periyava miracles for job
I would like to get colour photo of SRI SRI MAHAPERIYAVA, for distribution, from a long time wanted to join this fourm, but today mahaperiva has ensured i do this. again my humble apologies as i did not mean anything negative. Wish you a great Periyava smarnai filled Birthday Mama!! “Mahaswami” and “Paramacharya” are his other well-known appellations. With the Lord’s Grace I wish you have many more, Thank you very much for your birthday wishes So Please continue your deep contemplation on Periyava and the Nadamadum deivum would take care of everything. Wishing you a fruitful day!

I was not mentally comfortable to receive uncomfortable comments from very few readers of my article. I had no option but to obey Mahaperiyava. On that day had Mahaperiyava not responded to my call, I am afraid about my fate. Periaval asked the Brahmin assistant near him to get the apples from my hand. I do not want 99% of devotees to get punished because of 1% of uncomfortable comments or doubts. Because of heavy rain, not a single day, I was late for my pradakshnam except a nightmare day, which I will narrate at the latter portion of this article. Once again, Happy Birthday Sir, waiting eagerly for next Saturday’s post! Yes! If you can’t stop replying, copy and paste your answers.

Only Mahaperiyava shielded me from all those risks. Sorry to hear about your mental disturbance regarding few harsh, doubtful replies Sir. Awesome sir…………. Not a single day, I had a fall on the floor in spite of the fact that many devotees used to have a fall on the floor. Your link regarding Mahaperiyava ‘s speech on hindu temples is a treasure to learn how to defend hinduism and temples against other religions. There was only one state bus … Samaranam is enough instead of replies. It is exciting to join the group and learn more about the activities. There was no people movement, on the road and I was the only one, on the road and nothing in my vicinity. Happy b’day, sir. Amazing to read about your experiences and the divine instructions of Maha Periyava to you. i will try to sustain your expectations.

15th August. my big thanks to you for writing about periyava and lord. Everytime I read your posts I have tears in my eyes, hope in my heart n faith n belief in my mind that Periyava will bless me too. Vijayalakshmi. ( Log Out /  Thank you sir.Periva Thiruvadigal charanam. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara, Shri Gayathri Rajagopal mama's divine experiences continue. சர்வக்ஞா சர்வவ்யாபி பெரியவா சரணம் Was looking at those eyes one pierces you n another gazing into eternity.. together tells you Ekam satyam adviteeyam..

i request you to kindly ignore them, and also request you not to answer them and sir, my humble request to you is not to go for lengthy anwer as it will give pain to your fingers . For every 12 pradakshnam, I transfer one coin on the other pocket. ( Log Out /  Very happy to become a member in this divine and blessed forum for Maha Periva. My purpose of reply through this message is not to hurt the feeling of others but to defend 99% of devotees who lead their life with sky breaking confidence on Mahaperiyava. I gone through your reply to Mr. Krishna where you poured your feeling of a few disgusting letters against your experience and article. Thank you very much for your concern on my health. My concern is about your health. Ask God to instill in you the self-assurance you need to keep your chin up during your job search: Trust in God that he will guide you through the obstacles you encounter as you search for a new job. 11:32. I offered to Lord Anjayaneyar, poorna vada mala on 108th day and I was in third place to receive my prasadams.

We are all fortunate to experience the same through your words. For counting of Pradakshnam, I used to carry 9 numbers of 25 paisa coins. Mama, I have started reading all your articles one by one.i just don’t know what to reply, but could feel the will power you have, as Maha periyava is by your side. Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava’s Miracles (01-12-2005) Unforeseen Rare Spiritual Guru The answer for who is equivalent to the Great Spiritual Guru, SugaBrahmaRishi, is none other than the Great Sage, Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava. One has to understand my divine experience to realize the divine powers of Mahaperiyava. Wishes to all members. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As I mentioned earlier, there used to be heavy rain on many days. eagerly waiting for your experiences upto saturday thank u sir. I will give you directions to come to my house. After few years, I have also contributed onetime payment of Rupees 5,000/-(five thousand only) towards ANNADHANAM TRUST. Either your bad time or my bad time, let us together forget it as a history and our friendship, true bakthi and compassion on others difficulties will be a present for all three of us including Mr. Krishna. Maha Periyava was outstanding both spiritually and intellectually.

Let Mahaperiyava bless you and your family generously.

due to covid. This is the only good deed that I have done in this birth. If you find anything wrong in this reply please bear with me. and do not want to even think of the 1% crowd you are mentioning.. even if you or others do not believe it, i am sure HE will, for HE knows the truth and intention of my comment. Don’t be conscious of this. Dear Chandramouli sir, be cautious about your email because it may prove to be very costly at times. jaya jaya shankara, Delighted & Extremely Happy to be enrolled as a Member to the Forum.Today is also ANUSHAM. Thank you, you inspire me n many others to continue to believe in Mahaperiyava n his miracles. I am mentioning all the above to impress you and other devotees who have posted their comments , that Mahaperiyava “Karunasagaran”answered my prayer when I was like a vegetable in the bed and was depending on others for everything 100%.

A special session discussing scope, career prospects, job opportunities in emerging Technologies for graduates looking to make their career in fields like Data Science, IOT, I like your honest way of presenting things. Just on lighter vain Madam. Our sincere and respectful Wishes to you on your Birthday. I could not understand at that time but I could realize and understand everything from 25th’October 2014, night 10’clock. Shakila for her soothing and kind words and to the devotees who are sending their reply comments in support of my view.

Please note that if I am not responding to your comments in this public forum,, then I am not doing justice to sincere readers of my articles.

Your birth day wishes are something huge.My will is Mahaperiyava ‘s will. Thanks a lot. When honesty and integrity is punished this way, let Mahaperiyava guide me further. Through your comments your melting devotion,, mountain moving faith on Mahaperiyava surfaces,, which is a clear evidence that you are a soulful person. Let Mahaperiyava bear with me for this reply..

You keep getting same type of comments. Website developed & maintained by Jaalaa Designs, Brahmasri Mecheri Pattu Sastrigal reached the Lotus Feet of Sri MahaPeriyava, Adi Acharyal’s Kanakadhara Sthotram – Upanyasam by Sri Dushyanth Sridhar, Sri TH Subash Chandran reached the Lotus feet of Sri MahaPeriyava, Siva Saagarathil Sila Thuligal- Sri Kannan: Thuli – 30, Experience with MahaPeriyava : Damal Smt Gowri Patti, Experience with MahaPeriyava : “Mullaivasal Series” – Mahomahopadyaya Sri R Mullaivasal Krishnamurthy Sastrigal – PART 4 – FINAL, Sankara Jayanthi – Sri MahaPeriyava, Sri Pudhu Periyava & Sri Bala Periyava, Periyava Kural : A Simple Excerpt For KIDS, Pradosha Mandalathil Sila Nakshathirangal.


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