mule deer in ontario

18 years of pursuing mother natures greatest both personally and professionally have spawned rough country outfitting, to say I'm excited would be a large understatement. We Pride ourselves in providing world class experiences and adventure.

What does Wapiti eat? By signing up for our newsletter, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Now’s the time to once again get out your deer calls, rattling antlers and scents to draw in a buck.

By tearing up a patch of ground and urinating on it, a buck leaves his scent as a threat to other bucks and a lure to interested does. An easy way to identify the different deer of Canada is by describing what they look like, where they live and what they eat.

• Found along the Rockies in Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon, and scattered populations in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. The first time I heard such a commotion, I just sat on my stand in disbelief. As well as abroad guiding services for various other species. fishing spots from the host of TV’s Big Coast, Awesome fishing and hunting photos from Outdoor Canada readers, Why your opinion about dealing with chronic wasting disease is important. Famously known to be Santa’s flying assistants, the reindeer, also known as caribou, are much closer to home... [separator headline=”h2″ title=”Did you know…”] The North American elk or wapiti (Cervus elaphus canadensis), observed by European explorers... [dropcap style=”default”]Y[/dropcap]et another pipeline and tanker project to export bitumen from Alberta’s oil sands to Asia or the... Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. They’re ready for that first doe in heat—more than ready—so the trick is to take advantage of that.

Again, always set up with the wind in your favour. I also look for any woodland pools or streams with concentrations of deer tracks-evidence of preferred watering holes.

Where do you find the White-tailed deer? Always select your stand or blind location with care, setting up downwind from where you expect the buck to emerge. ***Send us a message at the bottom of the page to receive our hunting information sheet and pricing. • Tend to more open terrain rather than forested areas. Subscribe to our email list to receive updates on hunt specials and hunt availabilty!

• Bulls are larger than cows: males range from 2.5-3.2 m in total length, females from 2.4-3.1 m, and males weigh from 360-600 kg and females from 270-400 kg. The more eyes, ears and noses, the better. • They have distinguishing white patches of fur along the neck, underbelly, beneath the tail and above the hooves. Sure, they’ll relax a bit and seriously feed for the first time in a few weeks, but it will only take a hint of scent or a tickle of antlers to spark their curiosity and reignite the rutting drive.


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