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Invite to come. Please fill out our RTA Reopening Survey and mark your calendars for our RTA zoom meeting to plan our “Crisis Action Teams” about returning to school on Tuesday, July 28, 4:00-5:30. Revere High School | 101 SCHOOL ST. | Revere, MA 02151 Phone: 781.286.8220 | Fax: 781-286-8378 781.286.8220 | Fax: 781-286-8378 634004, 330-659-6111 or 330-666-4155 The Revere Educators Leadership Board (C2C) Sub-Committee; Revere Public Schools Exemplary Educator Profile; Revere Community School; COVID-19 EXTERNAL LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES . Coronavirus; 2019/20 District Calendar; 2020/21 District Calendar; 6th Grade Parent Presentation 2019/20; About Us; Alert Service-Update Contact Information 633561, 330-659-6111 or 330-666-4155 Invite to come. Stress levels are understandably extremely high. gina (at) revereteachers dot org, For website problems and suggestions: Revere Public Schools | 101 School St. | Revere, MA 02151 Phone: 1-781-286-8226 | Fax: 1-781-286-8221

ext. 2019/20 Course Selection Guide; 2020-21 RHS Student Handbook; 2020-21 District Calendar; Academic Departments; ADAP; Breaking Barriers: Education about the Heroin Epidemic ext. 633617, 330-523-3218 IMPORTANT COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) 7/27/20 UPDATE: As you may be aware, Governor Baker’s office and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education have released several guidance documents about reopening schools this fall. ext. RTA officers and some members have been attending ongoing meetings with union presidents from all over the state to coordinate reopening plans, obtain health and safety guidance for bargaining proposals and caucus regarding the state level bargaining with DESE.

Mailing Address: PO Box 340Bath, OH 44210Physical Address: 3496 Everett Road. Breaking Barriers: Education about the Heroin Epidemic, Fingerprinting: Applications & Information, Google Resources for Students and Teachers, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and Resources, Microsoft Discount Program for Students and Faculty, Volunteers-Adult Fingerprinting Requirements, Website Alerts-Instructions on how to Register, Title IX Sexual Harassment Training Materials, 330-659-6111 or 330-666-4155 Comments (-1) Revere's Officer Scott Dressler Named Ohio's School Resource Officer of the Year ext. Please try a new search. Eight Revere High School seniors have been named National Merit Semifinalists for 2021. But these are employer committees. Most importantly, the RTA is reserving its rights (and will exercise its rights) to negotiate over all the reopening plans. Copyright © 2002-2020 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. Police Chief James Guido, and Fire Chief Christopher Bright. Live Calendar; 2020 - 2021 - No School Dates; Athletic Calendar; School Committee . If the viewer fails to load, you can access the pdf here: Dr. Kelly’s Update Letters; Learning Opportunities; Calendar . This is important work and we should try to influence the district’s process and plans to the greatest degree possible. Subsidized Telephone and Internet Connectivity ext. webmaster (at) revereteachers dot org,,

Read more HERE. We weren't able to find anything that matched your search criteria. ext. 633184, 330-523-3202 Español  -  Português - عربى, From Mayor Brian Arrigo, Superintendent Dianne Kelly, ext. Read more HERE. 633218, 330-659-6111 or 330-666-4155 ext.

Many of us are participating in the six district committees for reopening schools, developing the plans to be submitted to DESE. Please fill out our RTA Reopening Survey and mark your calendars for our RTA zoom meeting to plan our “Crisis Action Teams” about returning to school on Tuesday, July 28, 4:00-5:30. Español  - Português - عربى, Revere Public Schools  |  101 School St.  |  Revere, MA 02151, Subsidized Telephone and Internet Connectivity, Staff Sargent James J. Hill Elementary School, Contact Us in the Food Service department, Revere Public Schools Exemplary Educator Profile, Family Remote & Hybrid Learning Resources, HIL - School Improvement Meeting/ Reunion para Mejoras Escolares, BEA- Greater Boston Food Bank at the Paul Revere Innovation School, GES - No School in observance of Thanksgiving, GMS - School Resumes - End of Holiday Break, GMS - No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day, GMS - Parent & Teacher Conferences - Early Release, GMS - Early Release - Teacher Professional Development. 634208, Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated).

633501, 330-659-6111 or 330-666-4155 When will it be safe?”  Members will ultimately decide the answers to these questions with our organizing throughout the bargaining process, such as working on RTA committees, drafting bargaining proposals, caucusing during bargaining, and more. 633546, 330-659-6111 or 330-666-4155 Many of us are participating in the six district committees for reopening schools, developing the plans to be submitted to DESE. If the viewer fails to load, you can access the pdf here:, RTA President - Gina Garro

We need to be clear that just because union officers and members are on those committees does not imply union endorsement of the committees’ processes or final plans. Election 2020: Engaging Students in Civic Discourse. Español  - Português - عربى, Parent Resources Letter   How will we know it is safe? The health and safety of children, families, and staff is of the highest priority of the Department of Children and Families as COVID-19 deeply impacts the Commonwealth.


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