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We don’t suggest them just because you can lose a ton of money in a very short amount of time. Play Trivia Quiz Games - Win Cash Prizes. You can also claim daily bonus offers or participate in exclusive tournaments to earn lakhs in real money every day. Top prize is £500 cash to be shared equally. Play Maths Quiz and Earn Money Everyday only on Quiz Ka Samna. Givling is unique because it uses part of its operating income to pay off students loans for people but they still use a large part of their money to pay their winners. Since most games help gamers with multiple choice answers, the player will click based on their knowledge. I won the 1st prize for Rajasthan vs Punjab match which was Rs.10 Lakhs. Prizes are generally smaller than the rest of them but that can work to your advantage. I am a big Cricket Lover and just used my Game's passion and Won this big amount. When you can recognize these questions, instead of failing like most people would do, you have the advantage in the long run. This one is great for any sports fans to play and is a great way for them to win a little money. You should always be sure to follow these games on the different means of social media. Keep an eye on the social media pages too - this will help you gauge how the quiz is performing and whether there are any issues with cheating. Max three free chances to play per week. If so, you could win money and prizes playing online trivia games. Weekly prizes credited on Monday. This is also a great way to watch for changes in the game or updates that are being made. You can play exciting games like Rummy, Fantasy, Ludo, or Multiplayer Games to win money. Winzo apps is one of the best and genuine quiz app. You can also join in with your friends in a group video chat supported by Joyride. In the early days of Loquax we used to feature Uproar Trivia quizzes. 1. I am Sumit from Gorakhpur & I won Rs 25 Lakhs. These games go until there is only one player remaining and have gone as far as 25 or 30 questions. In the early days of Loquax we used to feature Uproar Trivia quizzes. In fact HQ Trivia calls these types of questions savage because so many people go out in that round. HQ Trivia for example was valued at $100million. Tap "OK" to download Paytm First Games App, Open Settings and Turn on 'Allow from this source', Handcrafted by Paytm for the gamers in India. Paytm First Games boasts of over 300 games with a gaming community that's 4.5 Crores strong. The biggest problem for these kind of competitions was generating revenue so that they could continue. Paytm First Games is an all-in-one app made by Paytm for people who love Sports, Card Games, Tournaments, Trivia & everything entertainment. Cash Show UK for example launched in February 2019 but closed down in September. Established quizzes will attract more players so consider the less well known apps. Buzz Bingo were the first to launch a live quiz whilst more recently Coral followed suit.

You have to answer questions correctly either first, second, or third out of everyone to win. Given the issues with HQ Trivia we no longer expect new apps to launch, but if Buzz Bingo and Coral Casino are successful with their live quizzes then that may see herald the arrival of more new games. These are games that are won with one square foot of real estate: your brain. HQ Trivia has had it's own issues whilst Q Live and Fleetwit Trivia have now gone.

Play Fantasy, Rummy, Multiplayer Games, and much more. All you have to do is create an account and start playing. It only takes minutes to create a learning game or trivia quiz on any topic, in any language. 1 Lakh in cash prizes while playing exciting games with them! More often than not you will be asked 12 questions with 10 seconds to answer each. Many college students have been making a decent income by playing live trivia games available on this app.

If you follow them and pay attention, they are always sure to include hints or give you insight to the game. Even if you don’t know the answer, the more you know the more you can eliminate. answer 10 questions in 10 seconds! All rights reserved. I saw Sachin's ad and decided to try Paytm First Games fantasy cricket. And keep an eye out for new additions to the market - get in early for the best chances to win! This means you'll not be able to cheat and Google your answers. Host or share.

When you do, whatever the prize is you split with the others who won. The best part is that these games are free.

At the start of 2020 HQ Trivia closed down due to lack of investment. This site rewards you in Crowns and prizes. If any of this sounds like something you’d like to try then let’s go over how they all work. is operated by Loquax Ltd. © 1998-2020. Have you ever heard of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader or have ever seen books with “useless information” in the title? Play Kahoot! The great thing about these quizzes is that they give you the chance to win prizes. Play and win real cash! Users also rave about the pre and post games which Hang Time prides themselves on. A trivia game that asks a series of questions until the winners are declared. HQ Trivia gives you the chance to play live trivia quizzes for the chance to win cash prizes. The downside is this app must have access to your camera and microphone which users found very irritating. Quizzes are multiple choice and you get prizes for winning.

