remington 770 7mm mag specs
I upgraded to another rifle that doesn’t suck so much. SEE THE RIFLE.

It’d have to be around $200-$250 and even then, it’d only for those with more time and patience than a little more money. The rifle’s assembly and disassembly can be a bit tricky. It was introduced as a hunting cartridge, but it has many uses in civilian markets, military, and law-enforcement. The Model 710 took after the Model 788, which was manufactured by Remington from 1967 to 1983, and was chambered in a variety of cartridges.

After I sighted it in it shot 5/8 inch at one hundred yards. I reload all my shells for the 770 and have found out that the gun works great with 150 and 165 gr lead. Neuf. I have a 30/06 right now. Remington says this allows for a smooth and easy camming action. Montage pivotant EAW embases avec colliers de 1" soit (25,4 mm) pour Remington 770 . This magazine-fed hunting rifle delivers results, and it is an injustice to it and to Remington to put it down sight unseen. Adding studs is also recommended. Important: All used/consignment firearms bought online or in-store are purchased by the customer as is, with no warranty. These aren’t meant to be used with a bipod, and from what I’ve seen online, they can and do rip off if you manage to put too much torsional pressure on them. 30-06 Corelokt PSP 165gr par 100, Notice / Manuel / Mode d'emploi de 28 modèles de carabines REMINGTON, Paire d´embases (avant et arriére) pour montage pivotant EAW (voir liste des armes). The standard, factory magazine can hold up to 4 rounds (3 rounds in the magnum version ) plus 1 loaded directly into the chamber. Pay no attention to what anyone else says.

I put it together and ran a bead of JB Metal Weld around the edges. This wide range of calibers means the 770 functions in a variety of hunting situations. buy some spares. Replacing it is not essential but it can help if you plan on using your 770 regularly. Before you purchase this rifle, make sure you know what your intended use is. I don’t see that as such a huge problem, because most hunters would upgrade the scope on a rifle like this after their first year hunting and a crappy scope is expected at this price point. I mean, the mag is meant for four rounds, so why not use four rounds?

It may not be pretty, it may not be the greatest bolt-action rifle, and it may not be equipped with the best scope right out of the box, but it gets the job done, and it serves its purpose. It was easy to actuate and easy to reach. The reasoning behind that statement is that the Remington Model is legendary and highly decorated, while the Model 770 is having trouble staying on the Remington catalog. Bought this rifle because of price. 7mm Rem Magnum . The metal mag body attaches to the plastic floorplate by way of 2 tiny ridges cut into the inside of the floorplate. According to Remington's brochure for the 770, the gun's "ordinance-grade steel barrel is cold-forged and button-rifled . To be clear – yes, it is a budget rifle and is not presented as anything but that. Those who are expecting the Model 770 to behave like an expensive Model 700 are gonna have a bad time. pour vous proposer des contenus et services adaptés à vos centres d’intérêts. Using accessories properly can really help you develop a more personal relationship with your rifle. The cartridge was produced in 1955, by Winchester, and is used primarily in the sporting context. #girlswithguns #hunting #remington770 #deer #girlswhohunt #buck #saucin #deerhunting #flogrown #7mmremmag #huntinglife #TBT #camouflage, A post shared by S a r a (@sara_fl904) on Oct 19, 2017 at 6:02am PDT. All used/consignment sales are final sale. The rifle's detachable magazine loads below the action; it holds up to four standard rounds in each caliber, or three rounds in the case of magnum loads. Shoots with any rifle out there including Rem 700 and Howa 1500 with their sub-MOA guarantee. A hunting rifle needs more than accuracy, however, and this is where the 770 begins to exhibit some issues. Sights: 3-9 X 40 Scope. I bought a 770 used for $250. .243 Winchester: Used mainly for small game, varmints, and some medium sized game. What you need is what you actually intend on using. You can use a 7mm-08 for varmint hunting, long-range shooting, larger game hunting, and many other situations. The metal they chose to use has little springiness to it and takes bends quickly. Models chambered for magnum loads have a 24-inch barrel, rather than the standard 22 inches, and weigh in at 8.625 pounds. Because of this, it is (or was) Remington’s own recommendation that this rifle is used by beginners and leisure shooters.

The Remington Model 770 (Remington 770) is a magazine-fed bolt-action rifle, manufactured by Remington Arms. Stock: Synthetic. Weight: 24947 C$400.00 +-Add to cart. You can buy replacement mags for as low as $10, but you’re getting EVERYTHING that you paid for. I went on the web to look at reviews and came across 770 reviews they are really bad. The Remington 770 comes with a solid-steel receiver, and utilizes three locking lugs to keep the bolt strongly secured to the barrel. I don’t consider myself a gun snob. A friend of mine killed a 6×6 bull at 350 yds with a 165 gr bullet. Barrel Length: 22″. It has been around about a decade, since 2007, and is based primarily on the previous low-budget Model 710. So, the attachment method is pretty poor, and the metal tabs that make for that attachment bend. My rifle’s barrel wasn’t free-floated; I’m not sure if that’s a design flaw or on purpose. In the regular 770, barrel length ranges from 22 inches in in models chambered for standard rounds to 24 inches for magnum-chambered models. The fact that the windage turret fell off in my hands on the first unboxed 770 I got wasn’t terrifically confidence inspiring. The inexpensive nature of the 770 – along with the fact that it is a bolt action – also allows me to use equally cheap ammo if that’s what I happen to have on hand. There is no point in comparing these two, even though one is meant to be an inexpensive version of the other. According to the Remington, all factory-mounted scopes are sighted in at 100 yards before sale. 30-06 Corelokt PSP 14.2gr 220gr par 60, Munitions Remington Cal.

Information; Reviews Previously owned Remington 770 7mm Rem. Tous droits réservés.

The target market for the 770 is not experienced hunters, but rather those who only go on the occasional camping or hunting trip. Move to the F position when ready to fire. Let me just be blunt: the Savage Axis is the same price and is not so sucky. I didn’t actually experience these but am only stating what I have been told and have read. One of the most widely-used and better-known cartridges in the entire world. The Remington 770 comes chambered in seven different calibers. I’m going to completely buck the trend that I use with most of my reviews.


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