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netero says "i must fight him before my heart is swayed"? because netero clearly saw the possibility that this king ant before him had the potential for compassion and if anything was a lot more reasonable than most human rulers ever have been, even netero saw that meruem changed. Imo it would be a draw with neither of them being able to beat the other. Well didn't Pitou say Gon was at the kings level when he did that over the top thing? at the very begging meruem was evil but by the time he met netero it was obvious he stopped being evil and he even didn't like the idea of hypnotizing people i remember him saying something about it like "what's the point of having lifless puppets doing whatever i want" and even netero said he was wavering between ant and human but the human part was the dominant one so why did he kill him ?

I thought the buildup and tension was incredible, and I thought that the dialogue before and during the fight was great. Even though Ging might be a better nen user, I still think that Netero is the strongest human. Secondly, as he stated throughout the entire fight with Netero, he never said once he'd stop killing humans. Seeing everyone charge in, and hearing that ominous "Dragon Dive" from another legendary old man - Zeno Zoldyck - who was now raining projectiles on the castle while Netero and him are riding a DRAGON IN THE SKY; it was just absolutley incredible. Prime netero's nen ability was as strong as when he fought meruem because it's power only comes from it speed, which never change. Netero and Meruem are both great characters and it was a clash of two titans. Not only is he a badass old man (every good anime needs one of those), but his morals and overall purpose was interesting. Don’t worry I have finished the show and have done research regarding the following chapters of the manga. Meruem completely outclassed Netero in every other aspect of combat. In the movie Netero and Jed fighting caused a nuclear esque explosion lol, take that as you will. Calm down lol. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HunterXHunter community. To sum this up, the fight is great the way it is - but if they wanted to make the stakes a bit higher, they could have actually tested Meruem and made Netero seem as strong as he really is. Netero is definitely one of my favourite characters. It seems like you enjoyed the series as much as I did and I highly recommend the Manga as it expands on everything seen in the 2007 version of the show. I'd say whoever runs out of aura first. RELATED: The 10 Best Gunslingers In Anime, Ranked. Honestly the fact that netero was even able to scratch meruem goes a long way in showing he was the strongest human, considering meruem would blitz anyone else. Could have beaten Meruem? It'd be pretty hard for Netero to come back with news like 'well I made some great negotiations so Meruem agreed to only eat 90% of humans instead of 99.9999%'. My problems start when Netero and Meruem actually begin fighting. If so, could he have beaten post rose Meruem? Meruem's 'compassion' would be equivalent of human that says he supports ethical treatment of animals like free range chicken, but he still expects to eat the chicken. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I also enjoyed the strategic side of the fight (the dialogue I was talking about) because it gave an insight to what both characters were thinking and feeling. It was just kind of random so it left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Prime Netero can never wins against meruem in a fight.

I totally agree that the last fight seems a bit out of sorts when Netero cant really damage Meruem and like you said, hits him all those times and barely starts to dent him. One more thing.

The Netero vs Jed fight was cool but is not cannon so does not count. Netero with a speed and agility buff would be scary.

Netero quickly became one of my favourite characters after convincing Gon and Killua to partake in a silly game with him during the Hunter Exam. I'm not sure you're remembering that time like I am. It spoke a lot to how not even one individuals own efforts and potential can come close to the malice/evolution of humanity, but humanity is also capable of great good and benevolence, which is what the CAA explores (two sides of the same coin, animal and man and the good and bad within both). Theoretically there's no way Netero could damage the cat because of the aura output and overall stronger body, but nen-fights are more complex than that, as even Meruem was feeling dull pain. To start off - I thought the fight was great. To be clear, we can use what he showed in his fight with Jed here in this debate? Honestly, whoever was the 'chosen ones' for human would be quite well off in Meruem's society because he seems to be a total meritocracy type of guy, but it'd really suck if you're an ordinary guy because you'd just be dinner for some random ant. The Ants are portrayed as the monsters but the bomb shows that - like you said - even humans are full of malice.

Meruem admitted that the only instance in which he loses to Netero in terms of speed is when the latter executes the motion to activate his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva. Prime netero's physical strength would do nothing to meruem, would not push meruem away and meruem could all the time rip off prime netero's limbs (when he did to had hyakushiki kannon). Neteros a human, do remember that. He was wavering between human and ant, but first of all, if Netero had spared him and he ends up staying to his ant side, they would pretty much lose the advantage they had at the moment. Would definitely be an incredible fight. and the last scene with meruem and komugi literally fucked me up lol i cried so hard.

We haven't seen any active top 5 fighting and we've seen there exists human with talent like Tserriednich (although we don't know what is his ceiling yet).

It does make sense, and the Bomb does highlight the atrocities human kind can create, but I guess I wasn’t expecting that from Netero lol. Will be extremely interesting if we can ever get it finished lol. Do you think Prime Netero, the version who fucked on Jedd.

One of the most amazing things on this Anime for me is that we only see Netero fight ONCE, and even then he loses. I think most people totally missed how lopsided the fight is because Meruem used a Shogi analogy when he said fighting Netero in his terms (subdue him by countering his technique, no lethal damage) is equal to 3 pieces down in Shogi. It also shows how the collective malice of humanity can help them persevere through even the biggest threat. I understand that Meruem is extremely strong, and that Netero was well out of his prime (although he gained some of that strength back), but I felt as if it was TOO one-sided. Of all the characters we had met up to that point, it was obvious that he was the only one who could even approach Meruem. I get that Meruem is this all powerful being who is made up of the strongest humans these ants could find, but Netero was hyped up to be the strongest character we have seen in the entire show. Meruem's 'compassion' would be equivalent of human that says he supports ethical treatment of animals like free range chicken, but he still expects to eat the chicken. The fight was great and all but I do not think it should have been as one sided as it was. More posts from the HunterXHunter community.


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