nebraska master angler
It was Hunter’s first animal harvested with a .22 rifle. Noteworthy: Moments after dropping his line in the water, the 3-year-old needed a little assistance from grandpa Keith Bonner to reel in this fish caught with a bait worm.

0000001625 00000 n Seitz agreed.

30 in.

In the meantime, think I will go fishing. It had been a great summer. 0000006759 00000 n “It is a moment to not be forgotten,” Paltani said. ;4 lbs.

Thought the same thing.

All fish must be taken from Nebraska waters. Thanks for sharing,! Haha!

0000001517 00000 n ; 1 lb. or 15 lbs be submitted ate the fish is GLER om Nebraska rivate waters s required to hook-and-line. Richard Hagen couldn’t find Brutus a home, so he drove back to the Missouri River with the 89-pound flathead catfish swimming in an old deep freezer in the back of his pickup. Measurements are in inches. 0000000897 00000 n . Noteworthy: He was fishing with his father, Aaron Taylor, and Jerry Lovell. See rules and an application form and then search the Master Angler database for all the “secret” baits, times and waters to catch your trophy fish. 0000008746 00000 n Any fish kept in a livewell or on a stringer must meet the minimum weight requirement to receive an award. Size: 40 pounds, 50 inches.

It took three people to net the fish and hoist him into the boat. %PDF-1.3 %���� Name: Tom Boyer, Omaha, with grandfather Jeff Carney Species: Blue catfish Where: Sandpit Lake near Ashland, Nebraska Size: 45 inches Noteworthy: This isn’t the first big catfish Tom has caught, but he earned his first Master Angler certificate. ; 15 lbs.

Noteworthy: The fish qualifies for Nebraska Game and Parks' Master Angler recognition. Hagen made some calls after it was weighed, hoping to find it a home.

Wish i was a master angler, I'm just a master baiter :( good catch. It was released unharmed. 0000001804 00000 n Each year thousands of Nebraska anglers qualify as Master Anglers by catching trophy-size fish. They then checked with Todd Carrick of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, who said it was a master angler catch. ; 10 lbs. What I have discovered is that those things do not happen overnight, and Lord knows I do not have the programming skills to make it happen. 0000007716 00000 n Next Grilled Curry Quail Recipe.

Congrats to your boy! Walleye – 28 in. But there can’t be many. Recently, the Scottsbluff Star-Herald ran a great story on the wetland and stream restoration project on […], Security, Accessibility, and Privacy Policies.

A walleye of 28 inches or 8 pounds qualifies for a Nebraska Master Angler award. 11 oz; Paul Abegglen Sr., Columbus Ne; 10/2/1965; Sandpit

Size: 21 inches. The quick-thinking captain gaffed it before it let go. �l��W4 It's taken several years of trying for Brooke Williams to harvest a buck. This is the second big catfish Grant has caught with his grandfather, Jeff Carney. �$�$ĸ�S~� I will keep campaigning for that, and dreaming. Noteworthy: The 9-year-old thought another little fish was stealing his night crawler.

“We look forward to more proud moments like this one when Wyatt comes of age to hunt.”, Name: Clay Gathye, Gretna, and grandpa Larry Gathye, Omaha. Noteworthy: Dean, 92, was fishing for trout when he caught this koi. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Recently, the Scottsbluff Star-Herald ran a great story on the wetland and stream restoration project on Dry Spotted Tail Creek. Name: Don Paltani and grandson Wyatt, Bellevue, Noteworthy: Paltani said it was a proud moment.

; 1 lb.

Bass – Rock; 11 in. The past 5 years, we have issued an average of 1,750 Master Angler awards each year. This season, hunters can expect good deer and deer populations. Saugeye – 23 in. Noteworthy: Mitch was fishing with his grandfather, Gary Lortz. These organisms can be plants, fish, mussels, crayfish, invertebrates or pathogens. Sleep Tight, Kermie. ; 12 lbs.

Anglers 16 years of age or older must possess a current Nebraska fishing permit and enter the permit number on the application.

He returned it to the water two days after fighting nearly 45 minutes to land what will be a state record fish. Northern Pike – 36 in. Fishing offers the safety of social distancing and provides a family activity that can be done close to home, said Greg Wagner, a public information officer for Nebraska Game and Parks. 0000000844 00000 n – Hunters are advised to be cautious and avoid heavy equipment performing wetland restoration work at Marsh Duck Wildlife Management Area in York County. Minimum lengths are used strictly for Master Angler Awards for an individual fish that was caught and released. I believe we will be getting a bunch of those in the mail in the next week or two. Some callers didn’t believe the fish was still alive when Hagen returned it to the water. Noteworthy: Bridget and Phil White caught six trigger fish and one white and one red snapper while out on a fishing charter. Look at that smile,,,✌.

Sucker – 18 in. Minimum weights must be met to qualify for a Master Angler Award for a harvested fish. “That’s the biggest freshwater fish I’ve ever seen up close,” conservation officer Matt Seitz said. Download Master Angler Award … It was netted by Doug’s father, Warren Mellema of Omaha. This time he did, although he did take three rest breaks.

All four of Nebraska’s tour pros return to action Thursday for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic shut down sports in March. Noteworthy: The 11-year-old used a Silver Wally Diver to catch the 9-pound fish, which was her second master angler walleye. This is the cutest photo I’ve seen! Nate was fishing with his father, Tom Ruffino, and friends Frank and Andy Tworek, Ron Schmidt and Frank Mason.


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