rebecca nurse descendants

In 2007, over a hundred of Rebecca's descendants visited the family homestead in Danvers.

Tradition says that at midnight Francis Nurse, his sons and sons-in-law found Rebecca's body in the common grave where it had been flung and carried it home for a proper burial in an unmarked grave. (William Towne was either the son of John Towne and Elizabeth Clarke or Richard Towne and Ann Denton. Her ordeal is often credited as the impetus for a shift in public opinion about the validity of the witch trials. They were considered unfit for a Christian burialin a churchyard. “Remembering is a painful process.”, “The legacy of what transpired here crosses into the imaginations and consciousness of our community, our Commonwealth, and even our country,” said Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll. ... Samuel Nourse, Michael Nourse, Mary Nurse, Francis Nourse, Elizabeth Russell (born Nurse), Benjamin Nurse, Miss Nourse, Sarah Nourse, Re... William B Towne, Joanna (Jone) Towne (born Blessing). The PBS film "Three Sovereigns For Sarah" features Vanessa Redgrave as Sarah Cloyce and depicts her sister Nurse and her family members as main characters. To prevent confusion in our computerized date system, which inflexibly maintains a change of year at January 1, the second year is used, e.g., for this case, 1621.). There was a public outcry over the accusations made against her, as she was considered to be of very pious character. It was later written that she had "acquired a reputation for exemplary piety that was virtually unchallenged in the community," making her one of the first "unlikely" witches to be accused. Having a family connection to the witch trials is not unusual. The farm that Rebecca and Francis Nurse leased from Reverend James Allen was the focus of a long and complicated boundary dispute between Allen, the Nurses, and the abutting Endicott and Putnam families. However, Rebecca's family came along later and disinterred her body, so that she could be buried at the family homestead.

Today with the focus on tourism, there is much more interest in being a descendant.”. Her husband was also an outspoken leader of a committee that believed the Reverend Parris should be removed as minister. Thomas Satterwhite Noble painted "The Salem Martyr" in 1869. He admits to being influenced by his connection to Rebecca Nurse. She was the daughter of Joanna (Blessing) and William Towne. Sometimes we are assisting someone looking for a connection to a different event and they get surprised to find their ancestors were connected to the witch trials.”. He was Salem's constable in 1672. Frances and Rebecca had four sons and four daughters together. Today, the Rebecca Nurse Homestead is the only site where the public can visit the home of one of Salem's executed victims. She was sentenced to hang on July 19. Rebecca Nurse was born in Yarmouth, England, and baptized there on February 21, 1621. Some two dozen community members, including relatives of the afflicted girls, wrote. Several years after her execution, it was agreed that she had been innocent of being a witch. Nurse frequently attended church and her family was well respected in Salem Village. “I read the script and I see modern relevance in the play to the issues on our minds today.”. The world redeemed from Superstition's sway Is breathing freer for thy sake today.". They settled in Salem Village in 1640. The family attended church regularly, and Rebecca and her husband were well-respected in the community.


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