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He boasts a high resistance to Arts. He heals the wounded while commanding his troops to attack, and can improve their life recovery rate. [15] During the confrontation, the L.G.D.

Mephisto So I decided to read about her…, I read that you should save your Distinctions (Yellow Certificates) for the 6*…, Hello guys! [6], After returning to Talulah's side, Mephisto reported his encounter with the R.I. and informed her that they were trapped in downtown Chernobog, though noting that they might use the chaos from the impending Catastrophe to escape and gets in the Reunion's way, and suggesting that they are to be dispatched as soon as possible. Mephisto is a good example in how he absolutely falls apart lacking the two people with whom he has a connection. Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - Jackie: Talents, Skills, Art, GIFs. I tend to view Arknights as very concerned with the power of personal conviction and interpersonal relationships. [1], By the time Eno meets with Sasha again, he had been greatly changed. All rights reserved. As he lashes out in disbelief, Faust returns to Mephisto's side with more troops. Doubles the HP regeneration of all enemies on the field; Normal attack heals 3 enemy units at a time. Mephisto is used to be an orphan boy named Ino, who likely grew up in an orphanage and is constantly abused by its owners as well as other kids. Faust tries to convince Mephisto that FrostNova is coming to relieve them, but he dismisses her for apparently betraying them, and unleashes the newly created Possessed to clear the path, where they indiscriminately attacked anyone in sight, whether they are L.G.D. need help for building next op, since got some sniper units is not affiliated with the game companies, publishers and its licensors. Mephisto and Faust. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A Medic who is one of Reunion's squad leaders, often working in tandem with Faust. As Mephisto enjoys the carnage, Faust abandons him, much to his shock. Arknights OST: [Lullaby] Feat. [6], As he leaves, Mephisto proclaims to his Reunion comrades that a new era is about to began. [2][3] He then introduces himself to the R.I. and invites them into playing a game with him, but Dobermann interrupts Mephisto by sending a signal of sorts, angering him. Ironically, this was the turning point that would changed their lives forever. Liberi [18], As Lungmen is placed under emergency lockdown, Mephisto, Faust, and what's left of Reunion forces tries to escape through the slums. Mephisto still mulls over the fact that his plan had miserably failed, blaming the Reunion for not keeping up with it. Doubles the HP regeneration of all enemies on the field.

[25], Surprised to see Mephisto saving them despite of what he had done during the events on Lungmen, the Phantom Crossbowmen can only accept as Mephisto offers to sing for them as best as his damaged vocal cords could do. Mephisto

However, Eno appears to regret it, as he told Sasha that the only thing he wanted is to sing. A younger Mephisto as he appears on a flashback in. [11] After failing to convince them, Mephisto stated that the Reunion had planned to take over Chernobog from the beginning as the stepping stone for their revenge against the Empire of Ursus who had persecuted the Infected for a long time, and reveals that the citizens of Chernobog who had tried to escape amidst the chaos had been captured by Reunion sleeper cells all over the mobile city.

[8], Sometime after Skullshatterer's death, Mephisto welcomed W who had just returned from the deserts of Ursus-Lungmen border. All intellectual property rights are reserved by this website. Attack Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site. Mephisto tries to create more Possessed to turn the tide, but before he could, Faust ordered his Phantom Crossbowmen to restrain Mephisto. He is known to occasionally use special attacks such as summoning turret-like ballistae or launching highly destructive bolts. [21], In anger, Mephisto asks Faust why he would went this far, which he replies by saying that he is doing what needs to be done, and had the Phantom Crossbowmen take Mephisto somehwere safe, but not Chernobog. A Talulah welcomed the two into the Reunion with open arms; Eno assumes the "Mephisto" identity because he liked the name.[1]. [5], Ultimately the R.I. were able to escape from Mephisto and the Reunion forces, and in the aftermath, Mephisto forgives Faust for his failure earlier, claiming that it was his mistake too.

