paragraph on earthquake

These waves can be ranged from weak to strong. The severity of the earthquake is measured on a Richter Scale. He has succeeded in inaugurating many secrets of nature on the strength of his intelligence, courage, and power, but not the ability of man to exercise absolute authority over the powers of this nature. The energy can be released by elastic strain, gravity, chemical reactions, or even the motion of massive bodies.

Today the moment magnitude scale, a closer measure of an earthquake’s total energy release, is preferred. ADVERTISEMENTS: The earthquake can be felt as a slight tremor or it can be a violent shaking that causes a lot of damage.The Earth’s internal forces some time cause the continental plates to move. The most important earthquake belt is the Circum-Pacific Belt, which affects many populated coastal regions around the Pacific Ocean—for example, those of New Zealand, New Guinea, Japan, the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, and the western coasts of North and South America.

But we do know where earthquakes might happen in the future, like close to fault lines.An earthquake under the ocean can cause a tsunami, this can cause just as much destruction as the earthquake itself. The main cause of this is the movement of the seafloor vertically, causing a series of water waves. If you have any problem then you can ask me by commenting below so that I can solve your problems. Michigan Tech - Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences - Why Do Earthquakes Happen? Then You are at the right place. Earthquakes are considered one of the most dangerous natural disasters because they cause great damage to life and property. Panic can be seen clearly among the people living in such areas as they cannot do much about protecting themselves from the possible destruction caused by this natural disaster. Seismic waves are produced when some form of energy stored in Earth’s crust is suddenly released, usually when masses of rock straining against one another suddenly fracture and “slip.” Earthquakes occur most often along geologic faults, narrow zones where rock masses move in relation to one another. About 50,000 earthquakes large enough to be noticed without the aid of instruments occur annually over the entire Earth. The rocks bend and break with lurching. Rough and weak houses collapse, there is a huge loss of movable and immovable property. It is the series of seismic waves that hit the ground from a small to large scales. When an earthquake occurs under table and door-frames are quite the right place to seek shelter.

Because at many places the Circum-Pacific Belt is associated with volcanic activity, it has been popularly dubbed the “Pacific Ring of Fire.”. There are large earthquakes and small earthquakes. However, earthquakes are not always severe and catastrophic. Scientists around the world constantly try to predict the occurrence of earthquakes. is an online article publishing site that helps you to submit your knowledge so that it may be preserved for eternity. They mainly result from the collision of tectonic plates.

The Richter scale is numbered 0-9.

An Earthquake is made up of two words- earth and quake. Keep a check on the gas lines and pipes, after earthquakes.

The surface of the earth is left with deep cracks. Wherever earthquakes occur, apart from loss of life and property, landslides, change in course of rivers, loss of vegetation and animal life, destruction of dams and devel­opment of faults and fractures in earth’s surface are common and all this leads to environmental degradation. These are quite dangerous and can produce massive destruction to the buildings, block roads, railroad lines. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Paragraph. TOS It takes several months or many years for conditions to normalize. Author of. It could be lowest and harmless or it could be highest and destructive. Earthquakes are caused by the sudden release of energy within some limited region of the rocks of the Earth.

The movement of the plates is in different forms. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Whenever an earthquake, such as a devastating and catastrophic disaster, such a strong vibration occurs on the earth that everything is destroyed in an instant. Content Guidelines 2. In the year 1930, numerous small towns and villages were devasted because of the testing of nuclear weapons by the United States.

Those waves can inundate coastal areas, destroy houses and even swipe away whole towns. Most earthquakes happen along the Pacific Ring of Fire but the biggest ones mostly happen in other places. Earthquakes occur suddenly, usually without any warning or signal, and can cause massive destruction.

These plates move slowly and gradually under the surface. – When the wave’s movement is actually along with the fault, this leads to the total distortion of the ground. Very great earthquakes occur on average about once per year. Preserving Your Articles for Eternity, Short essay on the point of origin of an earthquake, Short Essay on the Causes behind the Eruption of the Earthquakes, Earthquakes Hazards – Natural Disaster and its Management. Liquefaction is defined, when the sediments are made to float in the water, which releases in the draining of the solidity of the soil. If we talk briefly, the surface of the earth is in continuous motion. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Geologists cannot predict earthquakes.

Building knocked off its foundation by the January 1995 earthquake in Kōbe, Japan. Disclaimer Copyright, Paragraph on the Causes of Earthquakes in India, Very Short Paragraph on Floods (578 Words). Privacy Policy Though seismologists around the world are trying to find new methods of predicting earthquakes, they have met with limited success. 2. An earthquake is a disastrous event, which is generally faced by every country around the world. An earthquake under the ocean can cause a tsunami, which can cause just as much destruction as the earthquake itself in mountainous areas. The magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck the region the day before. Tectonically active places are places where earthquakes or volcanic eruptions are quite frequent. 5. Here is your free sample Paragraph on Earthquakes. Liquefaction, Subsidence, and Related Effects – These are the most important effects and are the reason behind the mass destruction during earthquakes. Hundreds of humans die by being buried in the rubble of the house. Half, storm, famine, drought, excess rain, and earthquake are such divine outbreaks. There is no significant loss due to the mild tremors of the earthquake, but whenever there are shocks, they present a catastrophic scene. If you want to read about any other topic. Since the movement is continuous, they rub against each other, or at times, they are forced apart.

The list of devastating earthquakes in the world is too long to be enumerated here. The cases for actively ground ruptures are quite rare. These sprays put the buildings, railway tracks, roads in great grave danger. 3. No part of the earth has survived where earthquake shocks have not occurred.


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