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The grand design for Hemel Hempstead new town saw each new district centred around a parade or square of shops called a neighbourhood centre. The first phase of recreational facilities, which opened in 1978, was the Loco Motion Skate Park. The top occupations listed by people in Hemel Hempstead Town are Professional 16.4%, Associate professional and technical 14.7%, Administrative and secretarial 12.2%, Elementary 11.4%, Elementary administration and service 10.6%, Skilled trades 10.5%, Managers, directors and senior officials 10.0%, Caring, leisure and other service 9.7%, Administrative 9.2%, Sales and customer service 8.8%. A campus of West Herts College, the library, new police station and the Pavilion (theatre and music venue) were all built during the 1960s. The line's construction had been delayed for several years by vigorous lobbying by a number of powerful local landowners, including Sir Astley Cooper of Gadebridge House, who were all keen to protect their estates from invasion by the "iron horse". "How historic treasures have devalued a house", This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 21:40.

Dacorum Sports Trust is a non-profit company limited by guarantee and a registered charity managed by a Board of Trustees. A few metres away, overlooking the 'Magic Roundabout', is Hemel's tallest building; the 20-storey Kodak building, consisting of 18 office floors, two plantroom floors and a basement.

The agricultural journalist William Cobbett noted of Hemel Hempstead in 1822 that "..the land along here is very fine: a red tenacious flinty loam upon a bed of chalk at a yard or two beneath, which, in my opinion, is the very best corn land that we have in England. To the south lie Watford and the beginnings of the Greater London conurbation. Herts Baseball Club has been based in Grovehill since 1997.

Developed after World War II as a new town. Hemel Hempstead Town Cricket Club, founded in 1850, has a pitch and practice facilities at Heath Park, near the town centre. Source: UK Office for National Statistics (web). [26] The old council buildings and library have closed down, replaced with a new development named "The Forum" which opened in early 2017, where Dacorum Borough Council, the new library, Hertfordshire Police's Safer Neighbourhood Team, the Hertfordshire Registration and Citizenship Service, Dacorum Community Trust, Mediation Dacorum, Relate and the Citizen's Advice Bureau are all located . The first houses erected as part of the New Town plan were in Longlands, Adeyfield, and went up in the spring of 1949. "[31] By the 18th century the grain market in Hemel was one of the largest in the country. It was the first such circulation system in Britain.

The most recent facilities, which opened in July 2011, is an extreme sports centre called the XC, which contains a skate park, caving, climbing walls, high ropes, a café and counselling rooms for young people.

As building progressed with continuing local opposition, the town was becoming increasingly popular with those moving in from areas of north London. It became the Hemel Hempstead Engineering Company and stayed in business until the Second World War. At this time, work started on building new factories and industrial areas, to avoid the town becoming a dormitory town. The club's home ground is at Chaulden Lane, Chaulden.[37]. In the 19th century, Hemel Hempstead was a noted brickmaking, paper manufacturing and straw-plaiting centre. The new centre includes several outlets for national retailers including Debenhams, Starbucks, Waterstones and others. Including age, gender, ethnic group and religion. By 1962, the redevelopment of the new town as originally envisaged was largely complete, though further expansion plans were then put forward. Over the years the company performed in a number of locations, including the Luxor Cinemas in the Marlowes and St. John’s Hall at 72 St. John's Road, which had been built in 1930 as extension of the nearby St. John’s Church. In the early 1980s it was discovered that the building was subsiding dangerously and it was vacated and demolished.

[27], The Jellicoe Water Gardens have been restored, clearing up the overgrown trees, introducing a new play area, an area for picnics and gardening, a community centre for volunteers, learning organisations and schools, as well as the Friends of the Jellicoe Water Gardens and a new terrace for the flower garden.[28]. A significant issue was how to choose names for all the new roads. [11], In 1953 a collection of unusually fine medieval wall paintings dating between 1470 and 1500 were discovered in a cottage in Piccotts End, a village on the outskirts of Hemel Hempstead. It is co-run by Youth Connexions and Sportspace. Subsequently, it became a dry ski slope with a small nursery slope next to it. The "roundabout" is a series of 6 mini roundabouts spaced around a larger closely looped circulation system.

In the 20 General Elections since the New Town was created, a Conservative MP has been returned 17 times and a Labour MP 3 times.

The New Town expansion took place up the valley sides and onto the plateau above the original Old Town. 92.2% of people living in Hemel Hempstead Town speak English. Hemel Hempstead has existed as a settlement since the 8th century.

