norwegian state salary scale

The cost of living in Norway is 100 percent higher than the national average. Easy mate. All employers are obligated to provide any protective working clothes and footwear. State the pay grade if the employee has agreed pay in accordance with a pay grade in an employment contract.

Au Pairs: There is a separate registration system for au pairs, or live-in nannies, and different rules apply. These regulations are only available in Norwegian. Changing payroll system, merger, acquisition, merger of two municipalities, etc. So, get clued up! Exorbitant parking fees, if you have a cellphone provided by your work, and you use it for private use, another tax. Whether the employment is ordinary, maritime or other, and how to change in the event of an error, Employee who receive salary (applies to the vast majority), Employee who works at sea, on a vessel or a mobile installation, Exceptions for ordinary and maritime employment. Excl. So… your “high” wage is quickly reduced. actual rentals, maintenance and repair of the dwelling, Water supply and miscellaneous services relating to the dwelling, Electricity, gas and other fuels, furnishings, household equipment and routine maintenance of the house. There are supplements due for work on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. How and when to request a salary increase. At the time of writing, the basic hourly wage is set at NOK 173.10 for unskilled labourers and production workers. State the pay grade the first time you report the employment and repeat it every month up to and including the month in which you terminate the employment. Non-salary benefits and supplementary employment.....6 6. Of course, I am learning the language. It's what attracts thousands of immigrants every year. Generally collective agreements feature one fixed hourly rate for everyone over the age of 18. For work that involves overnight stays e.g.

However, at the higher end of the scale things can be different. I would really appreciate if someobe could guide me. That being said, tax is nothing like 50%, did you read that on Fox News? Graduates, what should you know about your future salary? Bus drivers in Norway can expect to earn an annual wage of between NOK 410,000-440,000.

actually, they are paid from their tax kitty…… now you should stop wondering why the tax in Norway is so high………. Salaries vary drastically among different job categories. Norway is heavily unionised and the vast majority of employees across a huge range of sectors belong to a trade union. As taxes are 50per cent and it does matter if a cleaner earns 3000 euro a month or just 1500…. Your email address will not be published. Many electricians are self-employed and can charge whatever the market can bear. However I consider our standard of living to be higher. for each pay grade. Examples of how to switch from one employment type to another. They are gross, of course. These unions come to collective agreements on salaries and working conditions with companies, which are then applied to all workers, not just union members. Incl. Thank you in advance ! In these cases, salaries are negotiated between the employer and employee. Roshan: scroll up and try to find Hospitality, you will find answer to your question. The average salary in Norway is 582k kr. We take a look at the minimum wages payable in selected industries. It has around 880,000 members, which when you compare to the population of around 5.3 million is quite something! Main salary (A table) YS/Unio/LO (pdf) - (applies also to employees who are not members of a trade union) For members of Akademikerne salary is stated in NOK. As with a lot of manual labour in Norway, much of the workforce comes from overseas. ! The formula for a winning company culture. Salaries for research jobs tend to be openly available and published alongside the job advertisements. United States (2016): 78.69 years, As for depression and life expectancy… Suicide rate per 100,000 (2016), Norway 10.1 People employed as cleaners must be paid a minimum of NOK 181.43 if they are over 18, and NOK 133.39 if not. Introduction In general, higher education institutions are deeply affected by their political, social and cultural environments.


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