There's something for everyone! And in the fun department, they have all set the bar very high. The app is handcrafted by Paytm itself and comes with Paytm's Seal of Trust. I like the Paytm First Games app a lot. 101 Sites to Find Quick Cash Paying Gigs Near Me (Earn up to $71/Hr), 10 Ways to Make Extra Money with a Pickup Truck, Flipp App Review: Grocery Shopping App Saves You $1000s (Without Clipping Coupons & Weekly Ads?). Answer all general types of questions against your peers. I work in a private company and come from a lower middle-class family. Please note we are not paid to list these competitions and information is provided for reference only. No more juggling between apps to play your favorite games. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a753be926f439dda8eb91a6b82bd9a8d" );document.getElementById("b466fb5122").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Install the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel app on any device and earn up to $50.

Club Classics General Knowledge Quiz held daily between 21:00 and 22:00 from 01/06 to 30/06. Join live game shows hosted by U LIVE Team, answer thousands of exciting questions and win real cash prizes for free. Not only can you win cash prizes with this app, you can also access awesome new filters for your camera. We find it better to use these free apps before you do anything irrational. Play. Even if you don’t win, you may be able to buy the prize at a discounted price if you did well enough on the quiz.

This was the first quiz app I tried and Got paid with in 24 hours. Quizzes For Money I am unsure of the tax implications of winning. You can trade your tickets in for prizes to be shipped to you. A challenge is given after every hour or half an hour. If the answer is right, the player moves on to the next question. You will accumulate money. I work in a private company in Bangalore. HQ Trivia is perhaps the most popular trivia app (Although it isn’t the only one.

Note that some quizzes have been put on hold during the current health crisis. Every once in a while HQ will also do a winner take all type game. Explore our featured games! Either way people are raving about these games. Download Quiz Master Games App 100% Safe Play & Earn Paytm Cash (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); On Sunday night they always have a big game worth at least $25,000. All-in-one app. HQ Trivia for example was valued at $100million. You can chose a category to play and win Paytm Cash. These games are really cool, and profitable, because you stand the chance to take home at least $5,000 all for yourself. The quizzes tend to be quick - e.g. Did you know the answer to any of these questions? Paytm First Games app is 100% Legal, Safe, and Secure. They are offering eight prizes in a prize draw.

One word reviews on these games range from “awesome”, “fun”, and “a blast” to “irritating”, “ridiculous”, and “stupid.”. You can always choose which type of quiz you want. A wide range of Maths quiz are available. By referring your friends you can earn up to Rs.

Handily enough, there are plenty of quick cash ... - Continue -, You've probably seen a lot of people driving pickups around with little or no intention of actually using them for heavy-duty work. Just remember these games are about fun, not getting rich. With not many players, you stand the chance to win more each time you play.

The questions that these games use get tough.

Host a live game with questions on a big screen or share a game with remote players. Sure, you may win a little here and a little there but don’t expect to quit your job anytime soon. You can also invite people (friends and family) to get passes on questions. You can then use these Crowns to buy things like T-shirts and crafts or enter yourself into drawings for vacations or cash prizes (up to $5,000). Learn More. About | Terms | Privacy | Cookies | Contact | Advertise | Sitemap | Responsible Gambling | Compliance. However the boom in trivia for cash prizes was short lived. Note you will need to be registered. Install the free Flipp app! You don’t really have enough time to look up the correct answers, and even if you did, no one likes a cheater!

You can also participate in daily challenges to win free coupons. You can also earn a daily, weekly, or monthly award by answering the most questions correctly in that time period. Interestingly online bingo and casino sites have picked up the quiz baton as part of their live game show options. Be wary! to see how it works! Multiple choice quizzes that test your knowledge in specific areas. This is a real-time website that has questions constantly. Eliminating answers can be crucial on the harder questions. It's a very good app and it's easy to make your fantasy team in it. Players win real cash by winning the multi-player games, which are PvP, meaning each player competing against one another. There are a few tricks that can help you get through these games and have a better chance of winning.

Note that you only have 40 seconds to answer each question. If you get them all right you make it to the winner’s circle and split the prize with the other winners. I wasn't into fantasy gaming till I saw my favorite cricketer Sachin sir promoting PaytmFirstGames. Each quiz has its own value and it will be split between those who answered correctly first. The thing to remember is that you cannot get rich playing these games. This ... - Continue -, Get our official eBook & start earning extra money today! In March 2020 it was relaunched although it's future is uncertain. Now there are a few sites that let you use your own money to gamble on trivia. You can also earn Crowns for daily activity, adding questions and quizzes, and getting new members to join. Not every trivia quiz that launches or will launch will go on to be successful. Once the player clicks “begin game” option they will be presented with the first question.

Let’s face it; most of us want more money.

The following we believe are all active. The first prize is £250, second prize is £150 and third £50. Refer a friend to the app and get paid! So at the end of the day, if you like answering trivia questions, I’d install a few of thee free trivia games apps and start playing for cash and prizes. Each game consists of ten questions with four possible answers.


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