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I ran around the house and transformed into Ladybug and met up with Cat Noir and noticed he was looking at my neck. Um... is... Marinette? Not at all" He mumbled "It... felt nice". The girl's heart began speeding up and by now she was sure it was pounding so loud Chat could hear it, all these feelings... so new... so excruciatingly exciting. Adrien stood in the middle of Marinette's room. Sign up with … "Hey Chat I- eh? "I know..." He applied more pressure causing Marinette to whimper softly and grab onto his wrists. Adrien pulled out his fingers leaving Marinette to fall back to the grass a boneless mess. He took in a breath. Years since the butterfly miraculous once again slipped through their fingers and into the villainous hands of Lila Rossi.

Bucking and grinding Marinette's mind kept getting fuzzier and fuzzier until it was consumed by nothing but lust for the cat above her. Marinette has added a new pitch to her sounds, and every move the man made, a different sound would come out of the girl. Because why? Marinette reluctantly sighed, she knew she had to stop him. Here she was kissing Chat Noir- The Chat Noir; Paris's super hero! "Yes, yes. You have been warned. On her seventeenth birthday she runs away to join the rebels, learning new things along the way. A story in which Adrien discovers that being an Alpha is both a terrible curse and the best thing ever. Again, Marinette sucked in a sharp breath; her hips once again began moving on their own. "S-Stop!". "Well there are a few other games I kind of want to try and get better at first.". The blonde haired boy sucked in Marinette's bottom lip and gently nipped it causing it to swell up only slightly. "S-Stop! Be warned! Adrien hissed and his hips jerked when she squeezed his shaft and rubbed the material of his boxers against it. Her eyes widened as she noticed the akuma’s beam flying straight for her partner, her best friend, her other half, and, as she was coming to realize, perhaps the love of her life. With the use of his thumb, Adrien dug into the sensitive bud once again causing the girl to mewl. Adrien watched carefully as his hand rubbed into her sex.

"U-Uh... ye-yeah... s-sorry about that...", "Well, I feel that some sort of punishment is needed. Man she was cute. The two girls heard Nino state from across the hall. I suppose I just hid my feelings from you for too long, because the moment I... or Chat kissed you, I couldn't control myself.

I'm fine. "Adrien!

After all who could get any sleep after what happened last night? Marinette shoved away the cotton ball the red Kwami was pressing against Marinette's blood stained shirt.

How will he feel when his "just a friend" is possibly something more?

There it was, Adrien thought as he licked across the girls lips. "Oh my god Chat! "Did your boyfriend give that to you?" Really look at her. It hurt.

"Hey now!" Suddenly as Marinette was walking to the open swings, she spotted the boy with blonde hair. "Now this is what I'm talking about! He summons his sister and her family to the kingdom. Marinette lifted her back up slightly giving Adrien enough room to do whatever needed to be done. "What happened? I'm gonna-" Adrien groaned. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "Guess I've been working to hard at the bakery", "Do I need to talk to your parents? "Let's see if I can do something about your scratch".

Their joy is short-lived once they learn of Marinette's impending nuptials. ", Adrien felt a burning heat slap his cheeks. The boy cupped Marinette's face with both hands, angling her just right to press deeper into her lips. She always knew that one day, she would meet her match, but she never expected it to be that annoying blonde haired omega. I wanted you. God just what did he do?! "What kind of stuff?" She was wearing a red turtle neck knitted sweater and black leggings. "Yeah". Distantly, she heard herself scream, felt herself tumble to the ground in a heap of quivering nerves and clenching muscles as the pain seized her.". As the boy nicked the girl's pale flesh again, he slipped out his tongue and ran over the tiny red lines he had caused. "You know class has ended almost fifteen minutes ago" Marinette informed. With a heavy swallow, the man began lifting the shirt up and with every exposed part of her delicate skin, Adrien felt his stomach tighten. Adrien lapped over the silken fabric causing Marinette to throw her arms around his head and pull him in closer to her chest. This is my first smutty fanfiction. "Princess."

"Like this?". Try not to kill each other too quickly okay". Sequel to ‘Soulmates are a Slippery Slope to Obsession’.Prompt: Storm.

"Really! Don't leave! Of course, this is all going on while everyone else believes it was her that took the boy. "Course aren't I always" Chat stumbled to sit beside Marinette. I'm sorry I'll be quiet". The enemy or her enemy was her friend, right?

Adrien was curious to know what lie Lila had told to get Marinette back into school after her expulsion. "Adrien" Marinette's voice made the boy jump. "PLEASE" Chat pleaded tears threating to fall from his eyes. Again he began thrusting into her faster. He brought his hand up as I saw it glistening. No a second later her plunged himself right back in again making a wonderful noise come out of the girl. Of course. After making a deal with a literal demon, Felix must atone for his actions or risk losing more than his soul. His fingers grazed over the area as I backed away, suddenly his eyes shot wide open. How could she be so... calm about doing this? "Matching panties too?". "W-Well I should um er... go" Adrien cursed himself for being nervous.

“She said she’d turn all my friends against me, and that she’d be with the guy I like.”, The comment about the crush went in one ear and out the same ear. Did she hear her?! Suddenly his lips were hovering over mine as I realized he was asking me if he could kiss me, thus without thinking, I embraced him and kissed him as our naked wet bodies pressed together. "You're even more wet then last night" Adrien unknowingly said out loud. He looked away as I managed to get some distance between us (if a fraction of an inch counted). Then again that could be the lustful mind talking. I don’t get paid enough for this shit.”, “Please don’t give me that. The blueish-black haired girl sat on her bed. How they fell into this situation; Marinette or Chat Noir had no idea. "Where do you think you're going?!" Chat felt honored, never would he have imagined someone being as devoted to him as, well this. "Please... in the future... don't fight if you have such an injury! This is not a sequel fic for any of my previous stories. I heard him growl as I felt his erection press against my stomach, I tried to suppress a moan, until I felt his tongue slid into my mouth as his hands began to move towards my breasts. "It's very nice dear. I’m about to get a bullet to the shoulder for god’s sake.”, ”Though seriously, you might want to step away before they kill me.”.


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