naofumi and melty
Do-Gooder Her hair is bound together by two blue ribbons in two curly pigtails. The first opening theme is "RISE," performed by MADKID, while the first ending theme is "Kimi no Namae" (きみの名前) performed by Chiai Fujikawa. She and her best friend Rifana are sold to Idol Rabier. Some knights arrive to help but initially disregard Naofumi's orders, though when they realize he is trying to protect the villagers, some choose to aid him.

Have a nice day!” We parted from the queen, got on the carriage, and hurried to the town where the ship to Cal Mira Island is. In Melromarc, Ren and Itsuki's parties find a hidden cave, but a trap sets off and collapses the cave.

The others leave to join the other heroes, who defeat the main boss and end the Wave. L'Arc and Therese initially have the upper hand, fending off Raphtalia and Filo's attacks while managing to partly bypass Naofumi's defenses. Monsters had gathered around its corpse and the decomposing body rendered the entire area toxic. Raphtalia confronts Rabier, who pitifully begs for mercy. Using the opportunity, Naofumi uses his. As a princess, she acts very maturely for her age. Although Melty is the younger sister, she is heir to the throne of Melromarc due to her sister Malty's personality defects. Their leader, Nobleman Idol Rabier, arrives and escorts Melty to his manor.

However, Myne, a member of the Spear Hero's party, offers to join Naofumi to help him train. As Naofumi tries to question him, Malty affirms a Church official found evidence against Naofumi.

She instantly becomes friends with Filo and then requests to accompany the party on their journey. She has overall blue color scheme. Meanwhile, Melty thwarts Bitch (Myne) attempting to poison Raphtalia's and Filo's food. Fitoria force-unlocks many Filolial Shields for Naofumi, which he can't use yet. Water Magic:Aqua ShotAqua SlashAnti-Fire QuallTyphoon Finding the other Hero parties haphazardly attacking a. Typhoon: A combo spell with wind magic.

Much to his chagrin, they also meet the three other Heroes, who still scorn him and view him as a liability. He also recruits Lecia into his party after she is kicked out of Itsuki's party due to a false accusation against her. Melty was summoned to Raktehelm along with Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo. Naofumi:”In the meantime, please prepare some degree of armour and weapons for us.” Queen:” Alright. While The Heroes join forces against the Pope, Naofumi refuses given the harm they caused, detailing their consequences, lack of coordination, and how he had to rectify them. While en route, they are met by Melty, who wants Naofumi to reconcile with Aultcray. Parting ways, Naofumi's party arrives at an outpost where they meet Motoyasu, who Naofumi attempts to reason with. Heals all allies' HP by 250 & increases Arts gauge by 5. Staying the night, Raphtalia is jealous of Naofumi and Filo spending time together, but learns of a special gem a local bird collects. However, knowing Naofumi feels more at home than ever in Raktehelm, she cannot deny his request outright and feels anxious. Seeing an elderly woman, who Naofumi healed during his travels, easily defeat monsters, she reveals herself to be a retired adventurer. Afterwards, Naofumi's party bid farewell to Melty, who decides to remain at the castle as princess whilst they fight the Waves. She wears fancy frilly clothes that are also blue compared with different areas that warrant her royal status as a princess.

They also reveal an army, personally led by Mirelia, is coming to subdue the Church, who refuse to surrender. As Raphtalia and Filo are ready for Class Upgrades (, Equipping Raphtalia and Filo and annexing the Lute Party with Knight Ake as their unit captain, the Wave starts and Ake's Unit help civilians as Naofumi's party kills monsters. Suddenly, Filo senses impending danger from above and convinces Naofumi to use multiple shields to defend against a massive ray of light that soon after incinerates everything around them. As they travel, Melty knows Nobleman Van Reichnott who rules the area, and by surprise they are met by him. Insulted, Rabier fights to kill her, but using her Mana Sword she wounds him, and he falls back out of a window. Family Bringing them to his manor, Reichnott is informed of their situation, and invites them to stay the night. The next morning, Fitoria takes Melty hostage to coerce Naofumi to make up with the heroes. After they leave, Mirellia reveals to Melty she was going to sacrifice herself to appease the public opinion and stop the execution had Naofumi not intervened on his own. Filo finds another crystal and gives it to Naofumi, but his level isn't high enough to use the shield it unlocks. Seeing Naofumi protect Melty, the attacking knights accuse him of taking her hostage, but are repelled. In order to block it, Naofumi takes the risk of releasing the Dragon Soul in his Rage Shield.

Melty quickly befriends Filo, who brings Melty to Naofumi, asking to accompany them to the capital. Back in the present, remembering her past, Raphtalia is about to strike when Naofumi reminds her how much she's grown. Mel (by Filo)Second PrincesDoll PrincessThe Heir to the Throne Aultcray demands he reveal the secret behind his abilities, but Naofumi demands Aultcray kneel and beg. Learning of a mysterious disease spreading through a village, Naofumi's party goes to investigate and finds out the disease began after Sword Hero Ren killed a Dragon nearby and left the body to rot instead of properly disposing of it. Glass easily defeats the other three hero parties, and challenges Naofumi's party. Despite Motoyasu's higher level, Naofumi's many shields and superior tactics quickly give him the upper hand, but Myne openly uses wind magic to trip Naofumi, letting Motoyasu claim victory. The next morning, the border to Siltvelt is closed by Royal decree, leaving Naofumi no choice but to meet Mirelia. In the anime adaption of The Rising of the Shield Hero, Melty is voiced by Maaya Uchida in the Japanese version and by Jackie Lastra in the English version. [3] It ran for 25 episodes. Returning to Cal Mira, Naofumi ponders the revelation of other worlds fighting the Waves, and Fitoria's words. Naofumi senses something is wrong moments before one of Melty's bodyguards attempts to assassinate her, but Naofumi protects her. Naofumi will only allow it if they pay 150 silver coins to prove their loyalty. Melty recognizes Pope Balmus wields an ancient weapon which replicates all the Four Cardinal Weapons, supposedly lost long ago. With Motoyasu gone, they turn to Naofumi, who defeats the monster plant and alters the seeds to be safe. Fitoria takes Naofumi and his party to a place near one of the Heroes so that he can start reconciling with them. Naofumi's party head to the capital for Holy Water to heal Raphtalia, and comes across a blue-haired girl named Melty with some Filolials. Just then, Ren and Itsuki appear to help, explaining they were rescued by Mirelia's special forces, The Shadows. With the other three Heroes coordinating an attack to break Balmus' defenses, Naofumi charges on Filo, setting Balmus ablaze. Raftalia ventures off to get the gem for Naofumi, but she is joined by Filo who wants the bird eggs. Tasked by the Trader to deliver herbicide to a village, Naofumi's party discover the village overrun by a monstrous plant. Naofumi's party goes to the Dragon Hourglass to receive their Class Up upgrades, but the ritual fails. Satisfied, Fitoria names Filo as her successor which grants her base stat increases.

To determine the time remaining until the next Wave, Naofumi and Raphtalia visit the Capital's Cathedral and its Dragon Hourglass, which measures the time between Waves. When Naofumi recovers, he realizes Raphtalia was burned trying to bring him to his senses. [4] The season uses four pieces of theme music: two opening themes and two ending themes.


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