prayer points for breakers anointing
20. Skin To Skin: Lingering In The Presence of God: A 90-Day Soaking Challenge With Tiphani Montgomery!

28. You are doing well, I pray for PASTOR that anointing of God on you shall not dry in Jesus Christ name. I will not be put to shame, but my enemies shall drink their cup of shame, in the name of Jesus. Lord, I present this prayer before You in the heavenly court as the prayer of my heart. I command all foundational strongmen attached to my life to be paralysed, in the name of Jesus.

I have spoken to you that it will either be a turning point or a

The call of a prophet is the call of election of grace.

5. PREPARE For A Visitation From The Lord!! You can also work on this topic OH God open my eyes and ear that I may hear and see. 30 Midnight Prayer Points For Financial Breakthrough, 50 Thanksgiving prayer points and bible verses, Powerful relationship prayers for couples. Blood of Jesus, remove tiny unprogressive label from every aspect of my life, in the name of Jesus. Father, incubate me with fire of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name. This barriers can be very terrible if you are not prayerful. Father Lord, destroy the yoke of hatred and unhappiness in my marriage, in the name of Jesus. I bind every spirit of unbelief in my life, in the name of Jesus.

Let every spiritual barrier holding me in bondage to break to pieces, in the name of Jesus. For further information or counseling, you can contact me at or Chat me up on WhatsApp And Telegram at +2347032533703. Anointing, bombard every yoke in my life and break them now, in the name of Jesus. Holy Spirit, inflame my heart with your fire, in the name of Jesus. These are perilous times that we live in, and God is

Defeating Distraction:  This New Season Will Require Laser Focus! Let the blood of Jesus begin to remove every hidden sickness in my body, in the name of Jesus. I use the blood of Jesus to send confusion into the camp of the enemy of the progress of my life, in the name of Jesus. I thank You LORD that Decade 2020 shall be a decade of breakthrough, favor, and divine advantage. Prayer/ Action * Thank God because by the reason of the anointing every yoke released against your life is broken. Father, i thank you for the name of Jesus, at which every knee must bow. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered! light, for I am the Light of the earth; I am the light of My Church; I am the If you will believe, you will see 70 Prayer Points For Breaking Barriers. 48. 12. God will never place such burdens on His children, the devil is the architect of every evil burden, for you to be free from these satanic yokes, you must resist the devil and to do that you must pray steadfastly.

I bridle the jaw of every power opposing my marriage, in the name of Jesus. (1 Corinthians 12:9). Amen. O Lord, avenge me of my enemies speedily in Jesus name. and the grave). Let the works of wicked strongmen in my life be frustrated, in the name of Jesus. 15.

1. I command all enemies of my progress to receive their spiritual obituaries now, in the name of Jesus. 30. Isaiah 10: 27 It shall come to position of faith.

14. The Regathering: Biblical Prophecy & The Lost Tribes of Israel: Module 4 – Jewish or Hebrew? Anything you bind on earth shall be bind in heaven, and anything you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven in Jesus name. Let Your heat O Lord, consume my will, in the name of Jesus. The holy spirit is our only destiny helper, He is called our helper because we need His help to fulfill our destiny in life. O Lord, bend every evil rigidity of my life. 13. I will show you the way. I decree a fresh anointing to run and not grow weary. Jesus has taken all your burdens and yokes and has nailed them to the cross, there enforce your freedom on the altar of prayer. Secondly, this prayer is for those who need fresh fire to overcome the battles of life.

way in this dark hour of the earth. I use the blood of Jesus to bind all inherited hidden mysterious diseases in my life, in the name of Jesus. Click this link to join Now, . I thank You Father for redeeming me from every legal curse. The Breaker Anointing: O Lord, renew a right spirit within me. 7. I tap the anointing within me, step into it, pray it forth, and I decree a mighty stirring of the anointing deep within me now, in the name of Jesus. The root word for spikenard I break every evil edict and ordination, in Jesus’ name. 36. O Lord, cleanse all the soiled parts of my life. The Birth Pains & The Second Coming of Jesus!

A State of Emergency: Jesus Is Coming Soon!

and your faith that the good work I have begun in you will be accomplished, says This spiritual barriers can only be handled spiritually. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I destroy every satanic barrier of backwardness, in the name of Jesus. Our God cannot be limited by physical barriers, He can give you a job without qualifications, he can settle you irrespective of your physical deficiency. Breakers are not tolerant of that which is an enemy of God. 8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. 4. FATHER, I repent of my sins and the sins of my ancestors. Let the attacks by household wickedness be rendered null and void by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. You are a final and glorious generation, a holy priesthood, and My Prayers is taking responsibility, the devil and his agents will only respond to your travail on the altar of prayers. 2. 4. Blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost, cleanse every organ in my body, in the name of Jesus.

Am I not the Lord of Glory who always leads you in


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