obi toppin vertical jump
Toppin would be an immediate starter in Phoenix and add to an already solid young core.

Teams will target Toppin in the pick and roll to exploit this weakness. Wingspan: 7 foot 4

He’ll be subjected to playing the stretch five, but his ability to play in the pick and roll and run the floor makes him a constant threat in a perimeter-centric, fast-paced offense. The only problem with these stats is that we do not know if these numbers are inflated because he plays in a weaker conference. He will have no problem blowing by defenders, notably slower 5’s. His defensive awareness is weak, and he is often too slow to defend guards on the perimeter. Toppin is long and athletic, but he’s also thin and easy to move around. When opposing big men post Toppin up, they only convert on 33% of their attempts, which ranks Toppin in the 86th percentile defending the post. He was efficient from the field, he shot almost 40% from three and averaged over one block and one steal per game. His opponents score 75% of their attempts and yield a PPP of 1.846 (extremely high). While his good vertical jump gets him those highlight reel blocks he isn’t a consistent rim protector and if he is going to be defending in the paint this will need to improve. Asserting himself in a variety of ways last season, Toppin relished the way Dayton spaced the floor as his ability to score one-on-one on the block, find angles to finish emphatically working with and without the ball, and budding ability to step out and make jump shots were magnified in the Flyers’ NBA-style system. Weight: 220 lbs Toppin is quite slender for a big man, so he’ll need to add some muscle if he wants to be able to contest with the big men in the NBA. That lands him in about the 75th percentile in screen & roll efficiency. A lightly regarded member of the high school class of 2016, Toppin opted to take a fifth year at Mt Zion Prep (MD) to little attention. Although he fits beautifully with the Warriors, I do not think Obi Toppin is the most talented player in this draft, and I would not select him over Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman, or Lamelo Ball if I were Golden State. by. He does have a high turnover percentage as the decision-maker on the break (33.3%), but on average, he still converts at a very high clip.

However, that is not the case. The mid-range shot is an asset, but the three-point shot is far more impactful from a stretch 5. There are times, however, where Toppin also struggles on the low-block, usually against more traditional big men.

Obi Toppin is the men’s AP National Player of the Year.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the power forward in action against some of the big-name programs of college basketball during the NCAA tournament. There are premier rim protectors in the NBA who won’t allow him to roll and score at the rim, so perfecting an outside jump shot is something he should be looking to accomplish this offseason. Sometimes the defense will collapse the ball handler, and Toppin will dive to the basket. Pick and roll defense is something that Toppin has struggled with throughout his career. Showing some instincts on the defensive end, Toppin was not steadily disruptive last season but displays a strong feel for the game and uses verticality pretty well even if he is not especially long. However, if teams are looking for guys who can make an impact without having the ball in their hands, Toppin may be the prospect they are looking for. Together, they would make a fast team that can score in a hurry. Input your search keywords and press Enter. The good news for Toppin is that the traditional big man is a dying breed. If he genuinely wants to find success in the NBA, I believe that this is where Toppin will find it. He sets most of his screens above the three-point line, which will translate very well in a spread offense that operates along with the three-point arc-like Atlanta, Portland or Golden State. Ranked 7th in the NCAA and 1st in the A-10 in scoring efficiency among players using over 10 possessions per game (1.20 ppp), Ranked 2nd in the A-10 in transition scoring (4,4 ppg), Ranked 2nd in the A-10 in cut scoring (3.6 ppg), Ranked 2nd in the A-10 in roll man scoring (2.5 ppg), Ranked 6th in the A-10 in post up scoring (4.2 ppg). I believe Toppin will end up being a nice complimentary piece who contributes on the offensive side of the ball.


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