ninjago season 13 episodes
During this, Cole meets his father, the leader of one particularly famous dance troupe, the “Royal Blacksmiths” who, if anything, is bossier than Sensei Wu. The ninja and Wu are referred to as heroes on the set boxes (ex: Hero Wu), indicating the name of this season's suits. The djinn says that if she marries him, he'll get infinite wishes. Lloyd and Red enter a cave for safety. Things have been calm in Ninjago until the four Ninja heroes must go on a new dangerous journey. Jay gives the venom dart to Flintlocke while the Ninja confront Nadakhan and Nya, who has become a reincarnation of Nadakhan's true lover, Dilara. Meanwhile, Lord Garmadon creates evil impersonations of the Ninja to deal with them. Following the events of the Overlord's defeat, much has changed: Ninjago City is now a futuristic metropolis and renamed New Ninjago City, the ninja, Sensei Wu, Nya and Dareth are teachers at Darkley's (now Sensei Wu's Academy) and Lloyd travels around Ninjago celebrating his victory. However, after Harumi tells Lloyd to pick it up, he realizes that she is The Quiet One. A mysterious falcon leads Zane to a treehouse, being built for Lloyd by the Hypnobrai. Mr. E runs after Zane and as they approach a cliff, they jump off their bikes. However, Lloyd is willing to compromise by saying the ninja will surrender, but he must allow the Geckles and Munce to remain free. The other Ninja travel by boat to a dangerous island, but during the journey, there is a lightning storm, and Zane goes below deck and finds Nadakhan, who tricks Zane into wishing himself away. Garmodon was bite by a venomous snake which turn him evil . They then establish trust by Kai and Nya, declaring peace with the opposing tribe. Once inside, they are met with the Min-Droid. Having given up hope, the Ninja learn of Clutch Powers' recent discovery and decide to go exploring with him. Shifty sells the ninja some grappling hooks and rope.

Once learning pirate talk and disguises as pirates, the Ninja set off to the re-constructing Kingdom of Djinjago realm. Skylor and Kai attempt to escape, but are captured. They also show how Lord Garmadon was banished to the Underworld and then managed to take over. Part II: The Ninja must protect Stiix from the Preemiment, but the beast is invincible. However, the Firstbourne senses the evil in him and attacks, trapping him in molten rock and leaving him to die. Then, the Grundle shows up and is about to consume the Ninja, when Master Wu and Nya arrive with some Tomorrow's Tea, tossing it to them.

Just then, the Sons of Garmadon, led by Ultra Violet and the mysterious Mr. E, attack the Palace to steal the Oni Mask. The ninja defeat the dragon and Jay delivers the final blow. The Ninja attempt to stop him, but they are ultimately subdued and unable to do so. Cole awakens from a dream to find himself surrounded by the Lowly, Master Wu, and Princess Vania. The ninja, pursued by Nindroids, retreat to Garmadon's monastery. The Ninja try to K get help from Neuro, but he fails to break into Chen's quarters. During the ensuing battle, Acronix reveals that he knew Kai and Nya's father and then escapes after faking his own demise. Sensei Wu then takes Lloyd under his wing. They found the skull and delivered it to the King, who - instead of destroying it, as he had promised - betrayed them and cast them into the mountain, taking the skull for himself.


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