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AirDroid is hands down the best PushBullet alternative. Snapcopy Universal copy paste app, pretty simple. Maybe I should sign up after all..."). Needs a desktop app installed. Help! Again, I have no actual experience with this sort of stuff. If this also had push to and from it would be perfect!!

Can also mirror notifications from other apps. 500 message limit. The content of notifications or information about you is NOT stored in any way. But it should be fixed now, thanks for mentioning this. OP, Desktop Notifications (by University of Stuttgart, Germany's Human Computer Interaction group) works really well. Since the devs have abandoned pushbullet on iOS and pulled it off the store, what's the best alternative? The free version is PB as it was, and then whatever features they come up with will be added to the paid tier from then on.

It's done this with two people I message regularly all of a sudden. Has a chrome extension. Make it totally free again. Now Push: Cross device notifications, file sharing and link sharing across all your devices. It is assured that there will be no attempt to misuse the data or identify any user. Also My Phone Explorer. If you are running Windows 10, you already … It was a typo in the website url in our Mailchimp account. ("Wow, they still care about their free users! No sms reply yet, but in the works. Pushline Is basically a knock off/copy pushbullet and it is free (for now?).

Does this have send to a device or notifications? Lets you send sms from the iChat app on macs. I have signed out of the web version and my installed desktop application multiple times and nothing in the settings suggest a solution. AT&T Messages AT&T ONLY, I believe this works the same as the Verizon app above, I have not used it though. Pushbullet is not available for iPhone but there are plenty of alternatives with similar functionality. It was pretty obvious it wouldn't remain free without ads forever. But putting old free things behind a paywall is suicide. Look at the comparison table. MightyText Mainly it is a remote texting client with a tablet app as well. Send Anywhere Generates a key that unlocks download of whatever file you sent, or you can create an account to skip the key stuff. They have to run infrastructure that communicates with hundreds of thousands of devices instantaneously and stores terabytes and terabytes worth of data, sending petabytes worth of data each month. Pushjet Open source client to push notifications/links to your phone. Telegram Messaging application that allows file transfers up to 1.5gb.

AirDroid is a useful app that will enable you to manage your Android device from the PC of … Software Data Cable Works the same as above.

Unlimited, but randomly ads a mysms signature to texts.

Just install it and set it up once, after that you can uninstall it and it still works remotely. Also mirrors your notifications among other things.

Or just branch it off from there. Verizon Message VERIZON ONLY, a much better remote texting alternative. Maybe trickle some new features into the free version where appropriate, which then generates another cycle of positive PR. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Telegram Messaging application that allows file transfers up to 1.5gb. Is it surprising that Pushbullet is trying to find a business model ?

But I don't think anything that I've suggested is too far off from what I have seen other services do, and they seem to get by just fine both monetarily and from a user reception standpoint. No sms reply. Desktop Notifications Simple notification mirroring with Chrome and Firefox extension. Probably the most robust alternative, but may be a bit overwhelming and cumbersome for some. ClipSync is one I have not personally tried before, but reviews aren't bad. This price increase will cost them more than just money,prestige. It's an iOS feature (read: no jailbreak required), commonly used for sideloading iOS applications and can be done from Safari. Recently, PushBullet began duplicating every message I send for each text chain (see image). Clipper Plus Clipboard that syncs across devices and can be accessed from any browser. I used to send links from my phone to Chrome, and vice versa. Infinit is an alternative for pushing files between devices. But they apparently do use some of the data for research. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. pushing files and links is still part of their free offering. Not the link we thought it was and wasn’t the one we changed the last time this was reported. Agreed. Pushover Pushover has direct integration with dozens of apps and websites as well as a built-in Tasker plugin for IFTTT to send notifications to your phone similar to what pushbullet does. I sync files and photos with OneDrive. It's so unfortunate they stopped supporting iOS. Vysor Similar to Sidesync above, it can mirror your phone screen on your computer. We are offering Free Lifetime PRO Now Push accounts when you sign up for our beta here: http://share.workanywhere.io/mz7pDv, We also have a new sub r/nowpush and we were recently on Product Hunt producthunt.com/posts/now-push, "This site can’t provide a secure connection. Can mirror your display on your computer and use it as a 2nd/3rd screen allowing use of your keyboard and mouse on your phone. Now Push: Cross device notifications, file sharing and link sharing across all your devices. After a quick glance, I didn't see how to do it.

With the recent news of Pushbullet's pricing model, many are looking for alternatives, here are some I have used as well as others recommended by the community. I wish there was a way to view your send history.

If anyone knows some more let me know and I will add it to the list. Haven’t tried it but looks more like a Pocket alternative.

Until a couple months down the road they'll make a blog saying "hey guys, cool if we make a premium app with new features for like $5? It offers notification mirroring similar to Pushbullet via its Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Alt-C Lightweight syncing clipboard app. Microsoft will be providing an app for this. What would be your plan to keep Pushbullet free forever ? Generic discussion about phones/tablets is allowed, but technical-support, upgrade related questions, app recommendations and carrier-related issues should be asked in their respective subreddits! Fastcast A little different than all the rest, with this app you can send links or photos to a website link that can be opened on any browser. Share Link Does something similar to above, with phone-phone or phone-PC functionality. Requires installed software, no web app or chrome extension available. You can use send to pc or send to phone directly from the apps (or even just the continue on pc app), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Or be similar to Pocket? There's a few third-party app stores (such as Ignition.fun, TweakBox, AppValley) that implement this procedure to sideload their "App Store" onto the device, but you could just load the Pushbullet app itself the same way.


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