nine of pentacles
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This is the harvest card where, at the end of a period of successful growth, there are rich pickings to be collected. If this is the case, then simply look elsewhere. Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretations. The only bad thing the Nine of Pentacles can suggest is that you may have reached your peak in your current workplace. Things can always happen, especially when you least expect them, so taking good care is necessary. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Relationships are hard to forge, but as life will soon tell you, breakups hit even harder. Needless to say, this card tells you that you will achieve all of this and then some more, ensuring that you will not only just earn money, you’ll be inspiring others as well.

The Nine of Pentacles in regards to numerology may reflect your material wealth. Her garden is behind a gate, overlooking the mountains. Sometimes the Nine of Pentacles can appear in a Tarot spread position as a negative, weakness, or disadvantage. Soon, you may be put in a situation where you have to let go of material comfort. For one, your partner may be on the verge of getting a raise or reaching an academic breakthrough, which both of you will be sure to enjoy. I promise, you won't regret it!

Her impulses work for her because they do not rule her. Nine represents completion and resolution. The upright Nine of Pentacles tarot card represents luxury, financial security, and self-confidence. You don’t know where you’ll be in a few years time, but drawing the Nine of Pentacles suggests that your future will be bright, positive and fulfilling. Health – The Nine of Pentacles tarot card is good when placed for health. If you regularly do the lottery, expect a surprising sum, but it’s more probable that something like payment of inheritance, or a large sum of owed money is coming back to you. The Nine of Pentacles shows that unlike others, you have learned from your own mistakes and you are working on moving forward in your life. Are you looking for work or have things taken a bad turn? It’s time to enjoy things that you’ve worked for, or obtained through other means. The void you are experiencing will not be remedied by the challenges, but the rewards will help you be content. Discover what nine of pentacles card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions. In the reverse position, the Nine of Pentacles means that you or your partner may have been wronging each other for some time now, and that you’re bound to pay the price. This card bodes well for retired women as well as divorced women who would rather keep their relationships out of their house. It might be affecting you now, and you may be finding it harder to relate to those less privileged. Similar in appearance to The Seven of Pentacles with the plant imagery, but with stark differences. With these in mind, take much heart. With the wealth you possess in nearly every area, you are ready to bring the good news unto others who might listen.

Friends – The Nine of Pentacles tarot in regards to friendship means things are going well. It is okay to seize the day and enjoy what you have, but always remember to prepare for eventualities. Reaping life’s rewards is the main theme of the Nine of Pentacles, especially in its upright position. Love Meaning - Nine of Pentacles Upright. Perhaps things are not as solid as they seem, and you might not be seeing the symptoms or cause just yet. In regards to education, it might mean that you’ve hit the sweet spot where your teachers know you understand the work and ask you fewer questions. Once you understand it’s a full circle, you’ll be better off without. The Nine of Pentacles suggests that you or someone you know is a woman that doesn't need a man to fulfill any sense of self.

Future – The Nine of Pentacles in the future position suggests a fairy tale ending. You are presented with a choice: come clean and set yourself straight before it’s too late, or suffer the consequences of your actions.

Aside from this, he stands on flat lands, seemingly overcoming the chaos of the unknown within the background. Misty Thompson, 42, Homemaker - Caregiver, "...Helping me hone my unique characteristics...". Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Join the revolution!

Our shadow side can serve us well, but only when it is directed. This makes it all the better when it comes to romantic matters, since it means you not only have a partner that is charming, intelligent and wise, you two constantly enjoy great accomplishments together. The Nine of Pentacles is the ninth tarot card in the suit of Pentacles. Nine of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, Pentacles IX. Seize this opportunity and work!. Nine of Pentacles's Meaning. Work / Education – The Nine of Pentacles tarot card in regards to work can strongly suggest a promotion. Even when we think we have it worst, we really don’t, it’s all a matter of relativity. She is synced with the forces of nature. You are secure in life right now, think about how you can help others, especially if this isn’t something you do regularly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

It can be anything from getting kicked out of the house to being unable to pay an emergency hospital bill for yourself or your family. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Your experience should open new doors for you. Nine of Pentacles as a Negative, Weakness or Disadvantage. The answer you seek is more than likely yes. Want To Learn What The Nine of Pentacles Means For YOU? Past – The Nine of Pentacles in the Past position has a few interpretations, and it’ll depend on what you had in mind when you dealt with the spread.

Of course, this means getting rid of the notion that you must necessarily earn more. Don’t expect any arguments or gossip now or in the near future. Did you have a spoiled childhood where everything was taken care of for you? Don’t blow things out of proportion, you’re comfortable where you are now, and there’s no reason to change. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. He wears a yellow glove and holds a peculiar bird, which counts for both extravagance and utility.

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Amelie Rose Estrela is a gifted psychic and lead author for tarot-explained. If you’re feeling spontaneous, now is the time to just pack up some things and go explore. Though the rewards of a recent project are not yet obvious, you will receive abundantly for your work.

Did you have well-off parents? Wealth is a powerful communicator; having much of it means that you’re going to be a lot more confident in all the other areas. The Nine of Pentacles is a card of sacrifice and discipline as a means to getting what you want. You should be in a period where you don’t need to concern yourself with health. This woman enjoys her cultured life because she has mastered her baser instincts. We hang on to a lot of possessions that would really help those less fortunate. Thanks! This tendency to desire for so much more than what you could need or even want can lead you to stress out about the tiniest of details, such as how expensive your clothes are or making unnecessary quotas which leads to self-harm if they are not met. It may also indicate that a time of hardship for you is ending and a counter-balancing time of pleasant living is at hand.

Below, you will find details of the card meanings of The Nine of Pentacles tarot card. More than 60,000 people trust Individualogist as the leading resource for archetypes and individuation. Uncover the hidden secrets of your personality by taking our free quiz now! Do it! The Nine of Pentacles can also be a sign of discipline and self-control. It could mean finally being rewarded for all of your efforts in business or important projects in your life. Present – The Nine of Pentacles tarot in the present position means life is going steady. It may also indicate that a time of hardship for you is ending and a counter-balancing time of pleasant living is at hand. Many nines in a reading suggest that your current situation is coming to an end, and a new cycle is just around the corner. If this is the case, the Nine of Pentacles can indicate that you have created a lifestyle which you no longer want but that you have to maintain. Think about that for a while though; do you think you’ll attain your goals and be happy, or later in life simply prioritise your goals? For instance, the Nine of Pentacles could denote a woman whose children are grown and who now lives alone. In its reverse, the Nine of Pentacles can represent profound greed and relentless ambition. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Trusted Tarot is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on 65,292 reviews. Understand that it’s all a cycle of buying, using, and stopping.


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