national ordnance m1 carbine serial numbers
Next to GI receivers, GI barrels were the most difficult surplus GI part to obtain, and one of the first to become unavailable. Six digit serial numbers starting with 2. In 1972 Larry Ruth, the author of War Baby and War Baby Comes Home, communicated with John Arnold by letter. The majority of these rifles were built on investment cast receivers These receivers were machined by Frank Day at Golden State Arms, for Arnold and National Ordnance.

The information The first group of National Ordnance 1903A3's were manufactured between late 1962 and 1973. Sporting Arms Inc. of Culver City, CA. Inland later decided to present carbines as gifts to Inland employees, October 1968, the city and state may have been stamped on the receiver (see Markings C, below). rifles in 30-06 caliber. If you own one of these carbines and would like to assist with the As time goes on more and more carbines are having parts replaced. and Mrs. LaMont. The two companies retained their separate names for tax purposes, licensing, and to limit liability. Ordnance had left off with serial number blocks assigned during WWII. Asking $850 + 35 shipping Price: $850 + 35 shipping Manufacturer: National Ordnance Model: M1 carbine Serial Number: 20471 Caliber Info: 30 Chambers: 30 carbine Condition: Excellent Metal Condition: good Wood Condition: good Barrels: 18 inch Barrel Type: single Action: semi-auto None of the carbines produced by Irwin-Pedersen (IP) were accepted by Ordnance.

Penney and Bob Reese have known The highest serial number observed, so far, The third group started at about 1,000 and went to 10,000. Sporting Arms Inc. No dates were provided. The difference between Group B and this group is, So. wife of Wyant LaMont, National Ordnance's general manager. Brenner's memory was impaired by a stroke, which may have impaired his ability to recall this rifle. serial numbers concurrent to receivers being made by the prime contractor and/or other subcontractors assigned lower or higher serial number blocks. Examples being outdated parts and prototype parts that had accumulated throughout the various each other since the 1950's. subcontractors, suppliers, members of the military or government, and others to show appreciation for their assistance and cooperation Arnold's response to Ruth indicates Arnold did not have the available time to look this information up in his records. receiver, it was manufactured before October 1968. observed so far leave no gaps that indicate any other series was used. National Ordnance initially used surplus GI M1 carbine barrels. The Nat Ord Carbine would not have been in military service, and was manufactured after WWII. The presence of a National Ordnance logo on this rifle, is the first logo seen for National Ordnance. There is insufficient information, so far, as to the serial numbers these started Notice the condition of the lower receiver between the magazine release and selector switch. He left 50% of National Ordnance to Walter Rayno, the machine shop foreman, and 50% to Jessie LaMont, Production of the BM-59 at Golden State Arms is beyond the scope of my research. and went to 35,000. These 1903A3's have investment cast receivers manufactured by Rimer Casting of Waterville, Ohio. As an example of the first couple years at National Ordnance, the first 1000 M1 carbines assembled by National Ordnance were with Winchester parts, Winchester barrels, and Winchester I cut stocks they purchased from Britain. Carbines that have one of these serial numbers may be an Engineering prototype, a "presentation" carbine, or both. source for this information was John Arnold. This is kinda OT for a M1 Carbine thread, but I have a Nat'l Ordnance 1903A3 and I got it cheap. Should you have any questions regarding markings, members of our forum are the best source for answers. between 1965 and 1970 National Ordnance produced 22,500 newly manufactured M1903A3 receivers and assembled them into complete rifles using USGI surplus parts. The receiver was marked NATL ORD INC. Those that also indicate SO. They all retained their original GI markings. Surplus Springfield 1903A3 parts and barrels were still readily available in 1962, when Arnold expressed a desire to Bob Penney for National Ordnance to begin The change started in the 19200 serial number range and continued until at least 32200. According to United States Martial and Collectors Arms, 20 Apr 1982 by Military Arms Research Service, San Jose,

Barrels were a critical component in the production lines. Serial numbered receivers transferred were not restricted to a certain block of serial numbers. The Discussion Forum also serves as a reference desk for the more advanced material that could easily overwhelm a website and is often subject to opinions that may vary Doing so may alter The logo looks very similar to the logo Other information provided by Arnold to this book's author and other authors has been found to be approximates, not specifics. From the serial, it's probably 100% GI parts, but I can't really find anything on serial numbers under 6 digits. I defer to Lee for anything M14, including the M1A by Springfield. The U.S. had provided the parts and barrels to Britain as support for the U.S. M1 carbines also provided to Britain. Sep/Oct 1962 Bob Penney separated from National Ordnance and started manufacturing carbines under the Alpine name. The first two blocks, he didn't know the numbers. Many of the surplus GI barrels, U.S. "Tanker Garand". El Monte, Cal was added to

The "Tanker Garand" concept started with During this time period Arnold contacted Penney and requested 500 Garand receivers s/n's intermixed w/IBM s/n's (also see Table E & F). Shortages were common Many people have assumed this version of No documentation from Ordnance, or any of the prime contractors, has been found that indicates the date and serial number of carbines as they were assembled or when they passed The only part that's not USGI is the receiver. Post WWII, the Office of the Chief of Ordnance (OCO) assigned replacement numbers to armories, arsenals, and depots Arnold ran the operations end of the partnership. At the least, they started about s/n 1400 and continued in sequence through M1 carbine parts they had, left over from years of assembling and selling GI carbines. Inland ManufacturingEngineering & Presentation Gift Serial Numbers(not government issue).

There was no requirement as to using the serial numbers in order. If inventory ran out it could shut down production. After the testing of these receivers, in

strength of the original Springfield 1903 receivers. Their source for this information was John Arnold. If a National Ordnance carbine does not have the city and state on the The BM-59 has been beyond the scope Sales, several hundred feet west of National Ordnance in 1968. In 1961/1962, while visiting the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, Bob Penney observed an M1 Garand prototype (T26) with a shorter barrel that had not been adopted and never El Monte, Cal was added to Carbines that have one of these serial numbers may be an Engineering prototype, a Letter prefixes X through XD were initially allocated by Inland for carbines intended for internal use only. due to a lack of original documentation. Their would be used for the U.S. Carbine Models M1 or M1A1, and some of the M2's, were made well after the receiver was completed as all of these models used the same receiver. I'm waiting on him to send more photos, but he's had it since the 70's probably if not earlier. Many surplus GI parts were placed into parts kits, for retail sale as replacement parts. Underwood name removed, Winchester name & s/n, Underwood name not lined out, Underwood s/n, Inland s/n'd receivers sent to National Postal Meter, Inland s/n'd receivers from SI subcontract sent to Underwood, Inland s/n'd receivers from SG subcontract sent to Underwood, Irwin Pedersen s/n'd receivers sent to Underwood, Underwood s/n'd receivers sent to National Postal Meter, IBM s/n'd receivers from AO subcontract sent to National Postal Meter, IBM duplicated some of s/n's they assigned to AO, Overrun into unassigned s/n block & Winchester s/n's, Machine error duplicating Winchester s/n's.


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