A Medic who is one of Reunion’s squad leaders, often working in tandem with Faust. Crownslayer is really cool. [13], Mephisto returned to Talulah and reports that the R.I. and Lungmen Guard Department had taken the bait which would allow the Reunion to attack Lungmen unhindered. Arknights CN: Dobermann Skin Art and Animations! The feathers he released when attacking made EN players (correctly) speculated that Mephisto is a Liberi. Source : ©2017 Hypergryph Co., Ltd ©2019 Yostar, Inc. He boasts a high resistance to Arts. I haven't mentioned Crownslayer yet in this comment so I'll do so now. JP name HQ's rooftops. Sprite HP 梅菲斯特 Many of Reunion's high-ranking members, especially Crownslayer, dislikes Mephisto out of his callous attitude, while much of his soldiers followed him out of fear of becoming guinea pigs for his experimentations. Annihilation Lungmen Outskirts 400 Kill Guide, Supplies & Chips Farming Availability Weekly Calendar. He then ordered Faust to track the R.I. as he reports the situation to Talulah. At this point, Mephisto noticed that the powdered healing dust from his Arts sticks into Ch'en and correctly concludes that Ch'en is an Infected. CN players initially speculated that Mephisto is a. Official Arknights Site. personnel, Reunion soldiers, and even civilians. 6 months ago. Mephisto physically resembles "true" humans (like that of our own), but since there are no "true" humans in.

Just before Ch'en could deliver the killing blow on Mephisto, Faust intercepts her by detonating an explosive-tipped crossbow bolt at point-blank range, injuring him in the process but allows him to escape with Mephisto. He often shares some of the books he've finished along with some food with Sasha. He was upset when Ace managed to block another shot from Faust and had R.I. personnel returned fire at him, and pestered by their resistance. [12], After a brief firefight, Frostleaf attempted to strike Mephisto down, but was stopped when FrostNova and her Yeti Squadron shows up. A Medic who is one of Reunion’s squad leaders, often working in tandem with Faust. Already build…. At some point Eno met Sasha, a homeless Pythia boy living in the sewers, and befriended him.

Mephisto [梅菲斯特] Name: Mephisto [梅菲斯特] Code: MP: Type: Boss: Attack Type: Healing: Stats Overview; Health: Attack: Defense: Spell Resist: S: B: C: A: Description; Description. Cette histoire raconte le destin de Faust, un savant déçu par l'aporie à laquelle le condamne son art, qui contracte un pacte avec le Diable. As a kid, Ino enjoys reading and singing. [14], Commanding the Reunion attack on Lungmen alongside Faust, Mephisto and his forces succeeded in capturing the L.G.D. © 2019-2020 As a Reunion member (and later, one of its field commanders), Mephisto have improved upon his Originium Arts which allows him to bring back fallen Infected as zombie-like beings under his control by infusing them with Originium. He heals the wounded while commanding his troops to attack, and can improve their life recovery rate. the impending collision between Chernobog and Lungmen, 294. [4] The two exchanged words until Mephisto ordered Faust to shoot her, which Nearl blocks with her shield. Game images and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective companies, publishers and its licensors. Mephisto is encountered on 5-10 alongside Faust (who appears later in the stage). His past had turned Mephisto into a sadistic individual who takes pleasure in torturing and killing his enemies and shows no regard for the others' lives, even including his Reunion comrades, viewed them as nothing more but chess pieces and commands them as if he's playing a game of chess; the only Reunion personnel he treats otherwise by showing respect and, to a lesser degree, compassion is Talulah and Sasha – now known as Faust. He heals the wounded while commanding his troops to attack, and can improve their life recovery rate. The two exchanged bitter words until W pointed out that they have a bigger fish to fry; Mephisto taunted a squad of R.I. operatives who are hiding nearby, prompting them to reveal themselves and attack Mephisto and his troops. With such power, Eno exacted his vengeance by forcefully bringing the Infected children who had bullied him under his control and murdered his father by having the children set fire to his own house with his father still inside.


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