pros and cons of high track dozer

The machine’s entire weight, whether loaded or unloaded, has to be continuously transferred to the ground. Tracked machines certainly have a wide application and are immensely popular with operators who know where tracks are best suited. Each situation is a bit different but all take into account what traction is needed, how stable the ground is, the mobility requirements and what level of propulsion protection is needed. The unit even has a 58.1-gal fuel capacity, which is 80 percent larger than the standard model, sized to provide a run time of up to 12 hours. It’s all about traction and protection for the particular ground and site they’re operating on. Grant provides $25,000 in free equipment use/rental to a winning community to repair and/or build local infrastructure or other critical systems. FAE then offers its PrimeTech range of multipurpose “tracked carriers” — specialized vegetation management vehicles designed to work on rough terrain in extreme conditions. Track tractors are more maneuverable than tire tractors. Learn how your comment data is processed.

“It’s the first time I’d run a machine with that capability, and it seemed to work. “The hydrostatic drive systems have improved throughout the years,” notes Meeker. Friday Flashback: Top 5 Construction Equipment Articles From the Archives. Damage to the lawn and hardscapes will be minimal. What’s the difference?

“The inherent versatility of the D3K2, being able to use the machine as a dozer, is very beneficial,” says Joel Fritts, product specialist with Caterpillar. Like FAE, Ohio-based Fecon also offers both dedicated vegetation management units, which it calls land clearing tractors, and its Bull Hog Series of mulching attachments for track loaders.

“Just as track slip is beginning to occur, the system actively manages the blade to reduce track slip, all while maximizing the load on the blade for the most productivity.”. Just doing brush, you’re not going to see more production out of the FTX150 — except that the 150 will stay cooler longer and operate for longer periods,” he says. Cons - wider tracks take up more space, so in terms of space requirements, such as maneuvering in tight spaces, narrower tracks are better. The softer and slipperier the ground, the more traction advantage you’ll have with tracked equipment. The resilient undercarriage with elevated sprocket conformed to the ground better than solid tracks. (The 2050M has 15 speed increments selected via buttons in the left joystick. Join our newsletter for the latest heavy equipment news, tips, auction alerts and special offers. “I’d been running in speed 13, but shifted down to 11 in the heavy going,” said Evans. The massive ground contact given by tracks creates significant friction that stabilizes machinery when forces of gravity pull them sideways and downward. That certainly helps the operator cater to not only their needs for productive operation, but also the needs of the particular job they are on at the time.The ability to customize the dozer can result in productivity gains. They are there to help make you more efficient.”, There’s an amazing amount of technology on these machines and learning how to apply it to your work will not only increase your productivity, but also your skills and value to your company.Caterpillar agrees on the role of electronic advancements. This study rated tracks and tires side by side. The goal is to push the maximum load possible. In addition, the company has chosen to bring the 2050M’s 214-net horsepower Case (Fiat Power Train) engine into Tier 4-Interim compliance using only an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system. Perfect for clearing small trees, underbrush and a variety of unwanted vegetation across a wide range of environments, the powerful, mid-size Rayco C275 Forestry Mulcher delivers 275 hp in a compact, low-ground-pressure package. “The business would dictate the need for a compact track loader with an attachment vs. a dedicated unit,” says Lee Smith, FAE product manager. Select the excavator size based on the estimated amount of material to be moved. If measured by the ton/yard of material moved, then the undercarriage cost is actually lowered.

“In Liebherr dozers, operators have the ability to adjust the responsiveness in the blade control, as well as adjust speed control for the particular speed range settings,” says Rogers.

Earthmoving Equipment Market to Reach $91 Billion by 2026. FAE’s smallest PrimeTech unit is the PT-175. If the materials being hauled are compatible with an ejector body, you may realize efficiency gains. Compact equipment expert JCB offers a wide range of compact track loaders, including the 325T Forestmaster, which boasts a 74-hp engine maxing out at 2,400 rpm. Again, it comes down to your own unique needs, which depend on different circumstances. Although Evans and Ackert gave the 2050M high marks for power, controllability, stability, and useful operator features, they agreed that the new dozer came up a bit short on visibility—at least configured as was the Wilmington tractor, with an … The elevated sprocket design was also better able to absorb ground shocks for longer life and greater operator comfort. Even simple technology solutions can yield impressive results. You want to create minimal collateral damage and there’s limited room for maneuvering. A person afterwards said to me, ‘Wherever you go, you will see the results of your work,’” recalled Alexander. “These technologies also make seasoned operators more efficient, allowing them to focus less on precision grading and more on safe operation on the jobsite.”, There are many ways to measure productivity. “My advice to novice operators comes from my experience running dozers and other machines. Experienced equipment operators know track limitations. “The most efficient operators I’ve seen are the ones that treat the machine as an extension of their person,” Meeker observes. On really hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt, however, tires appear to have the better traction due to rubber’s grip compared to the limited friction offered by steel tracks.

It depends on your particular job requirements and workplace location. It’s an 104-net-hp, 9-ton dozer with enough hydraulic oil flow to power a 6-ft-wide rotary mulcher head. The machine’s complete weight has to travel through each tire’s ground contact point and spread as evenly as possible. Here’s how traction and protection apply in the differences and features between the two. Of course, fewer passes on the job will definitely reduce the undercarriage wear on the job.”. By automating the balance of available pushing power and speed, the dozer becomes easier to operate.


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