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Game8 - Your Go-To Platform For All Game Walkthroughs and Strategy Guides, In order for us to make the best articles possible, share your corrections, opinions, and thoughts about. Note: Stats bonuses from skills are not taken into account. inflict debuffs on enemies by using movement-assist skills. I like to draw Fire Emblem and stuff. She joined Ike after he rescued her from prison. A mercenary fighting to improve her sword skills. Game Data (It's free! While Astra is a good mastery skill, its activation rate is skill/2 as opposed to skill, and she cannot learn it without forgetting Vantage, so it is recommended to use the Occult on other units. This belief of Mia's has had a major influence on her being quick to accuse male duelists of going easy on her or assuming that her prowess as a swordswoman is inferior due to her gender. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not perfect, shouldn't have been game of the year, and isn't game of the decade. What destiny does summer hold for the two of them? “Done!

I've never used her in my several RD runs, but seeing what people have said of Trueblades in other topic, I definitely should have at some point.

Because this harmonized unit features both Mia and Masked Marth, they can qualify for bonus scores in all of the games where these two show up! Mia. She had been rescued by Greil and traveled to the fort in which Ike's mercenaries are fighting in order to esacpe.

Even though her initial start is pretty shaky (side note: why is the Wo Dao so awful in this game? Faction(s) Summer Mia takes 1.5x damage from cavalry-effective weapons like Ridersbane, and one blow from this type of weapon is sure to take her down. However, considering she is not mounted and has no reliable 1-2 range, many will not consider her worth this investment. In Path of Radiance, Mia is a mercenary hired by Crimea, and is captured by Daein soldiers.

Starting Class Race

Trending: 3,155th This Week. Mia is the only character for whom Lani Minella reprised her role in.

At this point in the game, the player has more options for forges and crit-boosting weapons, so with Vantage, she can frequently slaughter 1-range enemies during enemy phase before they have a chance to hit her. Female Game You can activate harmonized skills by pressing the the harmonized skill button. Artwork of Mia: Moonlit Witch from Heroes.

Consistently doubles everything, has a 1-2 range option, her own support affinity helps her own attack power which means a lot when she does double everything (I think supporting her with Ike is a basic b**** option, but it is a really good one for both of them).

Summer Mia can be used to inherit the skills Swift Sparrow 3 or Spd/Def Snag 3. Summer Mia is a limited time Hero who can be pulled from a Special Heroes Summoning Event. Mia is playable as a SpotPass character, released in the Path of Radiance character set. ALL; GAMES (2) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals. It is a combat buff, meaning, it can be easily stacked with other buffs and it does not make the target units susceptible to panics and chills. She will often not do much damage to enemies even with 2 attacks.

Nov 4, 2019 - Mia, the Aspiring Lady of the Blades. I also like the fact that I can activate the duo skill even if mia is done with her action. This section will be updated if it becomes refineable in the future! #FE #FEHeroes #Mia”. ワユ After combat, inflicts Def/Res -5 on foe through its next action. Biological Information Mia has a fire affinity which boosts attack and accuracy. It also doesn't help that she only starts with D Swords, meaning she will struggle to hit C by the time Zihark joins with the Killing Edge.

There are a lot of powerhouses from these titles such as Ike and Chrom so this can be a great skill depending on the circumstances.

If a movement Assist skill (like Reposition, Shove, Pivot, etc.) She is obsessed when it comes to proving the strength of her mettle, a fact that surfaces prominently in her support conversations, where she will often run around and challenge the first person she sees to duels. Atk Smoke 3 and her default B skills are good. However, she was the winner of last month's fan-art poll~ ;o High-resolution version, 10 additional variants and more available on my Patreon~ www.patreon.com/lululewd And if that happens, I'll hone my skills and come back to beat them.”, “Awrr... My blade... was...not...enough...”, “Why...can't I stop the bleeding? one blow from this type of weapon is sure to take her down.

Mia has innate Vantage, which is not as powerful as in Path of Radiance, but will still have a reasonable activation rate thanks to her high speed. List of characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, List of classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. There are a lot of powerhouses from these titles such as Ike and Chrom so this can be a great skill depending on the circumstances. They appear in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn / Awakening. ◎=Forced ○=Available □=Available for selected △=Reinforcement. There are three different variations of Mia available to Heroes, one tied to her storyline appearance in Path of Radiance, and two tied to her storyline appearance in Radiant Dawn. I got a Mia too hoping that duo skill dont end turn as well. This means that early on she will often have to choose between double attacking and doing a notable amount of damage per hit. Her strength base and durability are not great and she does not have a mount. She fought as a mercenary in the Mad King’s War but was captured by Daein.

Fire Emblem › Mia. As with most FE characters, Mia from Fire Emblem was pretty hard to to draw! Rarities: 5 Focus — Special: Harmonized Skill Grants【Resonance: Blades】to unit and allies from the same titles as unit. When Ike talks to her, she says that she is a mercenary hired by Crimea. FE9

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Mia's other partners, Ilyana and Largo, also have similar movement and both give extra avoid which Mia can use, but neither gives any extra attack, so Rhys is her most valuable partner. Summer Mia is a ranged physical attacker (range = 2). Fire Emblem Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Affiliations Mia appears in Chapter 7, having escaped from a Daein prison camp.

Once used, Harmonized Skill cannot be activated again right away. Mia returns to Radiant Dawn as a swordmaster under the command of Ike.

A summer variation of Mia was made available between the period of June 18, 2020 through July 18, 2020 part of the summoning event surrounding the launch of the Summer Passing update; this variation is the first Harmonized Hero, carrying a dual-credit with Awakening as a result of being paired up with that game's Masked Marth character. Oneshot, gift fanfiction for Fire Emblem MewMew, MiaxIke. is used by unit or targets unit, inflicts Spd/Def-6 on nearest foes within 4 spaces of both unit and target through their next actions. Lucia usually is worse in every stat except Skill and Resistance in comparison to Mia, and the skill is only marginally higher.

"Heya, Boss! Akiko Hasegawa (Radiant Dawn)Yuu Asakawa (Heroes) 1.2K likes. When promoted to True Blade, she has a +20 crit boost; add on excellent skill, forges, and potential adept, and she will very frequently ORKO enemies with crits and extra attacks despite not having as much strength. ▶Other information regarding skills can be found here. Summer Mia's harmonized skill grants her and all allies coming from Fire Emblem titles such as Radiant Dawn, Path of Radiance and Awakening +4 Atk/Spd. A member of the Greil Mercenaries. Also, one of her training sessions with Rhys has her ardently forbidding him from practicing with swords when she sees that doing so makes him ill. Mia is stalwartly opposed to the backdated viewpoint of women being unsuited for the battlefield, training rigorously every day to disprove this notion.


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