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(For political reasons, the government fears that Bert Awkes may upseat Jimmy Mitchell in the forthcoming election. Our, “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Kind and patient, Sam remains a quiet source of strength throughout the play. Life is rudimentary, difficult and makeshift but they are spirited and resourceful. Davis again encourages the audience to understand the Millimurra family’s struggle with hygiene owing to sub-standard living conditions and reduced rations.

Dr Jennifer Minter, English Works, (VCE Resources), Join the English Language Year 12 Membership Program to learn the skills critical to success in English Language (Units 3 to 4), Improve your written and analytical skills, and write fluent text response-essays and argument analysis, Improve your essay-writing skills and much more. He replies “I’m not wait’ ‘round here all day.” On Australia Day, he insightfully and courageously announces to the entire assembled company at the Moore River Settlement that the transfer of his family and other Aborigines to said settlement was “nothin’ to do with bloody scabies” but so “them wetjalas vote for [Jimmy Mitchell],” showing that he is a voice for the Aboriginal people. Not like my country, finish… finish. ‘No Sugar’, by Jack Davis is a stage drama which uses many different techniques of spoken language in order to shape the numerous themes that it presents. Neal throws the tobacco contemptuously on the floor to Billy who must go and search for the runaways.

Jimmy systematically exposes the hypocrisy of the Government, but his addiction to alcohol acutely captures their loss of faith, their degradation and their sense of despair. ), Mr Neville instigates the procedure to forcibly remove the aborigines owing to “scabies”. Jimmy states that the whites (wetjalas) “took our country” and therefore the Indigenous Australians are in a helpless position of dependence. The family consists of Gran, the matriarch, her son, Jimmy, daughter Milly, Milly's husband, Sam, and their three children: Joe, David, and Cissie. GRAN begins to sing. He does not gain justice. David and Cissie, who are only children, are also subjected to racism at school, where they receive dirty apples with holes in them, instead of big, juicy ones like the white children get. Not like my country, finish… finish. For example, an Aboriginal Australian was shot while stealing flour and that was “the beginning of the end”  at Pinjarra. ), “I was born ‘black’ in a white society that spoke oh so easily of ‘justice’, ‘democracy’, ‘fair go’, ‘Christian love’ and had me and mine living in old tin sheds, under scraps of iron, starving on what we could catch – goanna, rabbit, kangaroo, or on what we could find – bread and fat, treasures of old lino and hessian bags from the white man’s rubbish tip to keep us a little bit dry and warmer in the winter.’. Jimmy fights back, but he has a weak heart and cannot handle the exertion. Waiwai! [He sits in silence. At the Moore River Settlement, Mr. Neal tries to convince Sister Eileen to stop lending books and novels to the Indigenous population. He picked up the chubel spear and speared Midja George.

Characters like Gran are resourceful and show amazing strength to withstand adversity. Owing to their disadvantaged social status their problems are magnified and they are more easily exploited. The dance becomes faster and more frantic until finally SAM lets out a yell and they collapse, dropping back to their positions around the fire. According to Davis, the First Australians are completely dependent upon Government rations and yet the government restricts these arbitrarily. There is a happy land,Far, far away.No sugar in our tea,Bread and butter we never see.That’s why we’re graduallyFading away. Mr Neville, (the Chief Protector of WA) was of the view that “within one hundred years the pure black will be extinct.” He reported that in 1937, the population of full-blooded had decreased from 60,000 to 20,000. There is also a suggestion of humour in the constant references to the First Australians who must be given “some practical training” and who must learn to wipe their noses and be given more handkerchiefs (18). Enforcement of the protectionist legislation at the local level was the responsibility of protector’s who were usually police officers. Some of them guddeahs real bad. […] I think some practical training from yourself and Matron in its correct usage would be appropriate. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. Save Download. In the 1980s and 1990s in Western Australia, Indigenous Australians consisted of 3 per cent of the population, yet their numbers in prison often increased to 30 per cent of the population.

That they often speak in their own language helps Davis draw attention to their cultural differences and their alienation from mainstream culture. No Sugar.

Important Quotes. NEAL: Look, my experience with natives in South Africa and here has taught—led me to believe that there’s a lot of wisdom in the old adage that ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. Depression: Unemployment in the West is tipped to reach 30 per cent. In contrast, white Australians use English, especially written English, as a method of gatekeeping, actively discouraging Aboriginal children from learning to read, or else using complicated documents to confuse the Aboriginal people who are signing them. The Millimurra family often speak in their own language which shows their unique relationship to culture, land and lifestyle. Joe seethes resentfully. They were given severe punishments, including solitary confinements for minor misdeeds. The era in which No Sugar is set, the 1920s and 30s, was an assimilation period for Aboriginals, one in which white Australians forced Aboriginals to conform to the conventions of Western society in the hopes of suppressing their culture. Their entry to and exit from reserves was regulated as was their everyday life on the reserves, their right to marry and their employment. Accordingly, the ‘protectionist’ legislation was used to remove Indigenous children.

