MJF to recover and seize control of the bout by targeting the left arm of his rival. The referee perpetually ignored all this and looked foolish for not banning everyone from ringside. This was a fine, energetic way to kick off the night's in-arena action. Cody delivered a bootless Disaster Kick, busting MJF open on the arena floor. MJF threw a drink at a fan.

Internationally, you can order through FITE TV everywhere else and you will own it forever in the app. He managed to get the win with only one eye as Chris Jericho stabbed him in the eye with a spike on the January 15th episode of Dynamite. Matt delivered a trio of suplexes to Page on the entrance ramp. A fired-up Cassidy came from out of nowhere with a Superman Punch and followed with the Stundog Millionaire. That just gave Cassidy a major boost in credibility so that the next time he's in a singles match, he won't be underestimated. Then, the robed figure and potential Exalted One reveal was subverted as Daniels stayed true to his word and helped Sky and Kazarian fight off the cult. Moxley revealing that he could see the entire time was a great spot. Le Champion raked the good eye, proceeded to taunt him and then dropped him with a right hand to the face. – Show Timing & Infos. The more he attempted to get away, the more he was drawn closer as he won the AEW Tag Team Championships with Kenny Omega, and Saturday night, defended against The Young Bucks in one of Revolution's most anticipated matches. Moxley remains unbeaten in singles competition in AEW, making the inevitable moment that someone beats him mean that much more.

In all, the match, the moment and the fallout from it were superb. Moments later, Pac set Cassidy up for the Black Arrow, but the nonchalant competitor rolled out of the way and to the floor.


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