r6 rear shock adjustment
The picture below is taken from the right side where it is easiest to adjust. I doubt that I'd do it if my bike spent most of it's time running around the city. This is the lower bit of the shock, installed on the GS, with the original holes trimmed off. Has rebound and compression adjustability), YSS GS500 shock (Aftermarket replacement for the stock shock and adds ability to adjust rebound). Turn the shock adjuster plates inward -- clockwise -- away from the jam nut to lower the spring pre-load and smooth out the ride for lighter loads. Here's what I did for my swap on a 2006 F bike. The Katana shock will raise the tail end of the GS up about 1/2"-3/4" due to the longer length of the shock and the stiffer spring rate not allowing as much sag. Bravo is right Loki, it helps with turn-in. The R6 shock has a beefier spring than the stock GS500 shock. A forum community dedicated to Yamaha YZF R6 motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. Make sure you turn the shock adjuster plates an equal number of turns for each shock. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, Shock absorber adjustment spanner wrench, part No.

I have .925 in the front, and a 525lb in the rear About 10" long.

Some members have not had to grind anything. There are slight variations to the design of the R6 shocks that will work but they both will install just fine. Has anyone out there shimmed up their rear shock. https://www.yss-webstore.com/Suzuki-GS500E-suspension-MZ366-TR. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. Make a reference mark with a dab of paint on the shock adjuster plate of both rear shock absorbers. (So I don't mess up hmmmnz entry below). Where "regular" shocks cushion the ride by resisting compression, the shocks on your Softail cushion the ride by resisting extension. --Check the bottom end of the shock to make sure it has a clevis style bottom mount... meaning, it has the same u-shaped mount on the bottom that the stock GS shock has. What do you guys suggest? :cheers AL

The rear suspension can be improved in two ways, by tightening the preload on the rear shock or by replacing the rear shock. I didn't have a 'simply' removal ... Maybe because I forgot to drop the stock preload back to #1, is it longer or shorter at all? JavaScript is disabled. you'll also need the sv650 shock (you have to use the yellow type not the later model white coloured shock), Photo Comparing the Stock GS500 Shock with the SV650 Shock. Ohlins 30mm kits *How far back or how for forward on my Rear wheel. Ohlins YA505 46PRXLB Shock Absorber for cafe or custom - Retail $1475, 1 product ratings - 2007 06 07 Yamaha YZFR6R YZFR6 R6R OEM Rear Shock Suspension Linkage Spring Set. You will need only the tool kit that came with your bike. Failure to adjust both shock absorbers to the same pre-load could adversely affect the handling of the motorcycle. First style: Forum member ShowBizWolf had a 2010 R6 shock with a black spring on her '98 GS. why would u want to do this to anything besides a 1/4 mile bike. Always turn the adjuster plates at least one full revolution. This is because the lower mounting holes on the R6 shock are larger than the GS's mounting holes and therefore, the GS lower mounting bolt is too thin. 'propping up' device, wooden dowels?

Loosen, but do not remove, the jam nut on each shock absorber in a counter clockwise direction with an open-end wrench. To install the shock properly, you're going to need the lower spacer/sleeve, bolt, and nut from the R6. As you reach each further preload setting the collar will click into place. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Additional details and information about the R6 shock and the extras you need can be found here: If you can find a good shock with a linkage, those parts will be included, otherwise you can order them from a Yamaha dealer or OEM parts website. I guess this would apply mostly to the racers out there, although some guys may have done it to their street bikes.

Tell us about your vehicle to find the right parts faster, 1 product ratings - 950 06-07 YAMAHA YZF R6 REAR BACK SHOCK ABSORBER SUSPENSION CUSHION, 2 product ratings - 2003-2009 YAMAHA YZF R6S OEM REAR SHOCK ABSORBER SUSPENSION, 1 product ratings - 06 07 YAMAHA YZF R6 R6R REAR BACK SHOCK ABSORBER SUSPENSION 2C0-22210-10-00 LINK, 2 product ratings - Yamaha Yzf R6 R6s Rear Back Shock Absorber 5sl-22210-10-00. you'll need a few basic tools,

Remove the plastic plug on left side of frame that leads to top bolt of shock. Repeat for lower bolt. That's fine, but I'm more interested in high/low speed compression and rebound settings.