He knows it is just a political stunt; he wishes to protect his  power   “so he could have a nice, white little town, white little fuckin’ town”  (94). Language is used constantly to reinforce  differences. Davis suggests that the focus of Australian pride centres around the achievements of the pioneers. Mary: ‘Coz I said I wasn’t gunna go and work for guddeah on a farm. The parody of the hymn also highlights another of Jack Davis’s concerns – that aboriginal cultural legends and stories have been relegated to the margins in place of the dominate Christian narrative. Gran often uses terms from her Nyoongah (South West) Language group. (“He give you six months.”)  The use of both these languages reflects cultural differences. David is whipped by Billy and forced to attend religious lessons despite the Sister’s protestations, “we don’t hit people to make them do God’s will” (84). Typical of their off-the-record banter, the Constable and Sergeant talk about poisoning the “natives”: it is “too late to adopt the Tasmanian solution” (39.) Jack Davis, Noong-ah, was born in 1917 in Perth; his mother was taken from her tribe in Broome and reared by a white family; his father, William Davis, was also removed and reared by whites. (including. Frank bemoans the  “gubmet” because he had a couple of bad seasons and lost his farm. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased.

Not only were they separated from their families and relatives, but they were regimented and locked up like caged animals, locked in their dormitory after supper for the night. [He sits in …

This is symbolic of the violent act of dispossession, which so infuriates Jimmy.

The constant references to hygiene and the soap rations reinforce Davis’s point that white dogma (policy) typecasts Indigenous Australians as unclean “savages” who need to be civilised and reminded to wash. the social and historical context, which makes it difficult for Aboriginal Australians to earn a decent and honest living and to counter these stereotypes; the hypocritical attitude of those in power who exploit the First Australians in convenient and contemptible ways. ], JOE: All right! .. Jimmy challenges Mr Neville to share their supper of “bread and drippin’ and black tea”. Australia, like the rest of the world, is suffering from the Great Depression, and so work and money are scarce. No Sugar Themes Racism. Nearly all finish. Gran is good humoured despite the hardships she faces daily in her struggle to keep the family together and in her attempts to provide Cissie and David with an education. (60)Davis suggests that his problem with alcohol is linked with his feelings of despair. Finish, kill ’em. The aim was to remove children from their mothers around the age of four years and place them in dormitories away from their families.

As Mary later explains,  “he got wild I wouldn’t knuckle under to him”.

In this case, the government wants to move the families from their tents to a new reserve earmarked for the Guilford Road site which is not acceptable to the council. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. The families’ relationship with the dominant/mainstream cultural views and values: the story about the pioneers; attempts to read; (literary devices: alienating effect of language etc.

The continual use of native language bears the promise that the tradition will continue into future generations, in spite of the prevalence of English. The stage directions note that he “watches the blood on the ground”, symbolising the blood spent by his indigenous forebears. As Billy “hands [Joe] his whip”, Billy seems to redeem himself through the help he offers. The Constable tells Gran, “I don’t want any lip from you” (37), implying that she like other family members, are inconvenient rabble-rousers or troublemakers. She is trying to sell his motorcycle because he has only sold “one (wireless) in three weeks”. “Until the late 1960s Tasmanian governments resolutely insisted that Tasmania did not have an Aboriginal population, just some ‘half-caste’ people.”. Typical of their off-the-record banter, the Constable and Sergeant talk about poisoning the natives; it is  “too late to adopt the Tasmanian solution” (39). Protectionism is another prevalent theme in No Sugar, one that is most clearly seen in the actions of white people in charge of Aboriginals. Mr Neville treats Jimmy with contempt when he is trying to get his train fare to return home. Joe is released from prison and meets his new son, who he names “Jimmy” after his uncle. This leaves him open to exploitation and reinforces again his second-class status as well as the stigma attached to their aboriginality.

Matron Neal genuinely cares about the wellbeing of Moore River’s indigenous population, but Mr. Neal is more interested in his own quality of life, and in taking out anger, aggression, and lust on the Aboriginal Australians under his “care.” The Millimurra-Mundays arrive at Moore River and are immediately inspected by Matron Neal. “Fuck ‘em all”. JOE: No, Brudge, I can use glass if I wanna gut a rabbit. Frank Brown is also suffering difficulties with work and has to keep his wife and two children with her parents in Leederville while Frank looks for work (12). (He has been in jail four times for “drinkin, fightin’ and snowdroppin’” (taking clothes off the clothes lines). He subverts the white authorities attempts to dehumanise and control him. As Joe and Mary bid farewell to “each member” with the “fire [] burning” and a “magpie squawk[ing]”, Davis suggests that there is hope through reconnecting with their cultural identity.


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