radnor high school mascot
Board President Susan Stern reminded the board at the meeting's end that the board was not obliged to take any action at that time, that the meeting's designated purpose was to allow for public comment on the matter. Eckstein admitted he had thought perhaps the district could dispose of Native American imagery but keep the Raiders name. Board member Sarah Dunn summarized the public comments received by email and in the live meeting, saying opinions fell into three categories: Remove the Radnor Raiders mascot and the name, remove the Native American mascot but keep the Raiders name, or retain both the name and the mascot. "Specifically, rather than honoring Native peoples, these caricatures and stereotypes are harmful, perpetuate negative stereotypes of America's first peoples, and contribute to a disregard for the personhood of Native peoples." The Radnor High School juniors and seniors were welcomed into the NHS Radnor Chapter by this year's officers during a virtual ceremony that premiered on the RTSD YouTube channel on October 26. The decision is in line with a core vision of the district to encourage students to enhance their communities – both within and outside the school – through ongoing choice and action. A video statement on mascots titled "Proud To Be," from the National Congress of American Indians can be viewed here. Many supporters of the Raider united to protest the campaign, citing their admiration of Native American culture and its right to be appropriated by white communities.

The views expressed in this post are the author's own. While a person wearing a mascot costume has rarely been present at athletic events in recent years, the decision is an official goodbye to the character. Establishing precedent, the Navajo Nation recently changed their mascot from the Navajo Hillbillies, which they decided portrays white people as "uneducated bigots.

As of … "In fact," he remarked, "I can't think of a better metaphor for the history of the Native Americans following the arrival of European colonists. Marley Duchovnay, a 2015 graduate, also said she was very proud of "many things" about her high school education at Radnor, but said, "I'm quite ashamed of this.". He said the company had determined that "the Aunt Jemima name and the imagery were fused" and that is was impossible to use one without the other. Other students agreed that these offensive inscriptions "never failed to hype up the class for a game of handball. Radnor High School Logo, Color and Motto Guidelines & Application Form. An RHS football alum added that he knew Radnor was making the Native Americans proud every time Radnor "lost a game, got back out there, and then lost the following game." ", Similarly, several football players recently expressed their objections to eliminating the logo that has long graced their uniforms. RADNOR TOWNSHIP, PA — Two feathers dangle on a circle that encloses a capital letter R for Radnor Raider, imagery that evokes what many said are damaging and denigrating to Native Americans. 90% of former Radnor students go on to graduate from four-year colleges and universities. Their efforts, however, did not go unnoticed: "We have to remember that for many white people, the Raider is the last remaining symbol that affirms Caucausians' ability to subjugate and neglect other cultures," Township leaders lamented. ", A couple thousand miles west of Radnor, the Cherokee Nation is engaged in a similar struggle to remove Uncle Sam from the position of the tribe's official mascot. This post was contributed by a community member. Radnor High School students, with the support of district teachers and administrators, shared their decision to officially retire the school's physical, costumed mascot with members of the School Board's Policy Committee at its June 18 meeting. Addis argued for keeping the name and the school logo with its … Joe Mass... with Denise Moser. Metoxen retired about this time and died in 1989. Eckstein urged the board to abandon the Raiders name and logo. Radnor High School students, with the support of district teachers and administrators, shared their decision to officially retire the school's physical, costumed mascot with members of the School Board's Policy Committee at its June 18 meeting. Register for a user account.

Americans Head To Polls Amid 'Most Deadly Phase' Of Virus, WEBINAR: The Impact of the US Presidential Election, Learn How To Get A $200 AT&T Visa® Card When You Sign Up For TV, CONCERT: Wayne Oratorio Society Orchestra in Concert, Concert - Edge Hill Rounders feat. Hoskin reasoned that it's unfair to subconsciously characterize all white people as barbaric imperialists. The National Congress of American Indians states, "The intolerance and harm promoted by these 'Indian' sports mascots, logos, or symbols, have very real consequences for Native people.". "We have communicated with those who want to eliminate the Raider," a pro-Raider student activist wrote, "and we have decided to speak on behalf of all Native Americans in future mascot negotiations. Since 1897, Radnor High School (RHS) has been home to many different groups, clubs, programs and athletic teams comprised of and facilitated by students, staff members, parents and community members. Want to post on Patch?

Student body. He explained, though, that he changed his mind recently when the Aunt Jemima brand was retired by Quaker Oats. Several comments pointed to the association with a beloved retiree, Emerson "Chief" Metoxen, of the Oneida Nation, who attended the Carlisle Indian School and earned a master's degree from Harvard. District Communications Director Michael Petitti explained that the Raiders name was established without reference to Native Americans, but it was in the 1960's that the school's archives begins to show this association. I commit to playing each game with the perseverance of the Native American's walking the Trail of Tears," one Radnor football player commented.

Radnor High Alumni Hall of Famer Mayavan Rossum asked the board to retire the image and the name, which she said teaches denigrating treatment of others, as well as bigotry. "We can't just throw away part of our history, part of our community," one student exclaimed, "this is the height of white fragility, that the school can get rid of this locker simply because some colorful commentary is written on it or whatever." He said research shows these logos have "serious psychological and social consequences" and negative effects both on Native American people, and on Radnor students. At the same time, the school and students recognize and appreciate the tradition the mascot may represent to alumni. The nickname "Radnor Raiders" and logos such as the "R" in a circle with feathers and the signage at Prevost Field will remain. Radnor High School graduate Kyle Addis evoked this connection, saying the mascot was used in Metoxen's honor.

In March of 2020, there was significant backlash when the school maintenance staff removed a locker engraved with racial slurs that was said to date back to the 1970s. Copyright © 2002-2020 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved.

She told the board that she has received vulgar messages for her published opinions.

Joe Mass... with Denise Moser. "And so it is, I believe, with our use of the Raiders.". The Radnor High School mascot, the Red Raider, has 'graduated' and will no longer attend football games and other sporting events. Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment (file storage), Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Videos and Podcasts, RHS Retires Costumed Mascot, Nickname & Logos Stay, Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). The views expressed here are the author's own.

Find more at www.radnorite.com/category/the... or follow us on social media @radish_news. The Radnor Raiders'costumed mascot of an Native American in feather headdress was retired in 2013, but the question of the Raiders name and associated imagery remained the question for public comment last week.


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