npm uninstall all

If it's implemented, please make it work with the -g / --global flag as well.

This happens on npm 5.3.0. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. Enter the below command to come out from the directory. This npm command can be used to remove not required packages from your node_modules directory and devDependencies modules if NODE_ENV environment variable is set to production and if you don’t want remove devDependencies then you need to set — production=false. Avoiding CORS Errors on Localhost (in 2020). This repository has been archived by the owner. In the case of bug reports, often the underlying issue will be addressed but finding related issues is quite difficult and often incomplete. If it's implemented, please make it work with the -g / --global flag as well. To uninstall node.js and npm, Open Windows "Control Panel" -> "Uninstall a program", select Node.js and click on uninstall to uninstaill both node.js and npm. Learn more. (Although I have used different scripts at times.) Consider, you’re developing a shiny new node.js project and according to your need, design, and business logic, you’ve installed many NPM packages, but at the end you realized, that you don’t need many packages, so now you want to remove all unused npm packages and sub-modules of it, which is not defined in package.json, for that purpose npm cli, provides a method, which we will discuss and learn how to use it in this node.js how to tutorial, so let’s learn npm command to uninstall unused packages in Node.js. they're used to log you in. Did everyone else lose interest? A handy trick that I've been using is linking local npm packages using npm link. The npm unpublish command removes a package from the registry. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to clear or remove the cache from npm. this looks like a really great feature and I thought npm already had.

-D, --save-dev: The package will be removed from your devDependencies. Been there, done that. 70 Copy link MarkTiedemann commented Nov 2, 2015 Been there, done that. Enter the below command to remove the Node js from MacOS. then npm run build. If this was a bug report and it is still relevant then we encourage you to open it again as a new issue. Additionally, if you have an npm-shrinkwrap.json file, it will also be updated. Building a simple REST API with NodeJS and Express. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. # sudo rm -R node_modules. … When you run this command in global mode, it will uninstall the current package context as a global package. Just how you can npm uninstall foo without removing foo from your package.json, you should also be able to npm uninstall --all w/o touching your package.json file.

Npm-token Cleanup directories. When we install a package using the command npm… Reactgo Angular React Vue.js Reactrouter Algorithms GraphQL. It doesn't look like this feature has been added. You should consider using the deprecate command instead, if what you intend is to encourage users to upgrade. The last tutorial was a guide to creating and managing your npm tokens, the tutorial you are about to read will show you how you can remove a package as well as how to get your package unpublished. Async and Await in JavaScript, the extension to a promise. When you run this command in global mode, it will uninstall the current package context as a global package.

If anybody has put some effort into this already please reference. This doesn't work on Windows (in some cases). @legodude17, the reason is described by the OP: My reasoning for doing so is that the NTFS (Windows) file system has issues removing directories where the path name is longer than some character limit. Recently I needed to delete all npm package folders which had been installed into the node_modules directory of a project. (Although I have used different scripts at times.). # cd .. Go to bin folder using below command. At work, we have our own npm packages that we manage and maintain.

Remove one or all dependencies from package.json, then prune and you're good... @jfbrennan no, because you shouldn't have to remove them from your package.json to uninstall them.

Here you also have to delete the node folder to uninstall the Node js completely.

@legodude17, @gustavohenke is correct. Npm uninstall angular-cli, will remove the angular cli as well as all the dependencies that were installed for it to work on your environment. This npm uninstall command will remove a package. npm uninstall --all An added benefit of this command would be that it should work across all operating systems and CLI environments. Please stop adding "+1" comments and go hit the button on Issue #19967, in windows Now let’s see, how to use npm prune with example: steps by step procedure to use npm prune: If you see an npm module remain in your node_modules directory even after running npm prune even though it’s not in package.json, then you need to check your npm-shrinkwrap.json if it’s present then you need to delete it and then You can follow below method to solve this problem. Could you not just delete the contents of node_modules? First, remove the npm packages from packages.json file and save the file. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. There are four optional flags that you can pass to the command, they are: -S, --save: The package will be removed from your dependencies. You can then undo the changes to package.json so you still have the original dependency tree.

Using the default registry (, the unpublish command is only allowed with versions published in the last 72 hours. --no-save: The package will not be removed from your package.json file. Like rm -rf node_modules? unbuild runs the rm command (osx and linux) then if it fails it will run the rd command (windows). If this was a feature request then you should feel free to open it again, or even better open a PR. As you can see on StackOverflow, people are looking for a way to uninstall all node modules in one shot. My reasoning for doing so is that the NTFS (Windows) file system has issues removing directories where the path name is longer than some character limit.


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