In 2005 the town hit the headlines after a huge explosion at the Buncefield oil depot, which was so loud it could be heard in Holland. 34.1% of people are married, 16.3% cohabit with a member of the opposite sex, 0.4% live with a partner of the same sex, 29.5% are single and have never married or been in a registered same sex partnership, 12.2% are separated or divorced. At the 2001 census, Hemel Hempstead was the most populated urban area in Hertfordshire, narrowly more populated than its traditionally "larger" rival, Watford. A list of schools taking children of primary age is at primary schools in Dacorum. In rugby league, Hemel Stags, founded in 1981, were admitted to the third tier RFL League 1 in the 2013 season however in 2019 the club was purchased by a Canadian consortium and relocated to Ottawa being readmitted to the league for the 2021 season under the name Ottawa Aces. The settlement was called by the name Henamsted or Hean-Hempsted in Anglo-Saxon times and in William the Conqueror's time by the name of Hemel-Amstede. The papers were remarkable not only for technological innovation but also journalistic excellence. The former private estate of Gadebridge was opened up as a public park. The first new residents moved in during April 1949, and the town continued its planned expansion through to the end of the 1980s. As a result, the railway station serving Hemel Hempstead was built one mile outside the town centre at Boxmoor; Boxmoor and Hemel Hempstead railway station (today's Hemel Hempstead railway station) opened in 1837. The first-ever theatrical performance at St. John’s Hall was given by the Theatre Company in April 1932. This same building had been converted into the first cottage hospital providing free medical services by Sir Astley Cooper in 1827.[12]. In 1974, the government abolished the Borough of Hemel Hempstead and the town was incorporated into Dacorum District, along with Tring and Berkhamsted. After the Second World War, in 1946, the government designated Hemel Hempstead as the site of one of its proposed new towns designed to house the population displaced by the London Blitz, since slums and bombsites were being cleared in London.

Jarman Park, the central location for leisure in the town, was previously agricultural land, which later becomes fields named after former town councilor and mayor, Henry Jarman, who oversaw the development of the New Town. Jazz artists included Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen, Count Basie, Oscar Peterson and Buddy Rich.

Retailers taking residence at the Riverside complex, include Debenhams and H&M (previously HMV). Hemel Hempstead Theatre Company purchased the St. John's Hall building in 1997 and renamed it the Boxmoor Playhouse. The average age of people in Hemel Hempstead Town is 38, while the median age is lower at 35. These two developments have moved the ’centre of gravity’ of the retail centre away from the north end of Marlowe's has become an area for secondary outlets. Hemel steadily expanded, but only became a borough on 13 July 1898. Hemel Hempstead is linked to the M1 motorway to the east and the M25 motorway to the south. Maylands – The industrial zone of the new town from its inception, located to the east. Jarman Park had a ten pin bowling alley, ice skating, and a swimming pool with slides until they closed at the end of 2013. Output areas often include some unbuilt parts. There will be a riverside walk/cycle way. [42] The options involved school amalgamations and closures. Summary data relating to all children aged 0-5 in Hertfordshire. Due to the flexibility of the space, the Company also holds social events such as quiz nights, creative workshops and cabaret evenings. In keeping with the optimism of the early post-war years, much of the town features modernist architecture with many unusual and experimental designs for housing.

The shopping square she visited is named Queen's Square, and the nearby area has street names commemorating the then-recent conquest of Everest, such as Hillary and Tenzing Roads. -. Hemel officially became a New Town on 4 February 1947. [29], Land to the west of Chaulden and Warners End has been removed from the Green Belt designation and is due for development with 900 new homes . St Cuthbert Mayne – a Catholic junior school. Apsley Lock Marina, Hemel Hempstead, built in 2003. However, before the Second World War locals called it Hempstead. In 1867 Cranstone's son built a steam powered coach which he drove to London, but which was destroyed in a crash on the return journey. The first area to be developed was Adeyfield. Not all of these have stood the test of time. the first a part of Hemel remains referred to as the “Old Town”. Nicknamed The Tudors, they play at Vauxhall Road in the Adeyfield area of the town; this was the site of the former sports club for the employees of Brocks Fireworks. [16] The railways continued to expand and in 1877 a new route opened connecting Boxmoor to the Midland Railway at Harpenden. The Nickey Line is now used for walking. His view of Hemel Hempstead, he said, was "not a city in a garden, but a city in a park." The new town centre contains many sculptures by notable artists from the 1950s including a 1955 stone mural by sculptor Alfred Gerrard entitled Stages in the Development of Man. These provide multi-purpose courts (badminton, basketball, etc. The complex also included the upstairs Toddlerworld play area, the Aquasplash water park, Hotshots, which was a 30 lane ten pin bowling facility with a bar, Jarman Park Bowls Club, which was an upstairs bowls facility with 7 rinks, restaurants, a large arcade in the middle of the building, snooker and pool tables, a discothèque called Visage, later named Lava, a nightclub and a themed bar .[23][24].

It also had an annex building two storeys high, containing a restaurant, cinema and a gym.


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