paper mario 64 all badges code

Once you can enter Flower Field this tip works. There should be a large pot and a crate to the left. ), first have 15 HP and 10 HP plus have the badge so you can jump on the lava pirahna when you start use star stormbut its easeier useing a project 64 with the infinte code onbut use a nintendo 64 instead of the project 64 so jump on it have the super bounce badge on with Super Smash and Power Smash and have bombette up tu ultra rank and Sushie up to ultra rank too when Bombette runs out of Super Bomb use a star spirt then change to sushie but I had bombette out for the whole battle when you kill it and its storonger use star storm then use tidal wave put your HP up next use but if your reunning out on the easyest part use a mushroom a Super Shroom or an ultra shroom have a starange sack the 20 items you need are. After seeing the door close you'll find a Shooting Star. you can do this whenever you want mabey even at the koopa bro castle! Then, while the enemy can't attack, use Refresh as many times as needed to completely fill your HP and FP. -From: (I've only done this once but it's worth posti'n)the first time you need to goto west gates of toa dtown amd then goto outside the gates an common bakk in you will get a maple syrup !

UN P.S. If you perfrom this correctly, a box should appear and once you hit it, a badge comes out. A pipe will come up. This is the door farthest to the right. Make two jammin ultra and sell the 5 items. He can be found in Shy Guy Toybox, In the First left room of the Blue Station. The house should have an old-looking toad inside. Turn OFF, N64. You end up with an item that restores 50 HP as well as 50 FP. After you planted the bean and you are in the clouds where the battle of chapter 6 is.

All you have to do is get gombario ultra ranked to the highest level and he would have charge and multibonk. Special spells Get tht pink shoe badge in the KOOPs fortress called (i think super bounce) and if you are great at timing, you will keep on bouncing over and over. Between the two blocks is an invisible block. i.e.

Note: You cannot leave the room with this trick on. He will ask you a favor when you talk to him. You want to equip Group Focus and Deep Focus and use either Kooper or Watt. Can the New Final Fantasy Revitalize the Series? She gives you attack FX D, a snowflake sound. Open the door, and go into the room. you know when your pricess peach and she gets those cool items?Don't you want to give them to Mario? Paper Mario cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for N64. First go to Shooting Star Summit and by the Peekaboo badge from the guy upstairs in the house (10 star pieces 4 those curious. First, sell or check all of the items that you have with you. then regardless of other enimies, go to were the bombshell bills are. The best time for this trick is after you get no star points from beating a Shy Guy in battle, and you have at least 5 spaces in your inventory.

then Get 25 star pieces and go to Shooting Star Summit And buy it from Merlow. Next go to Dry Dry Outpost and go to the store there. Once she finishes, you will receive Attack FX D. 1 more left! i dont no animals, but whichever way, its bad.

and leave a Whacka Bump. Look to the left for a discolored floorboard, and perform a Spin Jump on it. Go immediantly right and hit the tree with your hammer. When you first get to the Crystal King i would suggest having Parakarry (if you have upgraded to ultra. submitted by super-giraffe, Hidden Playroom It will want one more battle with you. Go to the third house in Koopa Village (a Koopa is sunning himself inside). But this is not a smart move. Cheat Codes for N64, PS1, GameCube, PS2, Wii, and Nintendo DS games. He is east to the entrance and his name is Frost T. Finally he will ask you to send a letter back to Goompapa in Goomba Village and then you get the lucky day badge. And he also has the Acrobatic Jump attack, which takes off 12 HP. when you go to the boo's mansion go to the farthest bush on the right and shake it. he says that Moustafa is at the highest part of the town. Make sure you choose "Do nothing" every time it is your partner's turn. Use your fire flower and you wil win!!!! One way is get 25 star pieces and buy one from shooting Star Summet or you can go to Shyguys Toybox and beat Anti Guy. Finally, hit the block above and hit the right side.


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