research proposal on effects of drug abuse

Ascertain the causes of drug abuse among undergraduate students of Benue State University.

Finally, it will serve as a guide to both parents, students, academicians, institutions, researchers and the government in formulating policies that will help curb the menace of drug abuse and misuse in our society. It will also help and be a valuable source of academic and policy material on the existing body of knowledge on the subject of drug abuse in Nigeria and its academic affect among students as other researchers can as well build and borrow a leaf from it while carrying out similar research. Academic performance: Academic performance is the outcome of education, the extent to which a student, teacher or institution have achieve their educational goal. Exposure to some environments and people is hostile and some prefer to avoid being part of the part that is interviewed. Technological problems are those that arise from the tools and the systems that are used by the researcher. Also, some University students who experience dissatisfaction with life due to anger, frustration, academic failure and boredom, consume alcohol to fit in and serve as a consolation.

When a drug is abused it causes injury to the brain and often irreversible alterations in the central nervous systems.

(2006). Apart from knowing the harmful effects of substance abuse, various studies have pointed out that among the reasons students abuse drugs are: for experimental purpose, curiosity, peer and family influence, lack of parental supervision, personality problems, socioeconomic issues, need for extra energy for work, to build up confidence, frustration, to achieve happiness, to reduce fear, drug availability, need to maintain drug habit in order to avoid withdrawal syndrome, to feel good, to relieve stress, to sleep, to keep awake, to enhance sexual performance, age, unemployment, poverty, and for no reason. Drug abuse has become a threat to the lives and success of the youth. However, this research is limited to Benue State University because of the short time within which this research work is to conducted and lack of financial constrain of the researcher to cover the entire state and Nigeria by extension. The specific questions are: What is the level of drug abuse among BSU students? Accessed November 04, 2020., WowEssays. Lack of personal security is a major issue that was experienced when collecting the information. Retrieved November 04, 2020, from Drug abuse has some educational, social, economic, psychological, cultural, physical and moral health consequences that may lead to low academic performance, poverty, disability, maladjustment or death of the abusers. Cannabis is by far the most commonly used illicit drug among world population followed by tobacco (Essien, 2010). 2nd edition. In the United Kingdom, cross-sectional studies have shown that a substantial number of students used illicit drugs, mainly cannabis, at some time during their lives (Oshodi, Aina & Onajole 2010). This development is a significant concern for Nigerian society. Ask us anything! The secondary sources involve books such as “Drugs, society, and human behavior”, Psychiatric Nursing: Biological and Behavioral Concepts, and Development of a rational scale to assess the harm of drugs of potential misuse. The general research question is what are the effects of drug abuse on the academic performance of undergraduate students? Findings from this study revealed that, majority of the respondents believe the level of drug abuse among students of Benue State University is moderate. Ksir, Oakley Ray; Charles. Schools with reputation of ‘drug use’ may attract students who engage in high-risk behaviors and may discourage prospective students who are looking for an academically vigorous institution.

Adebayo, A. Direct citing (if referenced properly) Thank you so much for your respect to the authors copyright. It is a substance that due to its chemical nature affects the physical, mental and emotional functioning of people. The drug abuse develops to a disease that affects the brain, thus stopping a drug addict is not just an easy task, and it is not a matter of willpower. Methodology problems are the theories and the epistemological issues that alter or collect information that is not required. Cognitive effects relate to the individual’s lack of concentration on academic work and memory loss. Conduct a census or data survey to gather information about the project. What are the effects of drug abuse on the academic performance of undergraduate students of Benue State University? contact us for complete project material at affordable price. Canada: Thompson Delmar Learning, 2008


A reputable researcher, ICT Instructor and a publisher of many research works in Education. Engage the drug addicts, screen them and detect the occurring disorders. There is a significant relationship between drug abuse and academic performance of undergraduate students. (2002). Every individual grow towards becoming functioning members of the society, in the process of growth, gains empowerment through school learning which act as a determinant for academic excellence. The data collection: - direct interview and administration of questionnaires. vi. (2020, January, 08) Research Proposal On Drug Abuse And Addiction. v. Collection of the baseline data on drug and substance abuse. The specific objectives are to: Determine the level of drug abuse among BSU students Examine the drugs that are mostly abuse among undergraduate students of Benue State University. ii.

On the causes of drug abuse among students of Benue State University, study results shows that, majority of the respondents believe peer pressure is the cause of drug abuse among students of Benue State University. The increasing availability of a variety of drugs to an ever widening socio-economic spectrum of consumers is disconcerting. Drug abuse also involves self-administration of drug in a manner that deviates from the approved medical and social patterns within a given culture. January 2020. This habitual use of harmful drugs is a source of various social and health problems related with addiction. However, people should stop thinking that the drug addicts are morally challenged. The pre collection activity: - state about the goals, target data and the vision. Hello!

Accessed 04 November 2020.

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Drug abuse is the use of drugs for purposes other than medical reasons, thus affecting the individual negatively, socially, cognitively and physically. Data gathering for interpretation to information possess a lot of threats.

Research & Training Image Locate the latest information about research priorities and progress, funding opportunities, research initiatives and resources to support basic and clinical research addressing substance use disorders.

The majority of studies about the drug court program have proven that drug court is a successful program in accomplishing its goals. On possible solutions to the menace of drug abuse among Undergraduate Students of Benue State University. There is no significant relationship between drug abuse and academic performance of undergraduate students.

This research work is significant in various ways; First and foremost this research will help in creating awareness on the need to shun acts that are capable of leading to drug abuse among youths and students in Nigeria. As a source for ideas for your own research work (if properly referenced). Beside, some literatures have shown contradictory views regarding the effect of drug abuse and academic performance of undergraduate students as other studies found a negative effect of drug abuse on academic performance while other studies found no effect of drug abuse on academic performance of undergraduate students.

Present findings: - this is done through data analysis and interpretation. We accept sample papers from students via the submission form. Furthermore, the study recommends that there should be proper orientation of students on the dangers associated with drug abuse. Johnson (2012) posits that the abuse of drugs by students is a presumed indicator of academic failure. It comes to a conclusion that drug abuse and addiction is a social problem that results into unwanted effects to the users and people in the community. The specific objectives are to: Determine the level of drug abuse among BSU students Examine the drugs that are mostly abuse among undergraduate students of Benue State University.


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