naraku and kagome

After he revealed to the Inu-gang and Naraku is the one who killed Kikyō, Miroku also joined them. Kagome is depressed when InuYasha repremands her for wanting to go home for a day. Kagome warned the others she had a bad feeling about finding a Jewel Shard so close to Naraku's castle. His ancestor, Hōjō Akitoki, had such an infatuation with her that he even convinced his future wife to change her name to Kagome. Naraku sought out the help of a dark priestess named Tsubaki, a woman who had a longtime grudge against Kikyō; Naraku hoped that Tsubaki would be able to use her dark magic to kill Kagome and Inuyasha. Naraku sought out the help of a dark priestess named Tsubaki,[7] a woman who had a longtime grudge against Kikyō; Naraku hoped that Tsubaki would be able to use her dark magic to kill Kagome and Inuyasha.

Satsuki YukinoJunko Iwao (Shōnen Sunday CM) A red ribbon is tied in the front and laced through a loop attached to the blouse. "InuYasha."

*Note: Kagome's spiritual powers are normally a pale glowing lilac in color, although sometimes it is purplish-pink and pale blue color. Since their first meeting, Kagome hated Naraku for his evil, manipulative nature to the point of trying to kill him and stopping him as much as her companions. Hair color Go home! “InuYasha.

Followed by Miroku, whose grandfather and father had a cursed wind-tunnel in their right hands which he inherited, who met Kagome and Inuyasha when he attempted to steal the shards from Kagome. Blue (Manga)Brown (Anime) The anime makes this a little clearer by having him command Jaken to be silent or be killed when Jaken protests Kagome's address of him in this way.


Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the guidebook book for the InuYasha series -, She makes a cameo together with Inuyasha in the last episode of Rumiko Takahashi's anthology series, She, Shippō, Miroku, Tessaiga, and Inuyasha make a cameo appearance in. Tsubaki returns to the temple where she used to train with her former master and meets Botan and Momiji, the priestesses who currently live there. Japanese Seiyū She tried to save his life, not only because Kikyō said to protect his shard, but because his death would sadden Sango. With the help of Kikyō, in the other dimension, Kagome snaps out of it and regains consciousness and fires an arrow at Tsubaki, but she misses. Despite her origins, she eventually grows to defy Naraku, especially when Kohaku is involved, even though the villain controls her heart. In episode 16 of the final series, Kagome saved the Priestess Hitomiko's soul from Naraku and discovers her true power. And by the time Kikyō faced her death, Kagome broke in tears and Kikyō cheered her up saying her soul has now been saved. Eventually, though, she passed away due to unknown circumstances.

Grandpa Higurashi (Grandfather)Grandma Higurashi (Grandmother, deceased)Mr. Higurashi (Father; deceased)Mama Higurashi (Mother)Sōta Higurashi (Younger brother)Inuyasha (Husband)Moroha (Daughter)Moe Higurashi (sister-in-law)Mei Higurashi (niece)Sesshōmaru (Half Brother-in-law)Tōga (Posthumous father-in-law; deceased)Izayoi (Posthumous mother-in-law; deceased)Towa (half-niece)Setsuna (half-niece) Sometimes it's her love for her fellow man, such as with her unwillingness to sacrifice Kohaku, or even her romantic love for Inuyasha, which was exploited to bring about her first death. "I'd prefer to keep her, than to let her travel with a half-demon." She also takes his advice in any trouble, such as when dealing with unknown demons and trying to find their weak spots, whenever Inuyasha transforms to a demon, and anything related to spiritual power. [2] In an attempt to locate her house, she came upon the Sacred Tree, upon which she discovered a sleeping white-haired, dog-eared boy sealed by an arrow and overgrown with vines. in the English dub) either to keep him from misbehaving, to childishly get her way, by accident, or when Inuyasha hurts her feelings in some way. She heals him when he is tired and embraces him when he is emotionally hurt by his uncontrollable demon side or his tragic past. Kagome Higurashi (日暮(ひぐらし) かごめ, "Birdcage (first name), Sunset (family name)") is the modern-day reincarnation of the feudal era miko, Kikyō, and the main female protagonist of the series. Sacred longbow of Mount AzusaBow and arrows (sacred arrows) To be fair, they were both powerful allies in the fight against Inuyasha, despite both only being human, one of the weakest species in the Inuyasha universe. And Kikyō left her bow as a gift of appreciation to Kagome, entrusting her with the duty of battling against Naraku and protecting Kohaku. The two even almost shared a kiss with each other but were interrupted by the sudden arrival of Kagome's family. Naraku walked over to the old lady, pulled out a gun and put a shot into the air. Kagome, in the manga, says "Sango is my best friend, I will do anything to save her." Intrigued by his ear, Kagome tugged on them curiously, only to be ambushed by a group of suspicious villagers. 153 cm (5'0") [1] Although she didn't know much about the Warring States era at first and people kept calling her Kikyo's reincarnation because of their striking resemblance in appearance and power, Kagome felt no fear and often handled the pain it brings on her in the best way she can.

She attemped to be his friend and eventually more once she discovered his more gentle side and similar mindsight of life. Inuyasha forged forward as the rest of the crew investigated the shard. The bond the two of them share also shows that they would go to great lengths to protect each other or help in any way they can as they could not bare seeing the other so devastated, hurt or unhappy to the point of tears, especially since Kagome is the first person Inuyasha has ever shed tears for. At the request of her brother Sōta, she found him, only to be pulled into the well by Mistress Centipede, whose bones had been resurrected by the presence of the Shikon no Tama within Kagome's body. [citation needed] The relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome grew stronger throughout the series. He also has always been one to enjoy Kagome's cooking, along with Sango and Shippō.


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