17mm socket and crescent wrench to remove the front bolt on the linkage mount on frame of bike. to do this mod. Something went wrong. Any other info will be much appreciated. The bit I used which was the same size as the existing holes is 13/32". See the SV650 entry for more details on installing a new shock. : LOKI it helps to turn faster, which is an advantage on the road and track. --The shock needs to have the horizontally mounted reservoir; a vertically mounted one will not fit. One thing that confuses me is how much I should raise the rear to compensate for the 120/70 front tyre as an alternative to raising the forks through the triple. (the back wheel will come down when either bolt is removed). Has anyone out there shimmed up their rear shock. If you have dropped the front to adjust for a 70-seies tire AND you have the rear raised, you have a greater chance of low-siding due to the lack of trail. He reported to have had to grind the shock's lower clevis as well as the GS's linkage to install it. I guess this would apply mostly to the racers out there, although some guys may have done it to their street bikes. How to Adjust the Rear Shock on a Harley Softail by Thomas West . In any case .. Right now its set at the minimum ride height, which is approximately 5mm longer than the stock unit.

Tools: Socket wrench with 17mm, 14mm, 12mm, 10mm sockets plus a 5" extender. The bike will then lean over farther when placed on the kick/side stand.

Look at the gap. http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=52334.0, And here: http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=66899.0, Aaaaaand here: http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=58640.0, GS500 R6 Rear Shock Conversion YouTube video: If you wish to decrease the preload you will have to advance the collar all the way around until it comes back to the lowest setting (1).

I've just installed the WP 4618 rear shock without any troubles, but am now having issues on finding a proper setup. Additional threads about the SV650 shock swap: http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=57309.0, http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=44219.0, http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=14393.0, http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=7642.0, http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=9828.0, http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=43309.0, For more information and pics regarding this shock swap, click here: http://pantablo500.tripod.com/id39.html. Now this point is why I loosened the airbox, the top point would come free of the mount, the clevis was sticking on the lower mount for sideways movement. Here is the finished total length of the shock: After drilling the new holes, I test-fitted the shock on my bike. Turn the shock adjuster plates outward -- counterclockwise -- towards the jam nut to raise spring pre-load for heavier loads.

Tightening the preload on the rear shock is a fairly quick and easy procedure. Keep in mind that I don't ride on the street at all. Axle blocks position? As Thrak has mentioned, I am worried about riding with too steep a head angle with the rear jacked up a bit. I've just installed the WP 4618 rear shock without any troubles, but am now having issues on finding a proper setup. It bolted right in, however, I thought it would look nicer if I trimmed the extra length and original holes off of the bottom mount. I know I should go by how the bike feels but I want to get a decent calculated numbers to begin with. As both of you have said, I'll start at mid settings and go from there.

"R6S" shocks will NOT. Come join the discussion about performance, troubleshooting, maintenance, modifications, classifieds, and more! 2006 and newer R6 shocks are known to work. step 1. put your bike on its center stand, step 2. remove your old gs shock, by unbolting the top and bottom bolts. (added by jamez667). Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Final note. In addition to preload adjustment, it also allows you to adjust rebound damping, fast compression damping and slow compression damping. you will have to lift the back wheel/swingarm up to get the top bolt to match up. Page last modified on May 28, 2019, at 04:08 AM, http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=67156.0, http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=52334.0, http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=66899.0, http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=58640.0, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_0gnFaONfY. *Shock length (Penske) eye to eye using a 190/60 (with or without the spacer) *Fork height? Oddly enough though, when I measured the shock it was 5mm longer, but doesn't feel any taller than the stock when I actually ride the thing. She did not have to grind away the swing arm for fitment of the shock. I know that the GSXR 600 likes to run stiff springs (worked for me), not sure if any similar info is also known on the R6. Not only does it provide a stiffer spring, but also allows rebound damping in addition to spring preload. now we have a nice yellow shock mounted to the gs giving us far better handling and a couple of extra inches of height at the rear. Thanks. I ate mine" - Ralph Wigam. 2 product ratings - Yamaha 2003-2004 2006-2009 R6S R6 OEM Rear Suspension Shock Absorber - Good! I am assuming here that a 5mm increase in rear height must 'equal' to a front end lowering of XX mm. step 3. lift the gs shock up and out of the side of the frame. 5mm may not seem like much but the R6 seems to respond even to minute height changes. I suppose I could ride like a madman on the streets or wait until a trackday but I would prefer to attempt some decent base settings beforehand. It should also be noted that if the shock is sitting against the swing-arm, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to grind anything away. Katana 600 shock (Raises the bike and has rebound damping adjustability), SV650 shock (Raises the bike and requires modifying the shock to install it), R6 shock (Does not raise the bike and has the most adjustability), GSXR750 shock (Raises the bike and requires modifying the shock and linkage to install. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_0gnFaONfY. Raise the jack until the rear wheel of the motorcycle has cleared the ground. Not a LOT of space between the spring and swing-arm but enough. 2006 and newer R6 shocks are known to work.

One of the most popular upgrades for the rear of the GS is the Katana 600 shock swap. The R6 shock has a beefier spring than the stock GS500 shock.

Screwdriver flatblade. It's quite easy to do. But my process kind of cuts in at step 3 in the sv650 removal below.


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